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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Vinyl|Change
Price:£58.24+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 11 June 2017
Great bargain, many thanks
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on 7 June 2017
Excellent album overall and the packaging looks very nice on the shelf! :)
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on 11 June 2017
great price and condition, thanks!
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on 8 April 2017
Good price, good condition, as advertised.
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on 1 June 2007
I do not get all the positive reviews of this album! it really is like listening to the same song over and over again. There are a few exceptions: a couple of stand out tracks ('Snow', 'Desecration Smile'); tracks that you sure you have heard on 'By the way' and worst of all on a Tom Petty album ('Dani California'). Sad to say this, but RHCP losing their way: are all the good reviews based on loyalty alone? Yes they are very talented and have earned their place as rock legends, but this album is sorely lacking.
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on 6 May 2006
Ok, well it's a double album and of course theres always going to be problems with that. Having that many tracks theres always going to be stand-out songs and songs that you don't like very much. However out of the 28 songs on the album, all of them do sound very good.. so I think they've managed to pull it off!

Having this many songs has allowed them to really roam free with the amount of different styles of music on the album. Listen to all the songs and you'll find so many different influnces everywhere. Some songs sound like the old Chili's of the Mothers Milk era and others sound more like the modern chilis and some sound like something completely different entirely! And John has really gone to town on the guitar on this album. His more minimalistic style of guitar playing ont he last 2 albums (similar to his solo work) is still present but there is now some absolutely fantastic guitar solos!

I'll start with the 1st CD. Theres the obviously excelllent Dani California. This is then immediately followed up with the pop-tastic Snow (Hey Ho) which has a wonderful little guitar part by John and a very catchy chorus. Straight after this is the much more funky Charlie that really does sound a bit more like old chilis with a more modern poppy chorus and some more wonderful guitar work by John... and what an excellent song it is! Then theres Stadium Arcadium which is most likely going to be a new single.. very similar to the Otherside/Californication style of song. Other highlights on the 1st CD include Slow Cheetah, Especially In Michigan (wonderful guitar!) and the EXCELLENT C'Mon Girl with an excellent bassline from Flea (one of my favourites).

CD2 I would say from first impressions is better than the first.. I'd say this really only because Tell Me Baby is possibly one of the best RHCP songs I've heard.. and this is followed by my other most favourite track on the album Hard To Concentrate. This CD also has Storm in a Teacup which is EXTREMELY funky.. older fans will love this. Also worth spotting is John's 3 minute solo in Turn It Again.. which really is worth just putting on repeat!

Verdict: Amazing album, and theres probably something on this album for every chilis fan.. new and old!
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on 19 July 2008
Alright, so you've probably heard a lot about this album and this band but I think this album and the band deserve so much credit. If you haven't really listened to anything off this album yet, I'm going to convince you to. Read on.

This amazing album has two disks: Jupiter and Mars; both fantastic. Its sound is way different than previous RHCP albums but still keeps they're original style and flair. With crazy bass lines from bassist Flea and funky guitar rifts from guitarist John Frusciante, this album is packed with creativity and has something for everyone. Drums are always great too when you got Chad Smith on them; one of the few guys in rock music these days that keeps a smile on his face.

Songs like "Dani California" and "She's only 18" are a couple of the heavier tracks. "Dani California" is a rocking track with a mind blowing guitar solo. Then you have more funky dance and rap mixes like "Warlocks" and "H*** De Bump." My favourite song off the album is "Especially in Michigan." It's got an awesome chorus and lead singer Anthony Kiedis has amazing vocals on this one. Other favourites of mine are "Discretion Smile", "Wet Sand" and "Make You Feel Better." I love most songs off the album except for three or four, and it's not often you find an album where the greater majority of the tracks are that solid.

The main popular singles are "Dani California" "Snow (hey-oh)" "Tell Me Baby" and "Hump De Bump."

I immediately bought the CD after hearing "Dani California" on the radio back in June 2006.

Some songs should have definitely been made singles. I think "Make You Feel Better" would have been the perfect single. But not only is it not a single, they don't even play it at the concerts! I would have loved to hear that song played live. Oh well, I guess it's because that song requires two guitars to play and they only have one guitarist (John) on stage so they can't really do it perfectly. Still though, I would like to hear it even with one guitar.

It's crazy to think that these guys were once playing funk rap stuff back in 1983 and they climbed all the way up to this amazing collection of songs and a whack load of Grammy awards.

You have to own this album in your collection. It's got something for everybody.
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on 8 May 2006
What can I say? I can't remember the last time I was blown away by such an amazing album. After hearing Dani California about a month ago, my hopes were high for this new album. Disappointment is the furthest word from my mind. This double album is a constant barrage of fantastic tracks!

If you're a fan of the Chilis, you'll have this already and know what I'm talking about. For those of you who're unsure, I ask you this: "How often are you gonna be able to get 28 tracks for (practically) the same price as a single-disc album?" - BUY IT! - simple as that!
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on 13 May 2006
I have heard 25 of these tracks at least 5 times and now i feel i can place a proper judgement on this album.It is quite simply a great album.Alot of these songs are either very good or excellent with hardly any filler.

When i heard the first album the first few times i was a bit disappointed,thinking there wasn't many excellent tracks,now i feel i'm wrong.There's "dani california", "warlocks", "she's only 18" and "especially in michigan", all truly excellent songs.

But the second album is truly the best of the two.It turns up the funk and the guitar work at times is phenomal.My favoruite song is probably "readymade" with it's heavy rock riff which is outstanding,probably the heaviest track on the whole record."Desecration smile" which is basically exactly the same as "dosed" (just as "stadium ardcadium" feels like californication 2 except for the chorus) is a great opener,while other highlights includes other standouts like "she looks to me","21st century" and "hard to concentrate".

I haven't got the last 3 songs implanted in my brain yet but it wont be long i assure you of that.Forget the whole "putting it into one album" rubbish,after all some people stupidly said that about the white album.We're getting 28 solid tracks for the price of one,the more the better i say,especially as it's all so good.This beats bloodsugarsexmagick for sure but i'm not too sure when comparing it to californication and by the way,and i'm certainly gonna go for the one's i haven't got.

disc 1 - 8

disc 2 - 9
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on 25 May 2006
This is an item worth the money if you are a massive chilis fan like me! this item comes in a cool Stadium Arcadium shadow box! i was so exited when i went and bought mine, i was kinda shaking!

It includes the CDs and the SA DVD which includes the brilliant Dani california video, the making of the video (which i must say is hilarious)and the album commentery which is explained by the band members them self talking about key songs on the album. Inside the box there is a wooden spining top with funky covers,marbles wich come in a blue velvet bag, little notes from the band with little doodles and a little note book thingy that says part of the lyrics on (mine says 'Slow Cheeter come before my forest' from the song slow cheeter).

i bought this box set after i bought the CD on it's own but i dont regret this as i am a massive fan! if you are a hardcore fan like me, this item is a must have!
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