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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2007
Let's get this out of the way first: this game is amazing. From the lovely visuals that capture the look and feel of the various locales (yes, the title is a little misleading), to the incredibly intuitive cover and combat system, to the well paced single player and expansive multiplayer campaigns. But down! Whilst the single player campaign is well paced, it's so short! Having owned the game for a week, i've been able to play a little here and there, loving every minute, only to find out that I was on the penultimate level after only a few days casual play! Whilst this is a problem somewhat compensated for by the replayability of the main story mode and the expansive online suite, this is not a game for those who are looking for a long single player story mode!

As a relatively young (and poorly financed) PS3 owner, I try to ensure I get the maximum play value out of the £40-£50 I have to spend on games (leading to my best investment yet: Oblivion!), and feel slightly cheated out of my hard earned cash.

But despite all of this, despite the fact that I want to be annoyed with the game, i just can't quite manage's just too damn good! So, all in all, a high quality title that lives up to the standard of Ubisoft's recent output - but it won't last you forever!
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on 27 March 2007
This game has been labelled boring, slow and all sorts. But if you prefer counter strike, Unreal Tournament better look away now. This is a simulation game not an arcade shooter. Like all Rainbow six games you are thrown in the action as if it was real life situation. You cant just run in guns blazing. You have to strategically plan your missions and pick your weapons depending on what the mission requires. You have to survey your area as you would do in real life. Theres nothing slow about this game. When you get involved in a gun battle with a lot of enemies it gets very quick.

Normally you would use stun grenades, frag grenades etc to eliminate possible campers (online) and hidden enemies. This game requires intelligence because the a.i are smarter than before.

As for the amount of shots before you die. Well Rainbow Six has always been realistic and this should be no different. A sniper can kill you instantly and 2 bullets from a normal gun would normally finish you which is why players normally use armor. But this game might be slightly different to give players more of a chance as there are usually no health packs!. It should be a good game overall. This is a realistic game and the online is always great in Rainbow games. In real life you cant expect to get shot at many times and survive. Rainbow games are no different. In previous games players would have made best use of their cover, take their time, peak round corners. Now the game is slightly different allowing players to revert to 3rd person from first person mode. Their will be more weapons available and authentic sounds and damagable objects.

Some people i know have criticized this game in the past. Yes it struggles on PC but this is console. There will be no technical issues with peformance.
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on 29 August 2007
Excellent game play, very addictive, appears no-one bothered to test the 1080 output. If you buy this, and have a TV capable of 1080i or 1080p, you'll need to go into the video output settings on your PS3, and remove 1080i and 1080p from the supported modes, otherwise the game will output a very blurry picture - it's completely unplayable. A complete pain to do every time you play the game, and frankly an rubbish situation. The 1080i output doesn't work, so why include it, especially as the default setting? And why not release a patch to fix it? Lets down an otherwise excellent game.
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on 22 April 2014
Rainbow Six: Vegas is an absolutely splendid experience for any PlayStation 3 owner with a yearning for a tactical shooter.

You play as Logan Keller, commander of a three-man counter-terrorist squad. Originally beginning in Mexico, Logan is called to duty in Sin City, the target of a malicious terrorist attack. Logan and his team then have to traverse a casino, a restaurant, and a construction site; before the plot climaxes at the Nevada Dam, a hydroelectric dam on the Colorado River. The story contains more depth than the average shooter, though a slightly lackluster ending disappoints. Regardless, we applaud the incredible recreation of Las Vegas. In fact, the setting itself may be the most unique location to ever grace a war title.

You’re able to choose between only two difficulty settings: normal and realistic. Normal provides enough of a challenge in itself, as you’ll die after a single barrage of bullets. Gone is the standard health bar. Instead, the screen will blur as you are hit, slowly returning to normal should you escape any injury for a short period of time. On realistic, the same system holds true, though the difference is quite apparent. Even a single well-placed bullet can take you out, so you must act, well, realistically. That means small mistakes equal death. You’ll find yourself dying quite often when realistic is turned on, but each mission feels more rewarding once beaten, and through your necessary patience and conservative style you’ll become a better player.

