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on 14 January 2007
I have had this now for 3 weeks and love it. I have had no problems and everyone has commented on the beautiful styling. This is the cheapest programmable coffee machine on the market and is easy to programme. I love coming down in the morning to coffee that has just brewed - the whole house is filled with the aroma! It is easy to clean and the water level indicator is easy to read too. The only slight negative is the same as any other coffee maker with a re-usable (metal mesh) filter, in that it is not as good as the paper filter cones that you buy.

My advice is buy this and use disposable paper filters as it makes cleaner, more rounded flavour coffee (and there's less cleaning too!).

YOu can't buy better with your cash if you love your coffee like me!
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on 18 April 2010
I bought this machine on the strength of the very positive reviews on Amazon but I wish I had read the negative reviews too as I might have made a different choice!

The Good:

Extremely easy to use
No paper filters needed
Looks great in the kitchen
Quick to brew

The Bad:

The coffee is not as strong as I like, despite me using the same blend & amount as in my cafetiere. I maybe need to experiment with more blends though.
The jug is hard to clean as the lid does not come off & it cannot be tilted far enough back to stand upside down on the drainer.
A major problem for me is that the coffee is just not hot enough! I don't know if I'm doing something wrong (I'd appreciate any advice) but it always seems to be lukewarm, regardless of the quantity of water used. I'm going to experiment by warming the pot & maybe even putting pre-boiled water in it so it starts off hot, otherwise this machine is not going to be used very often which is a shame as in every other respect it is perfect.

UPDATE: I have experimented with several different coffees & have found several which make for a very tasty brew (I find about 4 heaped dessert-spoonfuls make a nice couple of large mugfuls). I have also started to boil water in the kettle & use it to warm the pot for a while before putting it in the machine. This gives lovely, piping hot coffee. If you don't want to do this, I find leaving the coffee standing on the hotplate for a while also warms it up nicely. The coffee machine is now in virtually daily use! Hope this helps.
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on 28 December 2010
Like another reviewer before me, I'm grateful to fellow Amazon reviewers for directing me to this coffee-maker over other products. I bought this from Amazon a week or so ago, delivery was extremely prompt (arriving even quicker than my book purchases from the same order! and just before all the snow chaos), and, as a first actual electronic product I bought from Amazon across the Irish sea, I was relieved to see that the package arrived in extremely good shape and the good arrived completely safe.

Back to the coffee-maker. I read a ton of coffeemaker reviews on Amazon and elsewhere before settling down for this Prestige product. Why bother reading so much before hand? Well, I have yearned to have my own filter coffee machine for years (I've been using my "french press" or cafetiere, but I want the kind of filter coffee that you can get in good coffee shops at breakfast time where you can refill at leisure without risk of coffee getting cold), and I had seen some filter coffee-makers in action, and I was desperate to avoid some of the nasty ones that I have seen out there at some American hotels (instead of a kettle to make tea, American hotels give you a coffee maker in your hotel rooms).

I like the fact that this filter coffeemaker has a timer (big plus for waking up to lovely coffee smell esp. in wintry mornings), is sleek and has low foot-print, and according to the previous reviewers, has a jug that pours well.

When my coffeemaker arrived, I found that ALL of the above plus points mentioned by previous reviewers are absolutely true! What's more, all the negative points mentioned by previous reviewers I have found to be untrue or greatly exaggerated:

1. This coffee machine is handsome and sleek and managed to fit in even on my tiny counter-top amid my all other kitchen paraphrenalia.

2. It is extremely easy to set up the coffee-machine timer for the morning brew, and it came on as set up, and the safety cut-off after 2 hours also works as advertised.

3. The coffee jug DOES pour coffee (and indeed water, see Point 4 below) precisely! There is NO spillage whatsoever! No dripping on the side, a good easy pour. And oh yes, the no-drip function on the machine works brilliantly as well (this is when you take out the jug to pour coffee in the middle of the brewing process).

4. Some people mentioned how difficult it is to pour water into the 2 slots on top of the machine, and that is NOT TRUE at all. Whilst I could imagine it MIGHT be hard if you're pouring water into your machine directly under your kitchen tap, but WHO WOULD DO THAT ANYWAY? It even states in the manual that you should use the coffee jug supplied to measure and pour water into the machine. And it makes sense, because you need to be pouring the right amount of water (per your preferred cups of coffee) into the machine so using the supplied coffee glass jug is the best and easiest way of doing this. What's more, the 2 slots on either side of the machine I realised later is a design genius for both left-handed or right-handed people, so that it would be easy to pour water into the machine whichever hand you are used to handling the jug.

5. And yes, the water gauge on the machine does correspond exactly to the amount of water as measured in your coffee jug. And the amount of coffee that comes out of the machine correspond exactly to the amount of water that you put in. This may sound like basic stuff to people, but one would be amazed at how many other coffeemakers do NOT get this basic stuff right. However, this Prestige coffeemaker does. It also shows that almost no water is wasted on condensation.

6. Which brings me to the silver/stainless steal construction of this coffeemaker, which is pleasing to the eye but also is extremely functional for the reason of steam/condensation. I have read Amazon reviews for a comparable coffeemaker (Krups I think) where the plastic lid comes up distorted during the brewing process and allow moisture to seep down the back causing a potential fire hazard due to the cord being sited at the back of the machine as well. Here, the steam comes through dedicated filtered steam-holes through a stainless steel cover, so whatever condensation occurs would mostly drip back down to the filter whilst steam escapes in an "orderly" fashion (as much as steam could be said to be "orderly" anyway!) through the steel cover.

