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on 14 June 2007
I cannot recommend this album highly enough. It is one of those rare things, an album for children that can stand repeat adult listening. In fact, I would rate it up there with 'Flood' and 'Don't Let's Start' for tunes, inventiveness and pure, silly fun. But it's not all fun, kids. There's some serious learning going on too. Thanks to 'The Alphabet of Nations', my children can now recite a country beginning with every letter of the alphabet, a skill that's sure to prove itself invaluable in their adult lives.

The album comes with a free DVD with some wacky videos, and puppet versions of the two Johns. But if the last time you saw They Might Be Giants was in the video for Bird House in Your Soul in the eighties, look away at the end as you might be shocked. Luckily they transform into weeble-like characters for the bonus 'Higgly Town Heroes' video at the end. Phew!
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on 23 November 2006
We only have the CD, but this album, along with "No" provides some sanity from nursery rhymes. Our 3 year old loves They Might Be Giants...and so do we.
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on 12 May 2009
The outstanding children's CD/DVD combination from the never-dull TMBG and their friends in the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater.

Original and fresh lyrics that appeal to children and parents alike make this a firm choice to replace all those dire nursery rhyme CDs (with poor musical arrangements and lacklustre singing)!

Our boy's personal favourites are Go for G!, an anthum unparalleled in the history of the letter G, and Higgly Town Heroes, the theme music for a children's television show.

My wife's favourite is C is for Conifers, a guitar and singer arrangement with information on the varieties of conifers (my kind of trees) that can be found (over 500 kinds)!

My personal favourite is Can you find it?, a hidden letter challenge with letters that don't play by the rules.

Like this and want to hear more TMBG? Try Here come the 123s, an even greater album than this (because numbers are easier to write songs about). The NO! album and Bed, Bed, Bed are two further children's albums

Search for their other pithy hit singles: Istanbul, Birdhouse in your Soul, James K Polk, and the Sun.
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on 7 May 2008
The kids love it, we love it. Full of silly sing-a-long tunes that stick in your head and after only a few listens the kids knew all the words. The kids are in question are home-educated boys aged 6 and 5. Very educational!!!!!!!!!!! DVD brilliant too.

Warning: It is very AMERICAN, which can be mildly grating after lots of listens but this is only a very minor irritation. (Sorry TMBG!, we do love you though :-))
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VINE VOICEon 5 October 2005
As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'll soon get round to putting together my first Amazon list. It'll be called 'CDs you can listen to in the car with the kids without being driven out of your tree', or something like that. Anyway, this will be near the top - along with TBMG's "No" album, Bad Manners' "Magnetism" and several of the Trojan ska sets.
A couple of words of warning though: This is an amusing and listenable album, but it's not really going to teach your kids the alphabet - those learning their letters will be a bit young to appreciate the songs. Also, the CD here is described as 'enhanced' - a little overstated given there's only a link to Disney's web-site (duh) and to register with them - nothing like the triumph of interactivity and fun that is the No album's extra features. I imagine this is down to it being as much a Disney CD as a TMBG one (ie. lots of branding, not much content).
All that said though, there are some real gems here, not least "D & W" (in which we learn that D likes to stay in and watch sports), "LMNO" (an eighties electro-bounce) and a few really accomplished songs like "Alphabet Lost and Found".
All in all, fun to enjoy with the kids but I suspect one would be much better off with the DVD version (available through Amazon.com in the US and which, I'm told, is fantastic) - if you want a CD like this, much better to get No.
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on 19 December 2006
I (the Mummy of the household) have been a TMBG fan for years and so I was thrilled to see that the NY boys had put out a cd for the toddlers. As a result of this purchase, my two year old and my husband are complete converts! This cd and dvd is quirky, funny, educational and ... funny! A very good antedote to CBEEBIES!!
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on 3 June 2010
I've always thought They Might Be Giants were a talented band since 1982, and they've created quality music for a variety of shows/movies (ex: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,The Oblongs and Malcolm in the Middle, just to name a few). Since they've been working in the children's music genre, they've been making music that several generations can enjoy together.

The whole family loved the albums Here Come The 123s [CD/DVD] and Here Comes Science, but Here Come the ABCs [CD/DVD Combo] didn't impress us as much.

In my opinion -- as an adult and parent-- this album wasn't nearly as educational as the other two, the videos were of a lesser quality than the ones from the other two albums, and the tracks didn't have as much musical variety. However, if I had bought this before the other two albums that I mentioned, I'm sure I would have thought it was fabulous. Each album seems to be better than the last, in any case, and that's not a bad thing at all.

If you're looking for another alternative rock band for kids, check out Juice Box Heroes or For Those About to Hop by Imagination Movers -- another award-winning band that has been made popular by Disney.
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on 1 December 2010
Fantastic, I have a 4 year old daughter who absolutely loves this CD.(and I have to say I don't mind putting it on either) In the 90's I loved the upbeat "Bird house in your soul" by they might be giants, when I heard about this album I thought I would give it a chance, and I am so glad I did.
When we have a couple of kids in the car they always ask for it to come on, they sing along to the songs and ask for specific ones to be played over again, usually with the letters at beginning of their names in. The album really helped with her excitement to letters and wanting to learn more, she loves it and I love the songs too, much more interesting than allot of 4 year old music CD's and dare I say it educational as well!!!!. Also check out their other albums the science one if good also.
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on 19 April 2005
This new album for children by They Might Be Giants is a welcome relief from the Raffi-type nonsense which we usually force onto our offspring.
The album has 23 songs featuring the alphabet, from Alphabet of Nations to ZYX. You'll find yourself singing along to songs like 'Pictures Of Pandas Painting' on the bus, so beware if you want to keep your credibility. The childlike thought processes of Johns Linnell and Flansburgh fit perfectly here. Of course Q and U are good friends, and of course LMNO could be mistaken for one letter by those just learning the alphabet.
This is a great album for children learning their abcs and is idiosyncratic enough for TMBG fans of all ages to enjoy.
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on 24 July 2011
We all love this CD and DVD. What a great deal. The music catchy, educational and humorous. The DVD helps to bring the music alive and make sense of some of the songs. I have young children (2 & 4) and they both love it. Mum and dad are often caught singing the songs too! I think it will entertain us for many years to come. I highly recommend it as a purchase, it would be a great gift too.
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