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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2011
Arty, bizarre and oddly humorous, 7 pornographic mini films collection. They include nudity, masturbation, sex, fondling and general perversion.

This collection of odd, bizarre, ludicrous, sex based art is a unique piece of filmography, but utterly pointless as entertainment.

If you would like a film with genital shots, real life nudity and have an interest in expressive art films then this is for you. Everyone else, avoid.

The 7 mini movies are:

We F Alone - sex to strobe lighting
Sync - montage of sex clips in fast forward.
Impaled - 3 young men interviewed than have sex on camera.
House Call - old video porno out of focus.
Hoist - black man naked on a building site rubbing up against a machine.
Death Valley - man masturbates onto ground.
Balkan Erotic Epic - maids flashing in a field then a Slavic male erection line-up to a poem.
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on 15 July 2010
This dvd has elements of everything you'd expect from film makers making films about sex and porn because it's full of sex and,er, porn.
How it got an 18 rating is beyond me, especially when you consider the kind of films that got banned in the 70s and 80s as this is pretty hardcore stuff at times and pretty boring at others.
It goes from the ridiculous (a man boning an industrial digger with a turnip up his khyber) to the headache inducing (20 minutes of strobing over a dude and his blow up doll) to the full on moaning and groaning, slobbering and dribbling Larry Clark film as mentioned in other reviews. Everything's off camera and you think they're not going to show anything, surely not but then BOOM!
It's more miss than hit and there's probably only a few of the films that you'll want to re-watch but at this price, I'd recommend it.
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on 4 August 2014
Well, I wasn't very impressed at all. Some reviewers described this as very explicit but I didn't find it so. A number of the films were pure indulgences on the part of the director/producer and made for very poor viewing. Two of the others were presented at high speed and impossible to follow, and the only one to make much sense was that of Larry parks. If you suffer from migraines etc do not buy this film as the strobe effects could be very unsettling.
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on 2 May 2009
Here we have a collection of short films on the topic of the directors' very individual interpretations of 'pornography'. A few of the segments are strange or downright boring, so I will comment on the bits I found interesting.

Marina Abramovic's delve into Balkan folklore is probably the most thoughtful vignette, using a mixture of live models and humorous animations. Larry Clark's contribution is the longest segment on offer and explores the topic of getting started in the porn industry, ending with a lovely graphic but tender scene.

Best of all is possibly Richard Prince's re-creation of a 1960's style stag movie, and is probably the most graphic scene ever to be given a BBFC 18 rating.

All in all then a mixed bag, which will be of interest to anyone who likes erotica, or the more extreme side of arthouse cinema.
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The reputation of being a "compilation of the most daring and sexually explicit films ever released in the United Kingdom" precedes Destricted and it undoubtedly finds itself on many a rental list because of it. Consisting of several short films (of varying duration) by different writers/directors, names such as Sam Taylor-Wood grabbed my interest and I expected a series of shorts which dealt with how sex is used in cinema, unfortunately though this seemed to have very little to say.

The first film on the disk tells how Balkan folklore mixes sex and superstition, given that our sexuality dictates a major part of our life behaviour, it's not surprising that it is intrinsically tied into old superstitions and ancient traditions. What starts off as a curiously interesting snippet of foreign culture becomes a bit of a drag when drawn-out folk songs are performed alongside full frontal nudity. Ladies aged from their teens to their '70s stand massaging their boobs, a scene immediately followed by a group of men masturbating directly into the earth - the background stories are fascinating, but the visuals are rather bizarre and surprisingly dull. The clear narrative of the first film is next replaced by an assault on the eyes and ears as a percussion track plays to a montage of sex scenes which change several times per second, this is a shorter film but it's still not easy to stick with. A film later on in the collection (number 5) is even more difficult to watch as we are shown a man with his inflatable doll and the whole thing is set to strobe lighting. The constant flashing (two or three times a second) warranted an epilepsy warning and those who don't suffer from the condition may find themselves skipping this one after a few seconds as the relentless flashing makes this practically impossible to watch for longer than a few moments.

Perhaps the most notorious of the inclusions on this disk is Larry Clark's 'Impaled'. This becomes the most graphic of the vignettes as we are shown a wannabe male porn star being interviewed and meeting his prospective co-actress before performing his first scene. However, because this consists almost entirely of interviews and we hear from the actresses it provides us with the only real exploration of sex in film and is interesting in places. We get to hear first-hand how the girls became involved in the industry, it humanises them and we understand how they feel about their careers, what they 'save for home', and what they feel comfortable with. At 37 minutes this is the longest feature on the disk and the least surreal (there are no guys having sex with industrial equipment here with root vegetables up their back passage). I like Sam Taylor-Wood and her work here promises to be the most filmic, but her video of a man 'enjoying' the open air lacks any real depth.

In a nutshell: Inevitably this DVD varies in terms of picture and audio quality as the content from each section is captured on different media, some are difficult to watch due to obscuring of the picture quality - but that is an artistic decision. It's an odd collection which lacks any real cohesive theme. I was expecting this to be an interesting look at sex in film, or at least to have something to say, but it fails to do so. Those who simply want to legitimately rent a title they can get their rocks off to will probably be disappointed, and those like me who assumed it would be layered with some sort of analysis or have substantial artistic value will be left wondering what the point of the project was. There are no extras and the picture quality varies from adequate to poor with the 7 segments ranging from bizarre, to boring, to benign.
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on 27 September 2006
I was really interested to take a look at Destricted. I've known about it for a while and have recently noticed seeing it in my local Woolies and in WH Smith, which I was quite surprised about - considering the content.

My favourite film was by Larry Clark, in which the lead guy interviews a selection of fantasic looking porn stars who all get naked and try to convince him to choose them to sleep with. He then picks one and has anal sex with her in front of the camera! Fantastic! You see it all, I think this must be the first time you see full penetration in a video without having to go to a licensed sex shop... scandalously good

I recommend this to one and all
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on 27 September 2006
I bought this DVD and can safely say it is the most explicit thing I have ever seen passed with an 18 certificiate.

Seven artists have made a short film each based on art and pornography. Larry Clark's is the best - a 38 minute film where Larry interviews a group of boys about their pornography viewing habits, before selecting one to have sex on camera with a porn star. Of the five girls, the young lad selects his favourite (the oldest woman there) and proceeds to live his dream as Larry films the event, warts and all.

Sync is good, as is Balkan Erotic, whilst Hoist and Gaspar Noe's segments are tough to watch, but never less than compelling.

Much more than explotiation, Destricted actually has a lot of validity in presenting its varied range of sexual imagery (is masturbation good?), and I'm sure it will become a huge talking point in weeks to cum...
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on 27 September 2006
Destricted is a brave, and therefore controversial, showcase of work by leading American and British artists. It offers various insights into the dark world sexual fantasies and porn, calling into question the role of the voyuer along the way. A refreshing release by a daring distributer!
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on 16 June 2015
Of the short films, one was great but the rest pretended to be too arty and therefore should be assigned to the rubbish bin.
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on 9 April 2007
Humourless, witless avant garde tripe with none of the merits of modern art OR porn, but with all the worst features of both. About as daring as saying 'f***' in front of your mum, and about as artistically stimulating as painting by numbers. Avoid, then forget.
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