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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2007
Having played with this camera since it arrived (thanks to a stunningly good deal from Amazon) over Christmas, all I can do is recommend this whole-heatedly.

For the interested out there, here are the niggles:

The matrix buttons for the menus on the rear of the camera work very well, although they do take some getting used to. Gotta say they are really cool and if you're the kind of person who loves your friends cooing over your gadgets, you'll be very pleased. They are slightly counter-intuitive though, in that to flick from one control category to another, you can't just flick from one to the next, you have either to press "back" from where you are and then choose your next sub-menu, or deselect your current category. Given that the whole point of this camera's contols IS the matrix buttons, this does not make much sense. Generally the controls themselves are not that friendly or intuitive. I'm pretty au fait with these types of gadgets but it took me a month to work out how to view videos on the camera itself without transfering to PC. It goes without saying that the manual was no help.

The screen menu display is monochrome. Not at all important, but strange and slightly distracting.

Each control beeps annoyingly. You can disable the beep, but once you turn the camera off then on again, the beep is back.

Yes, the zoom works in video mode. Fabulous. However, the microphone cuts out at the same time, so you're left with zooming silence. Not fabulous.

The English used on the menus is that charming Koreanese - "Not Support", "Connecting Computer" etc.

If you can cope with these points, and there are probably more I haven't found yet, you should snap this one up.
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on 14 January 2007
Just bought this NV10 to replace my existing Sony DSC-P200 Cybershot. The quality of the pictures are superb, especially when trying to take pictures of moving children, which caused my Sony to blur all the time. The Samsung takes it all in its stride and the results are fantastic. Simply switch on and shoot, no messing to take a great picture. The only small criticism is the location of the flash, make sure you don't put your finger on top of it when taking a picture; other than that, highly recommended camera.
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on 2 December 2007
This camera looks gorgeous and performs amazingly! The picture quality is fabulous and the camera is lovely to hold. Of course you will need to buy yourself a memory card (high quality means high space usage!) but other than that no complaints (have had mine couple months).

Go on treat yourself and buy it...it's cheaper than when I purchased it!!
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on 7 January 2008
Being a poor poor student, I opted out of getting insurance for my NV10 that I purchased from eBay <shudder> - sorry amazon! but it was £50 cheaper at the time. Anyway I didn't bother because I always take good care of my gadgetry, but this was a mistake I shan't make again. I didn't realise that in a small %age of NV10, there's an inherent software ( i assume) problem, that cuts in at random for no particular reason where the lens cover refuses to open - gettin stuck, and the lens motor doesn't operate, so doesn't "pop" out when turned on. It still lets you view photos on the memory card and onboard memory, but doesn't allow picture taking, it just comes out as a blur before the camera turns itself off.
When i went to get it looked at, the camera shop said that it'd cost more than the camera was worth to repair it, so I've had to opt out for a cheaper Samsung D75, costing £70 instead of the £180 the NV10 cost a year ago. The eBay shop owner wouldn't contact me back (they had their positive feedback, they didn't need anything else). All this because I didn't purchase some cheap insurance...

The NV10 is an absolutely FANTASTIC camera and has served me for 1000+
top-class photos in the 8months I had it, but it has to be said that the microphone cuts out on video at random intervals. It's more of a photo camera, but the finger-slidey control system is pretty funky and the decent-sized screen isn't to be sniffed at.

