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on 7 June 2015
This is certainly one strange series of movies but classic none the less, partially a sci-fi as well as horror as it deals with other worldly characters that are not fully explained but its part of the great overall mystery of the movie, Mike is a young boy who sees a mysterious grave robber one night called the tall man played brilliantly and creepily by Angus Scrimm, when Mike and his brother investigate the tall man they discover things out of this world, the dead being harvested to create small life forms, slaves of the tall man, and of course the cult classic flying silver death balls that are the thing everyone remembers most, this is overall great fun, good horror that's bloody and scary with plenty of gross out effects, this certainly stands out from most horrors, if you get a chance you must watch the sequels as they continue from one another and are all great fun, worth picking this up for the collection.

88-mins, 1979.

If your buying the Box-set from Anchor Bay its certainly very good value for money and one of the best collectable sets available, you get a nice silver box with a lenticular image of the tall man on the front, all 4 original phantasm movies from 1979-1998, all 4 discs have a commentary, plus various other things like deleted scenes, behind the scenes, trailers, interviews, and more, the 5th bonus disc has hours of more extra features and long documentaries of the whole cult series! As a fan its the ultimate collection!!
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on 7 April 2012
Old school fantastic-horror of the 'is this all a nightmare?' narrative playground. The first has low budget, no, i mean proper low budget not the modern equivalent, late seventies & early eighties low budget constraints. Thus, enthusiasm & imagination must rule the day to carry the flick. Oh does it..

If the following films develop & expand the themes of the first film, of varying budgets & demands, still there is a consistent drive to each one. Give the viewer a playful midnight movie, draw 'em in, let 'em roam about, throw some crowd-pleasers at 'em. In the form of the Tall Man, the floating spheres that drill and spill blood, the femme fatales, the dwarves, the ice-cream vendor, the creepy soundtrack..

One of those flicks commonly assumed to be categorised as either really like it/really fall into the world-view, or don't even bother throwing your popcorn. In many ways a better nightmare in four 'variations' than that Elm Street nonsense. The deft playfulness & indie film-making need no mainstream veneer to sell it, nor an attempt to make it's bogeyman palatable. Recommended pleasing entertainment of a gothy driven drive-in. And in this box set within the special features you also get every facet of production given air-time & everyone involved seemed to have a blast..which shows throughout the four films.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 February 2013
I do like films that are `so bad they're good.' And recently I watched The House By the Cemetery (by the same writer/director Don Coscarelli) and I hated it. So perhaps I lowered my expectations with this one. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised.

It started with a young boy. Now, this can be a problem, as kids in horror movies (especially ones from the seventies and eighties) are notoriously annoying. However, despite his old fashioned haircut, he was actually pretty watchable. The same could be said for his older brother, who he goes to for help when he starts watching a suspicious undertaker in a local funeral home.

What transpires is the brothers and their friends investigating some pretty dark and nasty goings on. Yes, it's a bit dated, but fun nonetheless. Could you really pass up the opportunity to watch cloaked dwarfs, angry mutant flies with super-strength and, of course, that scene with the miniature Death Star (watch it, you'll know what I'm referring to).

Rather than just being a straight slasher film, Phantasm actually tries to be a little different, not just with the plot, but also with the way it's put together. Some people have described it has having a similar feel to David Lynch's films. In some ways they're not wrong.

All in all, if you're a horror buff, then you really should watch this. It may look a little dated, but it's different enough to be regarded as an important part of the horror genre.
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on 28 October 2016
An oft-neglected horror series with a solid cast and good practical effects. Uniquely quirky in its pacing, direction, and consistency, but ultimately satisfying.
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on 4 August 2017
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on 17 November 2013
Somethings just hit the mark when you lease expect it.

One of the best baddies ever and if you can place yourself n the characters position you'll be loving it on a cold winer's night in.

Star removed for director taking a little too much license in places.
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on 6 December 2015
Very happy!!
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Phantasm rates as one of the better lower budget horrors of the latter 70s.Released at the tail end of 1978, Phantasm has now gone on to acheive cult status within the horror movie fraternity.The story revolves around two orphaned brothers who happen to live near a cemetry, where all manner of sinister occurrences have become common place. Events begin to take an ominous twist for the brothers when a close friend meets a mysterious demise.During the funeral, the younger brother notices a giant undertaker known simply as the Tall Man,played to great effect by Angus Scrimm, single handedly lifting a casket and loading it into the back of his hearst and driving away.In true horror film style, the curiosity of the boy gets the better of him and decides to investigate-oh dear.As expected, his meddling opens up a can of worms he wished he hadn't.Within the cemetry, all manner of ghoulish events await those who dare to enter. Resurected corpses, blood thirsty hooded dwarves reign terror, and perhaps one the most memorable forces of evil being a metal ball with protruding spikes which flies through the air mercilessly pursueing its prey before draining the victims of their blood.Phantasm has spawned a number of sequels, although being credible films in their own right, none can ever equal the masterful original, which even by todays standards over twenty years on remains a true testament of classic horror movie making. Aside from the excellent story, spine chilling moments and a truly fantastic nemesis in the shape and form of Angus Scrimm, who lends a great deal of presence to the role as the maniacal undertaker,is in my opinion among one of the best on screen foes the horror genre has seen, the film's soundtrack score is also worthy of praise.All in all, Phantasm has the lot. Oh, I haven't even mentioned the ending, well I wouldn't want to give to much away, but its a great finale-one which leave your nerve endings shot. Phantasm truly is a classic of its time, when you consider the film's limited budget and distribution via a small independent production company-it has certainly stood the test of time. So be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of thrills and moments to make you cringe in the dark.Beware of the tall man.
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on 5 August 2014
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on 8 October 2001
This classic horror film is from the golden age of home video nasties and anyone over 25 will remember hiring out this bizarre classic. With Angus Scrimm as the sinister tall man and that floating silver ball with the brain drilling spike, this is classic schlock horror with some nice extras on the DVD.
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