Vegas makes some extreme changes to the Rainbow Six gameplay formula, the most drastic being its fantastic cover system. You’re able to take cover behind nearly every wall, pillar, or otherwise flat-sided object in the title. While under cover, the camera departs from the standard first person view to a third person over-the-shoulder whilst aiming. In a thoughtful touch, you have to hold L1 to remain against a surface (as opposed to toggling off and on with a button press), so you never feel locked to a wall when getting shot. Even better, you’re able to aim in a full 360 degrees while against cover, so it never feels restricting and dangerous to use.

The other most notable gameplay addition is the ability to rappel though differing areas. Need to head down an elevator shaft? Not a problem – just hop on a rope and rappel yourself down to the bottom. This tactic isn’t limited only to the campaign, as multiple rappelling ropes are sprawled throughout both new and old Rainbow Six maps. They can be faster than an alternative route, but are also considerably more risky. Overall, they make old maps feel fresh again while providing a useful play mechanic for newer areas.

The A.I. in Rainbow Six Vegas is generally intelligent. Your opponents will take advantage of cover just as well as you. They’ll use all types of grenades in different situations, and even attempt to flank you and your teammates when they deem it necessary. Unfortunately, your enemies seem to only react well to visual cues, as they don’t hear basic sounds such as gunfire and footsteps properly. Luckily, your two counter-terrorist pals are highly useful for retribution against the otherwise quick-witted adversaries. Intelligent, skillful, and simple to control; your squad-mates are of incredible importance to turning the tide of a battle against the terrorists.

If you want nothing to do with computer-controlled allies, you’re able to play through the campaign levels with up to three other friends instead. However, you’re forced to choose each level separately, making the experience feel incredibly sporadic (whereas the single player flows perfectly). In this reviewer’s opinion, it’s advisable to stick to terrorist hunts (quick matches against 30 or so computer opponents) should the urge for human companions arise. All in all however, the campaign is a worthwhile experience, especially for a Rainbow Six title which as a series has generally placed the majority of its emphasis on multiplayer. It feels just as satisfying and fun in Vegas as it was in past Rainbow Six titles

The cover mechanic adds a whole new perspective to Rainbow Six multiplayer gameplay, so newcomers won’t necessarily be dominated by series vets right away. The ability to unlock content over time and customize your online character adds to the replay value, not that you’ll need any other incentive to keep you playing. With a plethora of maps and modes, old and new, there is very little to complain about regarding Vegas’s multiplayer. That is, unless you have a slow internet connection, as matches can lag up as a result.

There were several changes between the 360 and PS3 versions; some positive, others negative. On the superior side of the spectrum, the delay provided time to fill the Blu-ray disc, as maps from the Red and Black 360 map packs (£10 each) are provided from the get-go for PS3 gamers. Also, there’s an option to control the snake-cam with the Sixaxis motion control, but that ability just feels tacked on and makes what should be an easy process difficult.

On the inferior side, the graphics in several areas are slightly substandard when compared to the 360 version. Texture work can seem especially shoddy in comparison, as can the detail on characters faces (or lack thereof). A slightly spotty framerate can aggravate as well, but that mostly occurs when playing splitscreen. Besides these minor flaws the game looks excellent. It must be mentioned though that there is a strange issue with 1080i output, as the game looks far crisper and better in a 720p resolution.

Audio is outstanding for nearly all aspects of the title, at least when it works properly. Gunshots sound sharp and authentic, explosions boom realistically and voice acting is top-notch. Unfortunately, audio glitches do occur, with gunshot volume improper in relation to the current area and position between Logan and the opposing terrorist. Essentially, even when they're right next to you, it can sometimes sound as if you're being shot at from over 50 feet away. It's actually quite disturbing and can mess up your sense of direction. This issue does detract from the otherwise solid audio Rainbow Six Vegas provides.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas is a fantastic foray into the tactical shooter genre. Both series pros and newcomers can appreciate what this game has to offer. It’s solid in nearly every area, but exceeds all expectations in the category that matters most: gameplay. If you missed this title the first time around, you should buy this game. I got my copy for £4 brand new online, for that price it's an absolute steal.
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on 18 July 2007
I've been playing this game on a HDTV (720p res). It's capable of 1080i but i read that Rainbow Six Vegas couldn't handle 1080i properly (this is true, graphics look blurry). Anyway, i have to say that the gameplay is great. Some of the visuals of Las Vegas look amazing. Enemy AI is impressive. Great selection of weapons; Assault Rifles, Snipers, flash bangs,...the works. The cover and fire, room clearing and other tactical operations are fun once you master the controls. COntrols are laid out very well on the SIXAXIS. THere is also the option to use the motion sensor to control snake eye (i.e. the small camera you can slip under doorways)
Note, you will probably have to adjust the brightness and contrast on your tv set to get best result. There is a display menu in the game that helps you calibrate this.
I've heard of some issues with the Online multiplayer aspect of the game but haven't tried it yet...too engrossed in the single player game.
I recommend this game to any FPS, splinter cell fan. There's a great mix of action and tactics in a impressively render environment...
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on 6 June 2013
I already owned Vegas 2 and was so impressed, that I decided to get the original title too. I'm glad I did. This used item was a bit of a bargain and cheaper than that well-known auction site.