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on 19 May 2007
I had originally received this for my birthday and 'unfortunately' for me the NV10 came 2 days before my birthday, which would mean I would be of an irritation to my brother who bought me this; I would be constantly nagging him to tell me what it is. Eventually my birthday arrived, and with great anticipation and anxiety I opened up the wrapping and found a camera. So I used the camera and found that it was a delight to have, and that it was a neccessity to have as an accessory. I didn't even read the manual and hence I found myself in awe of the sheer aspects and options available to use, though eventually I got the hang of it. The high resolution and quality of the photos were magnificent and if you were to zoom in to the image you can capture tiny details with your eyes. With most digital cameras you find yourself buying batteries over and over again, but with the NV10 that's certainly not the case. The battery life is of an outstanding two hours with a lithium battery which is rechargeable. In terms of memory, the internal isn't great but you can buy four 1gb sd cards for £18 from Amazon so that doesn't make a huge difference. Another thing I would like to comment on is the flash. The flash is impressive when you are taking a picture in the dark but make sure that you dont use the flash when you're in,light because it could sabotage a picture. Furthermore, the video quality of the camera is way above of what I had expected as it nearly produce video camera quality. I must say that the only negative is that the camera requires a lot of time to work out which means that you have to learn all the functions as quick as possible and that could take quite a while. This truly is a professional camera.
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on 7 January 2007
THe camera in itself is fantastic. the quality of the item is fantastic - far better than sony who seem to have a quality control issue recently. I love the smart touch display - it takes some getting used to but once you are familiar with it - it is great. It also looks great - one of the best looking cameras out I think. I do however have one gripe and that is that it has no memory card or case. It has a small built in memory but no substantial memory card. I can live with that but the fact that it has no case is a real downer. Especially on a camera this expensive. I am having to carry ine around in the bubblewrap pouch that it came in untill I can get a case for it.
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on 8 November 2007
All I'll say is it was worth the time I spent researching cameras. The screen is very clear, even in the sun and pictures are excellent.
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on 2 January 2008
Yep its good quality and in good light is great and clarity is good.
It's little unorthodox in its control.Two sets of buttons act as a grid select one button and it brings up options then select the buttons at the side to chose. Piece of cake when you get used to it.
What i don't like... The USB connection is via a special lead with a special plug (i havent checked out what happens if I lose/misplace this.....££££ ??? ) The usb end of this lead fits either your pc for transfer or a mains unit to charge.
What i'm REALLY unhappy about is the socket for this plug is on the underside of the camera. I dont want to think what will happen if i put this camera on a damp/wet surface by accident. OK so 99% of the time the camera wont get in to this situation but id be happier if it were on the side or at least covered in some way.
The flash is a pop up type which you have to put down yourself when you switch the camera off... tried to put it the case with the flash up a couple of times-how long before i do some damage ???

What you get in the box
special usb lead
instruction manual (basic)
cd with full manual(pdf) and digimaster software(though little better than windows explorer in thumbnail mode)

In spite of the above points it is a really good camera I trusted a Eurodisney trip with it and was not disappointed.It seems to cope well with all situations

In movie mode it take up to 640x480 in AVI and it is very good.
(My olympus takes .mov format - a disaster as they have to be converted to burn to dvd) These avi movies (not sure what the base format is mpeg2 ?? will burn with nero no prob.)
it also takes SD cards which are cheap as chips.

Hope some of this helps.
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on 25 August 2008
Mine is (or was) a really nifty little camera. A small camera with a great solid feel to it, and picture quality was really amazing. However, 6 months after I purchased the camera, the camera gives three or four beeps when I turn it on, and the lens remains stuck and is thus unusable. Reading on the Internet I gather this to be a well known problem with the NV10 (do a search under "NV10 lens stuck" on Google!). The price I've been quoted to have it repaired is too costly, so this sweet camera sits in my drawer and I am out of pocket. Having read many others owners with the same problem I would definitely advise that this is a buy at your own risk.
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on 5 July 2011
Bought this specifically because it was recommended to fit to my Opticron telescope. The connection proved to be Heath-Robinson and fiddly, and results are generally disappointing.
The video recording facility is good, but the main quibbles are its robustness and the fiddly button matrix. The button array was obviously designed by someone with very small hands and it is a real scutter! Would NEVER buy another camera with that feature - about as good as square steering wheels on Austin Allegros!!
The catch holding the battery and card flap closed is (was) really flimsy and broke after a few months - currently held with electric tape. Likewise, the flash unit catch soon followed suit and is also now held closed with electric tape - at least there is black tape to match!
Photo quality is very good and it is light and compact. Pity about the negative features.
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