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on 12 October 2015
The first five episodes of Torchwood are a mixed bunch an set the monster of the week tone of the next two years.
'Everything Changes' is very good, introducing the staff of Torchwood as well as Gwen, Rhys and the adorable PC Andy and the series resident monster the Weevils.There is humour, death and tragedy aplenty as one of the Torchwood team is found to be responsible for the deaths.
'Day One' is weaker as Torchwood does the sex monster thing in a not particularly original manner and once more the problem is Torchwood's doing as Gwen's pratting about has released the orgasm eating cloud in the first place.
'The Ghost Machine' has some super performances and for the first time, Burn Gorman has the chance to shine and show his abilities as Dr Owen Harper. A great idea, but again Torchwood's fiddling with alien devices causes the death at the end.
'Cyberwoman' is the weakest of any Torchwood episode as Ianto fails to take his opportunity to shine, the whole plot is silly and unconvincingly acted by all concerned and the Cyberwoman is a dreadful fantasy female stereotype.A leading cyberneticist and a pizza delivery girl are killed as a direct result of Ianto's lunacy, but he is forgiven.
'Small Worlds" is brilliant, the best of the first series, a tale of evil fairies, paedophilia and Jacks dealing with those he loves aging to death while he never changes. The Fairies look wonderful, and the climax is chilling,as Jack, not for the first or last time, sacrifices a chils for the greater good. .
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on 8 January 2007
I don't normally enjoy science fiction shows, so I was surprised to find myself being drawn into this one.

I initially started watching because I liked John Barrowman but by the time the series had come to an end, I'd enjoyed the whole series. It's fun science fiction that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's much more character driven than most other sci-fi shows and all of the characters bring something different to the show, as well as being rather nice to look at.

If you like your science fiction to focus on character relationships, rather than aliens and alien artifacts, and you don't have any problems with bi-sexuality, then Torchwood is a very entertaining and somewhat different science fiction series. It isn't a series for sci-fi geeks.

Captain Jack - Leader of the group, 51st century time agent who's currently working on modern day Earth, handsome, flirty, can not die using conventional methods.

Owenn - medic, a bit full of himself, not afraid to speak his mind, likes the ladies.

Toshiko - Computer expert, perhaps the most 'normal' of the group, feels like a bit of an outsider.

Gwen - the ex-policewoman who accidentally stumbles upon Torchwood, views situations from a human view point rather than a hardened view point, struggles to mix her professional life with her personal life.

Ianto - is to Jack what Alfred was to Batman, takes care of the Hub whilst the others are away, young and sexy, likes to wear a suit, quiet and sensitive, keeps his emotions bottled inside until a crisis occurs.

Some people have accused Torchwood of having too much sex. This simply isn't true. Apart from episode two which is a bit fruity, Day One, the sex is kept to a minimum and is never graphic. It would actually be more accurate to say that Torchwood has a fair amount of sexuality, rather than sex itself. Also, apart from Captain Jack himself and a cyber-babe popping up, there's little connection between Torchwood and Doctor Who.

It's true that Torchwood is a bit patchy and it does have a few plot holes - like Jack not knowing that he has a cyberwoman in his basement - but if things like this don't bother you, give Torchwood a go.
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on 5 August 2013
After David Tennant left Doctor who (I know it was years ago) I was very much disappointed in Matt Smith (My personal views) So I got into Torchwood and WOW it is great, The only one I didn't find that good was the 2nd episode I mean an alien which lives of sexual pleasure? Who wants to watch that? However I do recommend you buy this DVD and definitely watch the episode "They keep killing Suzie" that episode is one of my favorites from series 1.
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on 12 February 2016
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on 29 August 2015
Excellent Service & DVD Thank You.
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on 4 May 2008
If you love Doctor Who, you'll love this.
However, if you any very young children, don't let them watch it, as it is full of sex, artirial spray, and expletives.
Best for teenagers and adults.
Torchwood is a crime, thriller, sci-fi show: many great genres in one series.

Yet the best episode, Small Worlds, doesn't really involve much crime at all...it's about fairies.
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on 19 August 2015
Good Series
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on 2 June 2017
Good service happy
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on 8 February 2015
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on 14 May 2011
I wasnt keen on buying the complete series, just wanted the first 5 episodes,as i watched it on tv afew years ago and liked it, its doctor who strickly for adults!!
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