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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2017
I just love Motorhead.
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on 27 August 2017
Classic Motorhead. No filler.
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on 5 September 2006
Motörhead seem to be one of the few bands out there to get heavier as time goes on. Their last album, Inferno, was at times bordering on thrash metal and Kiss of Death has a similar sound and style to that.

Album opener 'Sucker' is in fact one of the weaker tracks on the disc but once you get to track 2, its a wall-to-wall cacophony of pure heavy rock. Blues-tinged rock n' roll numbers like 'Christine' and 'One Night Stand' are simply awesome, dirty and sleazy rock - pure Motörhead really.

'Devil I Know', 'Trigger' and 'Sword of Glory' are fast-paced metal tracks, whilst 'Living In The Past' and 'Kingdom of the Worm' are slower, almost Sabbath-style tracks.

Without doubt the strongest track on the album however is 'God Was Never On Your Side' - its a brilliant track - very different from everything else on the album. The lyrics and music on the track are some of the strongest of Lemmy's career (long may it continue!).

All in all, the entire album is brilliant - right down to its slick black packaging. If you liked Inferno you'll love this - Kilmister, Campbell and Dee are on top form again - can't wait to see 'em live (again) this November!
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on 15 September 2006
They just won't go away, will they. I thought they wouldn't be able to follow the last album 'Inferno' too easily but once again the 'Head have produced another quality album. Standout tracks are Trigger, Under The Gun, God Is Never On Your Side, Be My Baby and the best of all Kingdom Of The Worm. Definetly an album that grows on you, the first time i heard it i thought it was a bit of a let down but repeated listens and the tracks start opening up, just like Inferno. Can't wait for the November UK tour
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on 3 September 2006
Not only does Lemmy's physiology continue to defy medical science, but his Band, who should have long since began to run out of ideas and sound stale, continue to come up with slabs of the rawest,catchiest,loudest, dirtiest rock imaginable. Best thing they have done since 1916 - the album not the year ;-) . LONG LIVE LEMMY!!!
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on 15 September 2006
as a long time Motorhead fan (I'm on No Sleep 'til Hammersmith...no really I am) I can confidently say 2 things;
1. this is one of the best albums anyone has ever done...ever
2. Lemmy is wearing considerably better than I am!
buy it and enjoy.
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on 3 September 2006
thirty one years in buisness lemmy and co have recorded a master album, packed full of grinding power chords and thunderous beats along with the usual grade of poetry ripping through lemmys characterised voice, this album has enough punch to snap your ears off. Bands who are new on the rock scene should take a good listen, because many of them, young enough to be lemmys grand childeren will never have a sound this sound or tallent or be this tight. The albums highlights are SUCKER, TRIGGER and the powerfull bonous track WHIPLASH
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on 2 July 2008
I love this cd. Personally, I prefer it to Inferno, although I do agree with some of the other comments here. Overall, Inferno has a great sound, production-wise, and consistently good songs all the way through. The reason I prefer this one is simply because I think the outstanding tracks here stand out more than the outstanding tracks on Inferno. I would recommend both cds anyway.
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on 23 January 2007
This was the first proper Motorhead album that I bought, even though I've been a fan of their stuff for years. This album rocks, and it rocks hard.

This album only lets up once throughout and apart from that Ian, or Lemmy and the gang show no mercy. It's all good old-fashioned Metal.

The album opens up with 'Sucker', which is, in my opinion the album's weakest track. The songs are played mostly at breakneck speed and that's how Motorhead are at their best. Nevertheless, 'Sucker' merits 8/10.

Track number two, 'One Night Stand' is a faster, heavier track, and it's from now onwards that things begin to get interesting. 'Love at first sight, love of the travelling man, I've been a slut all my life, wish every night was a one-night stand.' Lemmy grunts. Indeed. 9/10.

Track three is ferocious. It opens up with a rip-roaring riff and a cracker at that. This one is called 'Devil I Know'. I love Lemmy's lyrics here: 'I might be a dog, but honey, you're a b****.' If one thing is clear, it's the fact that this album needs to be played loud. If it ain't loud, clearly you shouldn't be listening to it. This rocks. 9/10.

