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2.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 December 2006
Many of the reviews I have read here and elsewhere revolve around the fact that this version is not as good as previous versions of the Madden franchise. Whilst I largely agree with that, as a game in it's own right I think this is still a great game with plenty of options and most importantly a lot of fun. Well worth the attention of the casual sports fan although perhaps not a Madden purist.
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on 24 August 2006
Firstly, I'm a huge Madden fan.

I just want people to know a few issues there will be with this game-

-Madden doesn't do commentary in this, it's some EA guy!
-no owner mode for the 360! PS2 has it though?Go figure
-no editible rosters
-Legends show up in current teams. You're facing the Colts for the Superbowl and suddenly they have Barry Sanders at RB? Not realistic at all
-american players are reporting huge problems with the online play have lags of up to 30s which means your opponent can score against you and you see it in replay and have no chance to stop it.

Think hard what you want from this before you buy it. Read the forum at on the Madden page. EA are getting nothing but hate for this game fro the american fans.

No word on EA releasing a patch to improve the issues for the game either.

Why would the next gen 360 game have less features than the PS2?
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on 20 June 2014
This was meant to be a gift to my brother, but not only was the package late the disc though still wrapped was scratched to holy hell, the Xbox couldn't even register there was a disc in the Xbox let alone run it.
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on 2 September 2006
It is quite unbelievable how EA have released this game. There are glitches galore such as the other reviewer has covered with alot of things left out of this version that are on the XBox or PS2 versions!!

However their are bigger problems. The defensive AI has gone back to the 1990s. You can hit long bomb after long bomb on this game, even if your opponent has selected a Prevent defence. If you like 55-52 ball games then this is the game for you.

The SIM engine is absolutely crazy with its simming bizzare stats such as 3,000 yd rushing seasons for 4 running backs!! There are alot of other examples of this.

Bigger still there is NO fatigue in this game!!! Unbelievable I know. You can run Larry Johnson all game up the middle if you want and he will not get tired. EA have refused to comment if there will be a patch for this.

There are no formation subs

You have Barry Sanders and other Hall of Famers playing in the NFL! EA have made it so that they have all come out of retirement!

Probably worst of all is the online gameplay or lack of it. Almost no-one is able to complete a game online at the moment, and again EA are refsing to confirm if this will ever be fixed. That's if you get online! Go and check the EA message boards on the Madden site, and you will find mots people cannot even log onto XBox Live. Those that do are being disconnected, and are being awarded losses. If you wanted the game for it's online capabilities i am afraid there aren't any.

Overall they are expecting you to pay more for this game than on the PS2, XBox or PSP. It is a disgrace. If you want to ignore the advice go ahead and by this game, but you may as well just throw your money down the toilet instead.

Unbelievable how this isn't fraud!
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on 25 December 2006
Madden 07 may not be the deepest game, but the graphics on a HD tv will blow you away. Throw in customised commentary to your team, unbelievable stadiums, and a fantastic superstar mode where you go from zero to hero and the game is a fantastic representation of american football.
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on 29 November 2006
Madden 07 is a great game and a must buy. The gameplay is good and the graphics are great. great offline game modes including franchise mode and create a player mode. also the mini games are fun.
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2006
I love John Madden football, I've been playing it since Madden 98 on the original Playstation, in fact this game was the "killer app" that inspired me to buy a PlayStation in the first place.

So its with a heavy heart that I write to advise you all "DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR THE XBOX 360".

If you're familiar with Madden over the years, then this game is like playing Madden 2001. A simple highlight of some of the ommited features include:

1). No owner mode, just a simplistic franchise mode similar to Madden 99.

2). No Defensive playmaker controls so you have NO ABILITY to cover an unmarked receiver at all. You can't even drop a safety out of coverage to defend against this.

3). Similarly you cant issue individual assignments on defense now, your linebackers all operate as 1 unit for example, so they all blitz, or they all stand back in zone coverage. Clearly this is easy to play against so your opponent will laugh in your face everytime they make the forst down (which they will, alot).

4). John Madden does not commentate (as listed by another reviewer).

You will also notice almost immediately what an utter bug fest this game is within minutes of firing it up. Your AI defenders will run right past an open QB and never make an attempt to sack, your DBs will not cover receivers running deep leading to your opponent scoring on deep throws all game. If you "click on" to control a defender, that defender stops moving completely as EA have done something to remove any momentum the player had when under cpu control (so you miss tackles, sacks and interceptions).

My advice is to wait until they fix these problems (and lets face it, EA will fix this by selling us Madden 08) and continue playing with an older version of the game. Personally my favourite is Madden 2005 as that blends the right amount of realism and yet doesnt forget its still a game.
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VINE VOICEon 30 March 2007
I love NFL games, always have done. Up until a couple of years ago my game of choice was the excellent Sega Sports/ESPN 2k series. I likened the difference between the ESPN and Madden games with the age old Pro Evolution and FIFA debate.

Madden was for people who just enjoy "GOING LONG" all day.

Then EA Sports did their usual and waded in with an exclusive rights deal and it was bye bye ESPN NFL games - a real shame.

Eventually I swallowed my pride and I bought last year's Madden on the X Box and it was actually a very good game - my preconceptions were perhaps wrong.

When I bought my 360 I saw the graphics on Madden 2007 and was so looking forward to playing it.

I honestly cannot even manage to get through longer than one quarter of this absolute disgrace of a game without turning it off in disgust.

In between every play there is a needless high graphic cut scene that doesn't run smoothly, it jerks and makes the whole affair seem awkward.

Add that to the really odd mono-radio style commentary and the woefully substandard options menu.

Tell me why - my team the Colts have a Cornerback assigned as punt returner on the depth chart and the team's overall rating is something like 93%

But then when i go into the options and change it to a more suitable returner like a wide receiver or running back and the overall team stat goes down to 88%

I'm more concerned with the appalling gameplay rather than numbers and ratings but the above just goes to show where the majority of EA Sports' budget is spent on these games

Namely on strangling the competition out of the picture by ensuring they have exclusivity rather than developing the game itself - take the EA cricket and football games for example, they're rubbish!

but people buy them rather as they don't like having to play as Andrew Flentoff or Ryan Gregs.

Shame on you EA Sports!
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on 29 December 2006
What a massive let down, they really have gone backwards with this one. The superstar mode in this awful. Some genius at EA decided to stop letting you have full control of the teams and now all you can do is control your created player. It gets better because now when you are using your player you get given a view right up up his backside so you can't see anything thats going on around you. Now with previous Maddens you get a proper demonstration of all the controls and the new features etc. But someone had a moment of genius and decided that they would get rid of that and now all you have are written instructions. The franchise mode is crap because now all you do is play the games and thats it. My advise to anyone wanting to buy an american football game is to save your money and buy madden 06 which is a far better game.
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on 3 March 2016
Cheep and quickly delivered.
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