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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Devils Got Your Gold
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 November 2015
What can I say? I think most previous reviews have summed up this album. This is simply superb..Much overlooked..One of our best girl bands ever..
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on 6 November 2006
I don 't know who this band are or anything about the TV show they came from but this is a great album. Sadly probably destined to be overlooked by most people, I only heard it by accident but now I am playing it all the time. As most reviewers have already said, the style is something along the lines of Sugababes or Girls Aloud. But it's the variety of the music that I found very appealing.

The opening single "I'm Not Shy" is pure Girls Aloud, with its "ooh-ooh" noises and semi-spoken rhyming couplets, and it works just fine. Things stay in a fairly predictable grrove for the next three or four songs, but the best is saved for those who get past the halfway stage of this album. "Money in My Pocket" is a very well written and assured track, sounding like something from a far maturer group, as is "If The Devil's Got Your Gold", which has echos of the old trip-hop stuff from the likes of Morcheeba or Sneaker Pimps (ok, a very pop version of those!). "Turn it Up" is more funky sounding, reminds me of the harder edged tracks that En Vogue used to do, but with some very unexpected reverb! "Silence" sounds like a lost track from Madonna's "Ray of Light" album, which is not a criticism by any means. The best two tracks of the whole lot, though are the last ones" Never Left a Girl", "Wake Up" and "Palm of Your Hand", which don't sound like anything else I've heard, just great polished pop. "Palm of Your Hand" especially goes round in my head for days, it has loads of great hooks and a fantastic tight funky beat.

Strange to hear for once that a TV show spin-off CD does not end up doing well, and all the more disappointing in this case as it's actually so good, but apparently the sales on it's release were very poor, so it's unlikely that this album is going to find it's way onto many peoples shelves. Maybe some serious word-of mouth can get this hailed as a mini classic.
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on 13 October 2007
...Like most people, Totally Frank, the TV show these unbelievably leggy and talented girls hail from, completely passed me by. Only thing I remember about it is the intro to the programme which I happened to catch one sunday morning, where the girls playfully set up a billboard for themselves, mainly because of the striking theme tune, "Complicated" with its Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh. But the girls are no one trick pony, with several of the tracks lining up to be potential hits. It kicks off with "I'm Not Shy", a Mania cover, which is the one of the weakest track on the album and was unfortunately their first single, which must have contributed to their demise (the woefully cheap and charmless corresponding video not helping). Although feeling out of place slightly to the rest of the album, it is none the less polished (if a little too much) and fabulously produced thanks to Xenomania who also co-wrote majority of the lyrics on the album. "Complicated" quickly follows and is one of many gems, and really shows what sets them apart from their peers, and that's that they are girl band who play their own instruments, as oppose to a girl group who act simply provide vocals. And this certainly shows, as they have an intelligence to their songs not found on a Sugababe or Girls Aloud record. The following two tracks, "Closer to Me" and "Don't Wait Up" are pretty, but not really memorable, although the lyrics maintain the streetwise and sassy nature of the rest of the album. Another Mania cover follows, "Money in My Pocket" follows, which is significantly performed with more gusto, and leads on to semi-title track epic "If the Devils Got Your Gold". The track has lead singer, Lauren Blakes desolate vocals float in a panoramic soundscape of orchestral strings with a deep driving bass, and perfectly placed electronic highlights. "Turn it up", the TV shows second series theme tune, returns the girls to catchy pop tune territory, and is certainly one of the better tracks here, as the girls give good effort of rocking out and is followed by brilliant fun that is "All I ever do". "Silence" oozes understated cool as Lauren tells us that "...maybe she's come too early; But she'll'll kick back and sip her daiquiri". "Never Left A Girl" is the last chunk of pop-genius, as the girls soar through a rich medley of tasteful electronic beats, with the last two tracks "Wake Up" and "Palm of Your Hand" having the girls coast to a comfortable finish. This all beckons the questions, what went wrong? It certainly seems they were very poorly promoted with virtually no reviews for "Devils Got Your Gold"(I have struggled to find more than two reviews for this album), and also as mentioned before the weak single and woefully cheap corresponding videos(they are a girl band - why aren't they playing in the video?), truly awful album cover, as well as a confused image, its almost as if Polydor wanted to drop them. Factor in that they were pop band put togeather, without an existing fan base, they really didn't have a chance. Which is such a shame...

