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on 18 January 2007
Disappointing start to a terrible show. The cast share little chemistry, the characters are all incompetent boobs and the writing seemingly ignorant of the basics of the craft. Too much tell and not enough show. The shows major problem is the likeability factor of the characters. I think it is acceptable in a film to portray characters which aren't the most likeable but in a week to week series, the viewer needs a reason to tune in, a reason to care. There isn't one here. These people regularly make a hash of their work and yet, nobody cares, no-one is reprimanded. It appears that working for Torchwood, means never taking responsibility for any of your actions. This is taken to illogical, insulting extremes in the final episode of the series, where one characters illogical actions bring about destruction and death to those around him, yet he is rewarded by a pat on the back and an apology.

Is Gwen Cooper possibly the most misjudged character in genre tv, meant as the audience's identification figure, she is selfish, stupid and self-serving. Watch as she descends into self destruct mode and wonder why it is that you just don't care?

A real shame as this show and the concept has promise but the writing kills it.
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on 25 December 2006
I liked the idea of making a more 'adult' style of Doctor Who, as I felt there are a lot of missed opportunities which you can't accomplish before the watershed.

I was, however, most disapointed with the series. The Pilot was watchable, though only adult because of the occaisonal swear word which didn't need to be there.

The second episode was the bog-standard dribble that every sci-fi series has done in some way or another. A rip-off of the B-movie "species" set the standard for what the rest of the series was going to be like - unoriginal.

The only saving grace about this programme is Captain Jack (John Barrowman), who I think is supurb. The only reason I'm still watching this programme is to learn more about his character, for his iminent return to Doctor Who.

If you want good sci-fi, watch Doctor Who. If you want sex, swearing and storylines which have been done before, by all means enjoy this programme.
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on 4 December 2006
This is one of the best programs that has been on this year, it is getting better and better. Its got science, and sizzeling sexy scenes and captain jack is amazing and gwen too. am totally drawn in by it and cant rate it more highly, this dvd will be a great buy and cant wait to get it!
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on 19 November 2006
When rumours emerged of a Doctor Who spin-off, eyebrows were raised. The first re-imagined series was for the most part a critical and commercial success, despite alienating much of the show's original audience. The second series started off well with a new doctor and the unveiling of Earth's secret organisation - which this show takes its title from.

Now, most spin-offs feature guest appearances and characters from the original show, and Torchwood has the rather tenuous like of Captain Jack, loved and loathed, but a character - like the show - that possessed potential.

If only some of that potential could have been achieved. The creator's love of location shots and the Welsh culminates in an inexplicable translocation from the established base of operation in London to Cardiff. I don't want to waste much more time on the flimsy plot or clichéd characters; as one reviewer has stated, Jack is made to look good by a cast so awful they make the Doctor Who extras look Oscar-worthy.

The plots are badly-written, badly-envisaged and badly-orchestrated X-Files knock-offs, with a touch of Men in Black (without the style), Stargate SG-1, and pretty much every other decent series in existence. What bothered me, personally, was the complete lack of consideration given to the ethical issues raised - to say nothing of the gratuitous sex and swearing that attempt to justify the supposedly 'adult' premise.

To exemplify, on her first day (2nd episode), our protagonist accidentally unleashes an alien that kills over a dozen men (by having sex with them) whilst in the possession of a girl. Instead of simply incapacitating or simply killing the girl, they allow her to escape and continue her killing spree. The episode concludes with the girl being freed of her captor. Our protagonist joins the team. Over a dozen people dead, but the girl was saved, so mission accomplished.

Utter garbage.
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on 30 November 2006
Having watched Dr Who, just liking it and no more, I am sorry to say that this programme lacks character and has a weak trashy script that would suit an American cable network. The scripts are poor and characters have no real depth; episode 1 sees one of the cast die and episode 2 carries on as if the person never existed or even worked alongside them.

What a shame! I have given up after 5 shows but at least it's not as bad as Robin Hood.......utter drivel.
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on 7 December 2006
doctor who is one of the best programmes on tv at the moment, and it is easy to give torchwood the benefit of the doubt because of it - but it is not the same. The scripts are clunky, melodramatic and just badly written - it follows a similar format every episode (i.e. torchwood encounter alien technology which proves too much for them and they destroy/ lock it up). The first episode, written by Russell T. Davies, was amazing, but they get steadily worse after that. "Adult" content is forced into it unnecessarily, and most episodes explore the writers twisted minds more than anything else. Do not waste money on this...
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on 7 September 2006
I'm looking forward to seeing this spin-off, by all accounts it should be more adult-orientated than (the still wonderful) Doctor Who....BUT I'm so infuriated that it's being released in 2 parts: 2 discs for over £22?? One star for this obvious con.
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