Track four, 'Trigger' is another brilliant track. How the 'Head maintain this consistency is beyond me. It must be Lemmy's indestructibility or something. Kilmister's roaring, rasping vocals combined with chugging, crunching riffs make for a fantastic metal track. And that's exactly what you get here. Top track. 10/10.

Track five, and the longest track on offer here, 'Under The Gun', is a down-tempo track. Don't let that fool you though. It still rocks hard. Especially the chorus- crunching riffs and rasping vocals. Brilliant. 9/10.

Track six is where things do actually slow down. The ballad, 'God Was Never On Your Side' is the softest thing heard since 'Inferno''s 'Whorehouse Blues' back in 2004. This, however is a much stronger album than 'Inferno' ever was, and this song is a brilliant song, so much better than anything the 'Head have done in years. Listen to it and you will not be disappointed. 10/10.

Track seven, takes things back to normal. 'Living In The Past' is a normal, metal track as they were before track six. Not the strongest track, but strong enough, and Motorhead are doing what they do best- rock hard. 8/10.

Track eight, 'Christine', believe it or not, could have been written by Guns N' Roses. The guitaring is quite bluesy-rock, and you can just imagining Slash playing these riffs. Even the drumming style is similar. Maybe even Velvet Revolver could have written it. Quite different for Motorhead, but a possible release and why the hell not? It's brilliant and very catchy. 9/10.

Track nine, 'Sword Of Glory' is much more like usual Motorhead. Back to the grinding riffs and unmistakeable rhythm. This is Motorhead, alright, although not their strongest. 8/10.

Track ten, 'Be My Baby' is outstanding. The opening riff is astoundingly heavy and distinctly ferocious. Motorhead specifically set out to rock the balls off whoever listens to this song. Turn this one up to eleven and head-bang, this is is the kind of song you want. Old-fashioned Metal, about sex, drugs and so on. Fantastic. 10/10.

Track eleven, 'Kingdom Of The Worm' is very 'Ace Of Spades', in its rhythm and poise. Lemmy growls 'Do you remember?' This song oozes power and ferocity. Lemmy doesn't really sing here. He just growls to scare all the little kids who call themselves metal-heads away crying to their parents. This is proper Metal. 10/10.

Track twelve, and the final track, is called 'Going Down'. Going back to the subject of 'Doctor Rock' which, of course was a song title on a previous release so it's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to exactly that. Fast-paced and hard-rocking, this is 110 mile an hour tempo to finish an already exemplary album. 'Doctor Rock' is Lemmy Kilmister and he is going to rock your socks and your feet. 10/10.

Overall, it is an astoundingly heavy album, and Motorhead are still doing what they've been doing for the past 30 years or so, just that they're more uncompromising than ever.

A contender for the Metal album of 2006, along with Iron Maiden's 'A Matter Of Life And Death' and Trivium's 'The Crusade'. This runs them both pretty close, in my opinion. And one final comment. Lemmy Kilmister just will not grow old gracefully, will he? Thank God for people like him, that's all I can say. An album deserving of a solid 9/10. Excellent effort.
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on 14 May 2008
I like it, BUT I dont love it!
It lacks the punch, production wise of 2004's Inferno - slightly too clean. Also the songs aren't quite as good.
Having said that there are 3 REAL standouts here:
Living In The Past - A real slow groover, a bit like In The Year Of The Wolf from the Inferno album.
Kingdom Of The Worm - Very heavy, ala Sacrifice - great riffs, pounding drums & Lemmy's sandpaper vocals - Lyrically a bit similiar to Orgasmatron.
God Was Never On Your Side - The albums out & out killer track. Topical lyrics, starts off with cool acoustic chords, absoluteley massive chorus (great vocal from Lemmy), builds to a HUGE, OTT guitar solo! One of Motorhead's best epic/ballads EVER!

To be honest, this album only suffers a bit in my eyes because Inferno was just so damned good.

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