Complicated - Track 2
Money in My Pocket - Track 5
If the Devils Got Your Gold - Track 6
All I Ever Do - Track 8
Silence - Track 9
Never Left a Girl - Track 10
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on 9 August 2006
I heard about Frank while i was visting Girls Aloud's website (Im i'n France and we don't know them, Girl Aloud too). I Learned they were the 1st part of their tour. So I decided to go on their website. What a surprise when i heard 3 excerpt from their forthcoming album. I was waiting for the moment where I could hear them in a full length version. This moment just came on this week. "I'm Not Shy" is a brilliant song with good vocals. All the tracks are very good. "Complicated" is just amazing (I listened to it a hundred times aready). My favourite songs on the album is the Title Track "Devil's Got You Gold". I found it so cool and a little bit sad by the symphony but what a song it is. Another favourite is "Silence". Just a GREAT song and "Never Left a Girl" is just a Bomb. I think this album is an album to add in a collection. Devil's Got Your Gold is a pure pop album and I hope it wil have the success it deserves to have.
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on 15 August 2007
It took me a couple of listens until I really enjoyed this album but now I can't stop listening to it. I only ever watched one episode of the show which featured "Complicated" and at the time I thought it was a catchy pop track. The thing is I wasn't expecting the rest of the album to be of the same
callibre, but it is. It is such a pity that their record company dropped them, it seems to me that all record companies are interested in are instant sales
and profits, even though they don't seem to promote their wares. I can't recall seeing Frank on any other TV show and certainly never heard them on
the radio. Which is a shame as there are so many potential hit singles on this album.

All that being said, I would definitely recommend this CD.
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on 22 September 2007
I'll keep this simple... Stumbled accross the single "I'm not shy" and fell in love with it. Prompted myself to buy the album around 2 weeks ago and from the moment I opened the cd package, its remained in my cd player. The album is full of refreshing music which is still able to grasp my attention with every listen, regardless of the fact it was released over a year ago now, its able to compete with what passes for "pop" nowadays, and not only does it compete, it surpasses. Invest your money in something worthwhile, invest it in this album. Every track is well written, composed and sung in my humble opinion, to a calibre which is rare in this day and age... Favoureites are "Silence", "Complicated" and "Money in my pocket" WELL WORTH IT! GO GRAB!! :D
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VINE VOICEon 1 August 2006
Over the past few months, Frank have generated the kind of hype new bands could only dream of. They've suppressed hangovers up and down the UK on a Sunday morning with "Totally Frank" and supported Girls Aloud to an instantly brilliant crowd reaction. And now, they unleash their debut album- and on first listen, it's the album you just know will become an underrated classic.

It's the pop album that blends all musical styles together with a whole bunch of unforgettable melodies, catchy choruses, great harmonies- and all this from four talented ladies who play their own instruments and write their own stuff without sounding remotely like the long forgotten Faders and/or Lovebites? Yeah, I was surprised too.

Brian Higgins and the Xenomania team (Girls Aloud, New Order, Cher, Sugababes) are producers here. And what's even better, every track on here could be a single. My personal favourites are the single, I'm Not Shy, but I also highlight my standouts as Complicated, Turn It Up, Silence, Money In My Pocket, Closer To Me, All I Ever Do, Never Left A Girl and Palm Of Your Hand. So forget all these other so called "albums of 2006" and get this one. You will not regret your purchase, trust me. Frank have landed, and have saved pop from chart obscurity in the process.
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on 19 August 2006
Bought the album after buying the single " I'm Not Shy".

What can I say but Fantastic. Every song could be a hit single, has a lean to Sugababes and girls aloud good stuff but just seems more classy. These girls can sing , play their own instruments and helped write the album. My fav tracks are the single, If the devils got your gold, All i ever do, Closer to me and Never left a girl. Fantastic slice of pure brilliance. Should sell by the truck full.!!
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on 24 September 2006
This album is really great and includes alot of songs from the show!The best song is the first single I'm Not Shy which only charted at 40 but is great the album charted at 110 and they have been dropped and have since split!!!But you can still enjoy this album from start to finish!R.I.P. Frank
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on 13 August 2006
Wow what a surprise, what a great album, who cares that this originated from a TV show? these girls can play, they can sing and the tunes are great, what more do you need!
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