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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 8 November 2007
I have been unconvinced about DAB radio for sometime now, not liking the delay on power-up, the heavy battery demands, the incorrect time-signals, the poor reception etc, etc. FM seems a simple system that just WORKs, and as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

However, I've now bought my second DAB radio and its this little beauty and I'm beginning to think again about DAB. Basically, this radio does everything it is claimed to do, and does it beautifully and with style. The controls are easy to use, the sound is excellent through the Sennheiser earphones, and most importantly, the rechargeable power-pack puts battery worries out of the window. You don't even have to remove the powerpack, you just plug the radio into the charger like a mobile phone.

One of the most important features of a pocket DAB for me is ease of use in the dark (I listen in the middle of the night in bed sometimes). It is easy to use this radio - the toggle button gives access to volume and channel, and you only have to press the preset button to be able to move through your presets with the toggle. I have a blind friend and know that he would have no trouble with this radio. The power-pack gives a reasonable battery life (I seem to have to charge-up about once a week), and there is a power guage on the display to warn you when it is running low.

OK, so its still got the annoyances of all DAB radios - the three second lag behind FM and the patchy reception (try going on a train journey with it and see how many DAB dead-spots you'll find on the way). But in this case, I like the simple functionality of this radio. Its not a phone. Its not an mp3 player, or a pocket notebook. Its just a perfectly simple radio which does exactly what it says on the box. Highly recommended for those who want a pocket DAB radio.
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on 8 March 2007
First I was suspicous of this new model due to the first negative review, but my suspition proved pointless when I actually bought the item encouraged by the following positive reviews.

I live in Cambridgeshire where Classic FM and BBC Radio 3 receptions are notoriously poor with ordinary FM tuners. But with this DAB radio, reception is near perfect with high reception level. No inerference even with my PC at my work place. Only occasionally it gets interference in some parts of shops, builings or on bus where interfering signals come and go. But normally that's what happens with any DAB radios.

I listen only to classic music and some jazz music, and sound is superb with enough detail and warmth if you set the bass boost on.

Only difficulty I found is that the sliding lid for the rechargable battery never opens again once it's closed. I had to struggle to re-open it for an hour until I stuck a lump of blue-tack on it to force it open without damaging it!
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 6 October 2012
As somebody who rarely watches telly, doesn't sleep much (sadly I know all the Shipping Forcast area names) and listens to radio quite a lot I wanted a digital personal radio and after much shopping around opted for the Pure 1500. I find it light enough in weight and just right in size to handle. The build quality is adequate enough too. Simple enough to use it has a nice LCD orange backlit screen and seven function buttons. which are. . .
-Lock (to lock the station)
-Info (which changes what is displayed along the bottom of the screen such as scrolling station news, song playing, time and date, signal strength etc)
-Preset (ten digital and ten FM station's can be preset)
-The centre navigation pad
-DAB/FM changeover
-Menu button (which gives you access to the EQ settings of Voical, Jazz, Acoustic, Bass Boost and Live. Also Autotune, DRC value, Station order, Contrast of the screen and Backlight controls.

The supplied headphones are also the antenna so need to be plugged into the unit and the sound/signal for me in Liverpool is spot on. I've walked and cycled to work listening to this and there is no loss of signal at all. The sound quality is as expected from digital, crystal clear. To start using the radio you do need to install the rechargeable battery which is dead easy, then plug the supplied charger in and an hour or so later it's fully charged for about 24 hours playback. Not bad.

