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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2007
this film is bad,it knows its bad but somehow and this is a rare thing,it is better for that,yes that sounds odd but this is a silly,no brainer film,the like of what arnie used to star in the 80s,except this premise is probably even sillier.
The title of the movie spoils the entire plot,no im joking,but i think you can tell what the film is about,yes,snakes on a plane.
A witness to a murder is needed by the fbi led by sammy l jackson,so they board a plane to go to trial,however the villains henchmen load the plan filled with snakes and release a hormone that sends the snakes tempers spiralling.We get to know the passengers piece by piece and can tell which ones will probably die,that being the scummy passengers and the very weak and so it goes,the snakes leap out biting faces,necks,arms,blood flowing like a sea,sammy l and some brave members on board fight them off,the plane may crash,silliness ensues in bucket loads,great daft quotes flood screen time,yes this is what we all need.
There will always be a cult following for films like these,they may not do well in the box office,but too many serious films makes us dull,we need films like this that are poor but some work and this is one of them.
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on 25 September 2006
Samuel L. Jackson signed up because of the title and nearly pulled out of this movie when they tried to change it, and in this case the title says it all.

There are snakes on a plane, the bad guy put them there to kill a witness, and it's left to Sam Jackson and the other passengers to survive untill the plane can land. Make no mistake, this movie does exactly what it says on the tin. The story kick starts immediatly, no long drawn out openings or exposition, and then rolls along very well with tongue wedged firmly in cheek. There is some comedy and alot of shocks. This movie never tries to be something its not and knows exactly what it is. It is nice to see a low budget film (which i believe it was) come out so well, it is as much a homage to B-movies as "Tremors" was over a decade earlier. It would have been very easy for this film to try and take itself too seriously and thankfully it doesn't.

If you are afraid of snakes it may be worth giving this one a miss (obviously) but if not then do as it said on the poster - SIT BACK, RELAX, AND ENJOY THE FRIGHT. Buy it, watch it, love it.
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on 1 June 2007
Well, after first reading the reviews of others and seeing the trailer for this film, it does what it says on the tin!! If you enjoy films that are slightly OTT, tongue in cheek and often cringeworthy (but still funny and entertaining) this is for you. You have to suspend your beliefs at times or you will find yourself shouting at the screen "Noooo! As if!! etc".

All in all though, this is a good fun film to watch with a few mates whilst tucking into a takeaway. Recommended!!! Enjoy!!
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I only had to see the commercials to see what a lark this film looked, and I wasn't at all suprised to see how the film turned out. Blonde woman, helpless kids, frantic passengers, hundreds of snakes!

Only one man can save a situation like this.

Sammy L J!

The plot, cut long story short (as if it wasn't simple enough) see's a young guy witness a murder while out in the jungle. The result? He's seen, and hunted down by some angry chinese men. And now, Sammy l is on his back, telling him to testify in court about what he saw. This all takes about 15-20 minutes, leaving the rest of the film open to laughs all round, as the passenger plane that Sammy L, the witness, and hundreds of innocent passengers board has a box full of snakes that is rigged to open, in order to kill the witness. Yes, thats it.

But as my review title suggests, this film is entertainment for what you might consider the wrong reasons - its funny because its so pathetic. People running around like headless chickens as snakes bite them in 'nasty places' (most notably, the crotch for guys, and boobs for women) and you can't help but laugh at the situation. Our only english actor dies later on too - Hollywood obviously felt he didn't deserve to live! As a result, a pyhton crushes him to an amusing death.

And thats not the only thing thats amusing. Considering the venom the snakes inject is supposed to take around 2 hours to kill (the film suggests) then why the man who goes to the toilet and suddenly dies as a result of his crotch being munched on by a snake, I don't know!

The 'rebellion' moment against the snakes? Sammy l puts on his mean face with his gun in his hand and repeatedly calls everything "M****r F*****s* with some cheesey music backing it after.

I don't know how to rate this movie when treating it properly. It isn't scary, and its not nerve racking. The CGI snakes don't look entirely convincing at times, as does the plane in the sky - the work of 'do it on the cheap, wait till the profits come in'. All I can say is that if your looking for a laugh in the evening, this more than does the job!

