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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2017
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Come on, people. Satanic rituals, demonic possession, telekinesis, witchcraft, cute Catholic schoolgirls - that's a solid foundation for a horror movie right there. Admittedly, the plot isn't a perfectly healthy specimen, but I enjoyed 5ive Girls. A lot of people seem to view this film as a The Craft wannabe, but I don't see any substantive connection between the two films - apart from the occult overtones and the fact that both stories revolve around a cast of teenaged girls. Like most horror films, 5ive Girls does borrow here and there from films that have come before, but I think it succeeds in establishing its own identity.

St. Mark's School for Girls used to be a well-respected private school - until one of its students disappeared under extremely unusual circumstances. We know what happened because it makes up the opening scene of the movie. Elizabeth (Krysta Carter), an especially faithful young woman, was attacked by no less a demon than Legion himself - and Father Drake (Ron "the Beast" Perlman), who may have liked Elizabeth a little too much, was powerless to help her. The school soon closed in the wake of the tragedy - but now, five years later, it has reopened. Sort of, anyway. Under the harsh discipline of Headmistress Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde), who even seems to have Father Drake by the cojones, it now serves as a sort of reform school for wayward girls. Apparently, the best way to control an unruly teenager is through intense Latin instruction. Who knew?

The entire student body consists of a mere five girls, all of them dropped off by parents eager to get rid of them. Apart from the fact that they really aren't bad girls at all, the five have something else in common - each one has a paranormal gift. Alex (Jennifer Mille) can move things when she's emotional (plus she has the ability to be extremely hot at all times), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo) can walk through certain objects (although we never see her do it), Mara (Jordan Madley) can heal people, Cecilia (Terra Vnesa) can see things in her mind despite the fact that she's blind, and Connie (Tasha May) - actually, I don't know what Connie's gift is (she can whine with the best of them, but that's probably not it). Anyway, it doesn't take long for the girls to figure out that there is something very wrong with the place. For one thing, Alex keeps hearing disembodied voices and seeing what can only be the ghost of a former student wandering around. With a headmistress like Miss Pearce and weird shenanigans going on all over the place, it doesn't take long for the girls to bond with each other - and that's a good thing because before you can say a dozen Hail Marys, they find themselves battling Legion. Boy, it's a good thing they've got a giant priest around to protect them - or maybe not.

The plot is sort of patched together with spit and gum in a few places, but it manages to hold up pretty well until the end. With all of the action taking place within the confines of a large and somewhat creepy school building, the film maintains a decently disquieting atmosphere, but none of the slightly cheesy special effects are going to knock you for a loop. It's a little difficult to accept Ron Perlman in the role of a priest, but the acting is pretty good up and down the line. The story even manages to keep a couple of plot points pretty close to the vest until the closing moments. 5ive Girls will probably appeal more to the younger segment of horror fans, but I quite enjoyed watching it. Did I mention the five cute Catholic schoolgirls?
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on 26 June 2007
This movie is bad in so many ways it's hard to pinpoint just one reason I didn't like it. The central plot of girls with supernatural powers coming together to fight evil is not new, but we see it being done all the time with more panache than this.

The first scene is an admittedly, eerie pseudo-religious horror piece with the young girl being taken by demons, much to the horror of Father Ron Perlman. The school is closed, but opened mysteriously as a centre for troubled girls. The girls come together and the evil is reawakened. The girls must work together despite being VASTLY different in order to survive the demonic terrors.

So much of this movie makes no sense. First of all, why are there only five pupils there? Are their parents completely inept?

Secondly, their powers. They all have special powers, which is why they are probably in the school, but it seems (apart from the healing powers) they are badly thought out and serve no purpose in the story. The girl who walks through walls does this only once and it makes no sense that she can't walk through doors.

The misuse of Ron Perlman was atrocious. His troubled priest seemed to be promising an epiphany moment when he would rally round and be the mentor the girls needed to defeat the demon. Instead, he is killed with very little screen time.

