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on 23 December 2017
From the opening Lalo Schifrin theme to the taciturn lead of Steve Mcqueen as Frank Bullitt this movie just oozes cool.It also stands the test of time with its' storyline holding the viewers interest right up to the final reel when the twist comes in the plot-and who can forget that classic car-chase through San Francisco's hilly streets beautifully filmed by Peter Yates...awesome!
So many great movies remain unavailable on Steelbook:Dirty Harry,The Conversation,All The President's Men,Outland...i could go on forever with this list but this German release is a good start,so fingers crossed that someone is listening and takes note.
I highly recommend this great movie-and this steelbook for anybody that appreciates cinema at it's best.
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on 17 May 2015
Superb period cop drama that is really out there on its own for cinematography and character study. Lingering shots on incidental aspects of the scene(s) give this movie almost a documentary feel at times and the human study part of the film is seldom talked about but its part of what makes this so compelling. Jacqueline Bisset is wooden at times and Robert Vaughn's acting is a bit hammy at times but apart from that the movie is held together well by its characters with supporting roles giving the film some real depth. Steve McQueen is filmily believable at all times and carries the film on his own at times when the pace drops. The famous car chase is stunning for the way its filmed but its not the car chase that many think they remember... The blu ray is a must....far greater colour depth throughout and detail in scenes that DVD can not deliver. Grainy at times in low light and/or indoor scenes but this is a limitation of the prints used originally and the filming style so do not expect a 50 year old film to look like Skyfall.... BUY.
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on 26 November 2016
The classic Steve McQueen movie with the iconic San Francisco car chase along the hilly and undulating streets and out onto the coast highway. It is said that McQueen did some of the car stunts himself and actually designed the route where the chase would take place as well as directing the scene himself. The car chase was based on a British film called 'Robbery' and is a concentrated, tense, exciting scene and without frills part of the film which relies on brilliant driving skills which gives it a big edge over later car chase films that rely on special effects and car smash-ups. Probably the most famous car chase ever on film. The movie has a good script, good performances and is well directed by Peter Yates.
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on 13 April 2015
Bullitt a crime thriller from the late 60s starring Steve Mcqueen ,all suits and ties but Steve stands out with his cool casual attire,parts of the script are a bit corny the surname Bullitt for example a little to obvious.Although the film being almost fifty years old is still very watchable,McQueen playing it lean and mean as is his acting method,Robert Vaughan playing the politician trying to influence police matters,adds a realistic spark to this crime drama,the main highlight of this movie is the fantastic high speed chase through the hilly city streets of San Francisco.Great super cool jazzy theme music by Lalo Scifrin sets the scene to get you into the swing,also extra includes background on the chase scene and the training of the two main drivers with McQueen doing his own stunt driving.Overall great value and a classic movie.
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on 27 March 2018
This is a classic not really what you could call action movie but it has something that I can't put my finger on that keeps you glued to the screen mcquèen is first class right from the start to the very end
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on 9 April 2011
Bullitt's car chase is legendary, so I figured I would give it a watch.

every month, I organise one night where I invite friends around to watch a movie that people often talk about, or a movie that is often referenced in other shows or reviews, but I haven't actually seen before.

There are plenty of them, and I only try and claw my way through them one at a time.

March was the turn of Bullitt, the iconic Steve McQueen movie.

It combines 4 great elements of ultimate cool:

Ford Mustang
Steve McQueen
Aviator Sunglasses
Lalo Schiffrin soundtrack

Great movie, very 60s feel to it. Jacqueline Bisset is gorgeous, it's surprising she didn't become a bigger star.

It got an oscar for editing apparently, although the feel of the scenes connecting isn't nearly as smooth as the title credits at the start.

Overall though, it seems like the pilot epsisode of a TV series that I never saw, rather than a movie that was to stand up for itself, as there is so much suggestion of the characters being more complicated than we actually see during the show itself.

Still have to watch the bonus documentaries, but look forward to them as my film nerd pals tell me that the making of Bullitt is a story in itself.

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on 25 May 2013
this is an excellent thriller, wonderfully played by all characters, with taste for the fine detail. I love the cool acting by Steve MacQueen, and in general the minimalist script. Contemporary movies are overdone in this respect. Also, this movie brings back pictures of the US some 30 years ago, and I love also this "vintage" aspect, as everything is changing and is nice to see how things were time ago. The car chase is spectacular and REAL, contrary to what we see nowadays with computer augmented effects (albeit unrealistic): the tire smoke does come from the burning tire!
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on 16 April 2018
Such a classic with Steve Mcqueen at the height of his acting ability

People forget how strong the supporting cast was .

also the star of film San Francisco
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on 21 June 2015
The film that is remembered for inventing (or at least setting the standard for) the modern car chase, but so much more. A story of a laconic and jaded homicide detective, and the pain he faces in both his personal and professional lives in trying to see justice done when no-one else seems to want him to. Steve McQueen at his finest.

And the car chase. Don't forget the car chase.
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on 30 April 2015
Just bought this film after so many years having not seen it on TV.
Had to watch it straight away and it was an absolute joy. So much better than any of the present cop series, a great story with interest and sensible action. As always the car chase simply has to be the best car chase of all time.
A delight to watch, it's true they don't make films or film stars like they used to.
Buy it, savour it and mourn the loss of good action films and superb actors.
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