7. Some customers complained about how hard it is to fit the filter-holder in place. I have to say initially I shared their frustration. If Prestige manual have included ONE simple diagram to show how the filter is supposed to look upon fitting it would make things a lot easier. I only noticed the raised "guide" on the top of the coffee machine after fiddling with the filter for ages (as the position indicator is only very slightly raised and is the same colour as the background plastic). For future customers' information (as I do think this is the coffeemaker you should own in spite of this), the filter holder's arrow should be pointed at West position (or at 9 o'clock).

8. Some reviewers also mention that the permanent nylon filter is a little flimsy. I actually think it is as sturdy as these things could go. I think you can get replacement nylon filters but I think the one supplied should last me at least a year or more from normal use.

9. Which brings me to cleaning. One previous reviewer complained about the fact that this product does not contain parts that are dish-washer safe. Whilst I am also quite reliant on my dishwasher 99% of time, I really don't find it a hassle to clean the 3 little things associated with this coffeemaker. You throw the grinds out of the nylon filter into the bin, give it a swipe with your dishwashing sponge and good rinse under tap, and leave it to dry; same with the filter holder, just simple rinse under tap. The coffee jug just need a good slosh (with dishwashing liquid, and another good slosh to rinse) and again be left to dry. The whole "cleaning" takes a minute. It seriously is not a hassle.

10. Last but by no means least, this Prestige Coffee-maker MAKES GREAT COFFEE. I use LaVazza coffee pre-ground which it says is suitable for both cafetiere use and filter coffee-makers. I have to say, I never tasted coffee this good ever using my cafetiere before, whereas when the EXACT same coffee is being put into this machine, the coffee that came out is full of aroma and much richer tasting than when I had used the cafetiere to make my coffee. I was afraid initially by what some reviewers says before about how quick the coffee brews with this machine which apparently means that it won't extract flavour fully from the coffee grounds, but I am very glad to say that upon actually using this machine myself and comparing the coffee to those made by cafetiere using the same beans that this concern is completely unfounded.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this purchase. The Prestige machine has the look AND functionalities of a much more expensive filter coffee-maker, but it is still extremely reasonably priced. It is one of the best purchases I've ever made.
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on 12 November 2008
I was in two minds about buying this given the differing reviews. However I'm very pleased with the machine, and at the price it is an excellent buy. I was worried that the coffee maker would not look good, but it looks very nice and certainly feels solid. The coffee is excellent, and seems warmer than our previous model. The great boon is of course the built in clock with the ability to program the machine to make coffee for you first thing in the morning.
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on 9 November 2010
This item was packaged very well indeed, full marks to the manufacturer and to Amazon.

After unpacking, putting the filters in, plugging in, going through the motions with water and no coffee, I was ready. No problems whatsoever. The coffee scoop is the normal size, the filter very easy to clean (I scoop as much used coffee into the bin as possible and rinse under hot water), the marks on the jug match the marks on the machine, it seems pretty fast, overall couldn't be happier! Well, free biscuits would have been nice!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 December 2007
I have only had this for two days, but I have to say it is stunning.

The machine itself looks really good, very stylish. It has a nice polished silver top and the lid on the pot is silver too. And lifting the lid is great, it doesn't just flip up, you have to make the effort to lift it not just shove it back.

The filter holder took sometime to get back in after I took it out to wash it, but I've got the hang of it now.

I haven't set the timer etc yet so can't comment on how easy/difficult it is to use.

It has a clear water meter thing so you know how full it is. The time it takes to brew a pot of coffee is standard, you don't want it too quick otherwise it would be too weak.

Now, getting down to the pouring. I have never seen anything pour as smoothly. You know on ordinary coffee makers, you go to pour a cup of coffee and you, well not you, the pot ends up pouring more coffee on the bench than in the cup, but this pot has a nicely shaped spout and it pours perfectly, no spills and no shouting from me!

Having looked all over for a decent coffee maker I have to say I am really impressed with this one. And to be honest, I looked at the black one and I thought I am sick of black and white stuff in the kitchen so the almond colour goes more with the colour in my kitchen.

I can really recommend buying it.
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on 14 December 2008
Meyer Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker, Almond, 1.5 Litre
I echo the other comments about quality of build: hadn't realised how unsatisfactory my old coffee maker was till I started using this machine. It makes stronger, hotter, better coffee than my old machine - and it's great to be able set it the night before so that breakfast coffee is ready as you emerge from the shower!
The jug pours well (with the old machine, the water sometimes went all over the place as you poured the water into the reservoir) and the coffee drips accurately into the jug so there's minimal mess on the hot plate - which, by the way, keeps the coffee at a decent temperature (but not stewed) for a good, long time.
Many thanks to previous reviewers (and to Amazon) who helped guide me towards this product: I'm very pleased with it.
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on 17 December 2007
Brilliant coffee maker, the timer is extremely easy to use and very useful for the morning when you need a cup of coffee waiting for you. The machine is very user friendly and easy to take apart to clean. The coffee is heated to just the right temperature and the warming plate keeps it warm for quite some time. Looks really nice too-and it looks far more expensive than it really is!
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on 16 January 2008
Got this as a christmas present. The timer function works great, having the coffee ready when you get up is a real time saver and the automatic shut off after 2 hours is perfect for someone like me that forgets to turn off the coffee machine when rushing out for work!

It shoots thru a full jar brew in about 10 minutes. Great price for a progammable coffee maker and I would definitely recommend it.
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on 26 October 2009
I had been thinking of getting a coffee maker for my homeoffice for quite sometime. Researched on the internet to see the difference between types available and decided to go with a very straight forward type that would make coffee, no fancy bits and be reasonably priced. The Prestige deco coffee maker ticked all of the boxes so I ordered it. It's extremely easy to use,makes lovely coffee, looks really nice in my office and after having it for over a month I am still using it every day, proving my husband wrong as he said it would be a 9 day wonder gadget!!I love it!
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