This movie was badly plotted and not thought out very well at all. Are the girls sexy examples of girl power? Or slasher fodder just waiting for their death scene? Both, neither... who cares? Avoid this movie and watch The Craft again if you want teenage witchcraft in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms.
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on 21 March 2015
5ive girls is your basic, by-the-numbers exploitation/horror flick, with the eponymous 'five girls' all being troubled teens who are sent to an alternative school for re - education (read: religious indoctrination). The ghost of a former pupil is haunting the building, and generally causing all sorts of problems for priest Ron Perlman and co.

The biggest problem with this film is that it does not deliver on what it promises. The story is clichéd, the acting poor, and there isn't a single, genuine scare to be had.

There is almost no nudity in the film, which is strange, because that is obviously one of the selling points. Now, before you brand me a sexist, hear me out.
Gratuitous female nudity is a staple of this genre; the entire premise of 5ive Girls is that a group of sexy(ish) girls are running around in school uniforms, with the camera pointed up their skirts most of the time. So why stop short of showing the audience what they actually want to see? If you are going to cast five girls, who all look like they should be dancing around silver poles, and then NOT have them take their clothes off. . .well, what is the point? I'm not suggesting that the only valid contribution a woman can make is to take her kit off, but when it is THAT sort of film. . .you feel cheated when it doesn't happen. It is the equivalent of watching a kung fu movie, only to find that it contains no fight scenes.

So, 5ive Girls fails as a horror flick, and as an exploitation flick. Essentially it is a movie featuring five actresses who can't act, who don't take their clothes off, and who do nothing interesting.
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on 15 March 2010
This film is laughable and just plain awful. I don't normally like to give spoilers but it's the best way and probably the only real way to tell you just how awful this is.

Ok, so we have five girls, a blood-stained-pentagram, a third-floor, a Sadist-Head-Mistress and a Faithless-Fallen-Priest (hands up if you have already seen this movie before).

Before the Faithless-Fallen-Priest was faithless and fallen, he was present when a demon named Legion tried, and failed, to possess a girl right there in his class-room. Apparently, this girl, was super-pure - holier than holy - whiter than white, and so; was in fact unpossessable (still; evil demons just have to try these things) and so, she vanished - just a spot of blood remained.
Years later the school is re-opened as a reform school and in walk five girls. The Sadist-Head-Mistress has painted a pentagram on the floor where the blood of the holy-girl still remains. She plans to trade the five girls' souls in for the holy-girl whom at some point you will discover is her sister (I think?!).
The third floor is off limits, the Sadist-Head-Mistress gets really ticked-off when a couple of girls go snooping around up there - so annoyed in-fact, she lashes one of the girls with a long wooden ruler right on the butt through her tidy-whites (oooh, a girl-on-girl spanking session! - think there will be time for some lesbianism a bit later on?). But guess what? All five girls are actually needed on the pentagram the next night so the Sadist-Head-Mistress can do a spell, lucky she didn't succeed in putting them right off snooping around then, isn't it?
Oh, did I mention these five girls have special supernatural powers? Well, they have! The Sadist-Head-Mistress sought them out especially because of these powers. The girls' powers aren't actually needed for the 'trade-in' but they do come in handy for fighting-off evil demons called Legion.
The Faithless-Fallen-Priest, that saw the girl vanish before, does not believe the girls when they each tell him something is "wrong". They even describe to him the image of the ghostly girl and correctly name her, but he says "it's impossible" - more fool him!

This film clearly doesn't know what it's trying to be and so appears as an inferior counterfeit of more successful titles.
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on 11 March 2016
it was at a good price and was a pretty good film and the seller sent it as said, i was pretty hsppy :)
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on 23 October 2010
I liked this!! I won't say it's the most original nor most awe inspiring of FX, but i liked it. The acting was good, the storyline good & there are some creepy moments. It was a nice way to spend an hour and odd, if you're into this genre. I don't give plots away and if you read the info about it, that explains pretty much what the story is about. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because it wasn't magnificent and i am a picky soul ~ was gonna use another word beginning with s :oP
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on 27 April 2016
great horror film without too much gore but still worth watching
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on 16 September 2015
I like s*** films. This, however, is just too bad to enjoy.
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on 21 June 2016
Very pleased with my purchase
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