Go Sammy!
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on 15 November 2006
We all know the internet hype behind this, but Snakes On A Plane delivers. I believe other reviewers have completely missed the point by scoring this lowly and reading their critique to back up their scores. If you are expecting a beutifully acted epic like "On The Waterfront" or "Citizen Kane" you'll be dissapointed. If however, you want 90 minutes of tounge in cheek laughs and Samuel L Jackson hamming it up you'll love this. We all know SLJ can act, Pulp Fiction, for example but, he does what he needs to do in this. Fight off Snakes on this ****** ******* plane!
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on 24 August 2012
Ok, there are 71 reviews on here that show very clearly that this film split the opinions of its viewers. I come down very firmly in the 'love it' camp. I'm a fan of 'creature features' and this is one of the best Grade A B-Movies I've seen (along with Rogue) and, as such, replacing on blu-ray was a must for me.
The picture quality on this blu-ray is absolutely stunning. The opening sequence involving aerial shots following a motorcycle and of the coastline demonstrate exactly what you're in for: an excellent viewing experience.
The Dolby True-HD 5.1 track is better than the DD5.1 on the DVD; but as with all True-HD tracks I would have preferred a DTS HD Master track. There's something about a True-HD track that's a little underwhelming. But, as this is a definite upgrade from the DVD I'm pleased. There are also English subtitles.
You get the following extras:
Commentary, Music Video, 4 featurettes, trailers, deleted scenes and a gag reel.
All in all, this is a no-brainer upgrade for anyone who loves the film and is considering buying this blu-ray.
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on 11 December 2006
This is probably the most unnecessary review that I have ever written. Why? Because the genius of this film is in the title; SNAKES ON A PLANE. That says it all really. It does exactly what it says on the tin! and a movie called "Snakes on a Plane" had better be one of two things: So bad it's good or so good it's great. Darned if it isn't a little bit of both.

Why is this movie so watchable? Four simple reasons. It's truly funny. It's truly scary. It's truly gruesome. And Samuel L. Jackson is the cool head who prevails ("You stick with me, you live"). This is an efficient, tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy.

To an extent, Snakes on a Plane reminds me of "Eight Legged Freaks." It has the same kind of off-the-wall, don't-take-it-seriously comedic horror sensibility. Cheesy, campy B-movie fun, thanks mostly to the plethora of pythons and their ilk, and also to Jackson (probably the only actor alive who could pull off this save-the-day bad ass movie role).

If you can find a better film on DVD this Christmas than this wild comic thriller, let me know!
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on 3 March 2007
Okay, I admit that there are a few mistakes in the storyline, and that the special effects are awful, ubt it is a very entertaining movie.

I don't know if it is meant to be funny, but i found it hilarious!!! I won't tell ya what as it would just ruin the suprise.

There was a very bad ending, so it made the movie look absoulutly pointless, but to me it wasn't as it got rid of my boredom.

There are some jumpy bits, but spme parts are predictable, so that kind of ruins it!!

The acting is ok, and Samuel. L Jackson wasn't at his best, but i do like it when he says lets get these mother******* snakes off of this mother******* plane!! lol.

Overall, it is a very good movie which should be bought by peepz who enjoyed Final Destination 2 as this is a laugh, like that.
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on 28 September 2013
well I don't know, different to what I expected , unlikable passengers, stupid looking artificial snakes, stupid lines, terrible acting, Samul L Jackson what was he thinking!!! not a film for those who don't like snakes duh I'm on lines with the film now! so pointless bad ending rubbish, this film doesn't take itself seriously, I expected real looking snakes or real ones now and again for the close ups at least! and a more serious out look but I just had to see it as people kept telling me how bad it was and it was a lot of people whom seem to have watched it I didn't want to be left out but as soon as I started watching it I realized its going to be a lot different to what I expected serves me right self inflicted, I say buy it and join the club !!! happy watching!
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on 28 March 2007
This is your typical no-brainer action movie and if that's the kinda movie you're in the mood for then Snakes on a Plane will keep you mildly entertained. The plot is a stretch to say the least but then the title could tell you that. It won't win any Oscars but it'll make you laugh and jump a few times....especially if you're not a snake person. All in all it passed a few hours......but it isn't a movie I'll be adding to my collection.....renting was quite enough! I do wonder who wrote the lines for Samuel L Jackson though.....they were such clichéd tough black guy lines that I cringed more than once!
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