Here's a list of the stations I can pick up in Liverpool, all crystal clear too-

Absolute 60's
Absolute 80's
Absolute 80's
Absolute Rock
BBC Asian
BBC Merseyside
R5 Live
BBC R6 Music
BBC World Service
Radio City
Jazz FM
Planet Rock
Premier C
Real xs
Smooth UK
Smooth 70's
UCB Insp
UCB Gospel

Very happy with this indeed. It'll come in handy in work where we can't pick many stations up at all on FM radio. Now I can listen to the football and The Now Show! :)

If you're looking for one of these you can't far go wrong with this one.
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on 31 October 2017
I live in an area where there is no dab radio. The fm signal is good but the radio pick up static and interference when another make does not. It's a beautiful woman made radio but does not always pick up a clear fm signal. I now use through aux in car to listen to dab radio on the mov. Works very well for this. Docked a star for its difficulty I picking up fm signal.
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on 30 August 2012
Received my PocketDAB 1500 today, I looked at many of the reviews before I ordered it, I just think some of the people out there are just not to bright, one of the reviews mentioned that he or she had huge problems connecting the battery it was really not that difficult, must have taken all of a couple of seconds. many people complained about the size or weight you can find all that information out before you buy.
It's a great well made radio, reception in Suffolk is great. Friends don't be put off by some of the reviews, best hand held I have brought.
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on 18 August 2017
Fabulous piece of kit.
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VINE VOICEon 9 April 2007
I echo the comments on the build and good sound from this unit. My personal bits to add are:

1) I work in London and get a good half an hour on the bus happily flicking from one station to another - superb

2) If you are out and about at the weekend and want to get Radio Five Live for the football this is a god send

3) Battery life seems good - goes from four bars to three to two then hangs on two for a long time before going to one then zero really quickly

4) No good on trains

5) I live out of London - until the signal gets switched up (2008?) this is a bit hit and miss

6) If the DAB2 standard takes off this may become an expensive white elephant
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on 23 January 2007
I've only had this for a few days, but I just can't put it down. I've used it at home and while jogging. Today, I hooked it up to my ITrip, and now I can even use it in my car. I can now listen to my favourite radio ststions that arent available on normal FM, while driving.

It's simple to use, and the sound quality through the supplied earphones, is excellent. I like the fact that the battery is rechargable, rather th an having to keep buying new batteries.

I'm sure that before too long, they'll find how to reduce the size and weight to the size of a Nano, but until then, it's fantastic.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2006
This little radio is generally excellent and has deservedly won a What Hifi? award as personal DAB product of the year. On the basis of that I asked for and received this for my birthday, and have been extremely pleased. It's bigger than some of the tiny MP3 players available, but then it needs to be because DAB is power hungry so it needs a decent size battery pack. Having said this, it's actually about the same size as my iPod 60gb, something milions of people carry around with them every day. If anything it's a couple of millimeters bigger all round than the iPod, but is rather lighter. It's certainly ludicrous to suggest it's bigger than an old cassette walkman.

Im terms of build quality, it's pretty good. The front plate is black anodized aluminium which shouldn't scratch or get too fingerprinty. The sides and back are plastic, silver and black respectively. Build quality is good, though it doesn't quite have the quality feel of an ipod. The Sennheiser earbuds are very good for supplied 'phones, certainly better than Apple earbuds, so ignore the comments below. I've got better headphones available anyway, and it sounds great through those.

It is extremely user-friendly, I had the Pocket dab 1500 up and running and tuned in within a few minutes. And sound quality is very, very good. I've had it plugged into a standalone hifi system, and it sound great though decent speakers, as well as rich and full-bodied through decent headphones.

DAB sound quality is excellent within the limitations of the medium. Pure are the best at making DAB listenable, and the 1500 does a good job of pulling in marginal stations. The BBC Multiplex is a bit weak where I live, but this radio still pulls it in strongly. FM sound quality is also reasonable, but the headphone cable isn't enough to give good reception, so there's a fair bit of background noise; but then I already have decent FM tuners in the house and didn't want the Pure for that. On a personal note, although I enjoy the convenience and choice of DAB, given a decent FM tuner with a good aerial, FM is still streets ahead in terms of sound quality, especially Radio 3 which is my favourite station. It is worth noting that any portable radio is only is good as the signal it is receiving when you're on the move, and this is better than most, giving a great sound once it's got a decent signal.

I've given this product four stars, because although sound quality and usability is very good, and you certainly won't be disappointed if you buy this, it could be a little smaller and better built.
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on 28 May 2017
Broke within 2 weeks of use,waste of money
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