When I first loaded it on my PS3, I was very disappointed with the noticeably blurred image, and I thought there was a fault somewhere. After searching Google for 'Rainbow Six Vegas blurry' I found the answer. The game is designed to run on 720 dpi and does not scale up to 1080 very well. So, on your PS3 go to settings - display settings - video output settings - HDMI and select 720 dpi. Then it's absolutely fine.

The game itself is great. Not just a mindless run-and-shoot-fest like COD, but more tactical with a clever use of teamwork, cover and planning ahead. The saves are a long way apart though, and frustrating if you get killed and have to go right back to the beginning of that section. Vegas 2 seems better in that respect.
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on 6 July 2007
Yes its been on the 360, but its still the only 1 of 2 good games us ps3 owners have. this and ninja gaiden. TO SORT OUT THE BLURRY PIC, CHANGE UR DISPLAY TO 720, FOR SOME REASON IT CANT RUN PROPERLY IN 1080i or p. i read this in a uk mag review and it works.
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on 11 March 2007
This game was released late last year on Xbox 360 and now is coming to Playstation 3 and for some reason it seems to have been forgotten about. WHY?!?!?

This game is great, the campaign lets you kick terrorist ass all over shiny Las Vegas. It has great tactical gameplay which allows the player to Observe the situation, Plan what they are going to do and then assault, just like the proffesionals do, all with the assistance of your two counter-parts who will act as you tell them to, rite down to which enemies to kill first when storming a room. The cover system rivals that of Gears of War, it switches to a third person perspective when you approach cover and press the cover button, letting you aim a head shot from behind cover and with the push of a button pop out and coat the slot machines in fresh brains before slunking back under cover, you can blind fire arround corners to minimize chances of taking damage and throw grenades over your head, just brilliant. The authenticity of the weapons in the game is fantastic aswell, for instance all the weapons are perfectly replicated from real life and if you cant put a silencer on a gun then this game wont let you either. In true Tom Clancy style the plot has some interesting twists to keep you on your toes and theres always some cool thing you can try out. The graphics on it are amazing, definately among the best available on PS3 launch day. Now to the multiplayer. The multiplayer is probably the best on PS3 at the moment but is still likely to be overlooked, there are lots of different modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, terrorist hunt and many more to sink your teeth into. Thats not to mention the customization of your online character which leaves millions of possibilities open letting you choose armor, heavy or light, your facial appearance, even your hat. The 360 version allows the gamer to map their face onto their character using the Video Camera giving them there uniquness whether this feature will be available on PS3 im not sure but if it is then there will be some ugly terrorists for you to hunt down and kill, Rainbow style.

So please dont overlook this game, if you've enjoyed Rainbow Six games in the past, you are sure to love it, even if you didn't there has been enough new content added to make it more accesible so the chances are you'll still love it.
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on 30 July 2007
i have just recently bought this game ( i was holdin out for a new release but none so far have took me fancy) i played this game for like 3.5hrs today and the time flew i didnt realise id spent so long on it, why....because the game is addictive there is no one way of doing something, entering a building has about 6 different thingfs you could do, different ppl to target and different startergies etc. i would recommend this to anyone, its not easy it takes time and paitence but its worth it.

the graphics are good and the AI is ok, they will adaot to your different secnarios but they are still a little thick

all in all welll worth a crack, not much into online gameing so cant comment on that aspect of it.
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on 23 April 2007
One star off for enemies' bodies disappearing shortly after you've shot them and for some defects in the sound. There's no need for that in this day and age (but I think the xbox 360 version did this too) as Resistance FOM doesn't have this problem. Also, I had issues with not being able to hear some of the dialogue in the cut scenes.

Apart from that, the graphics are excellent, and the gameplay even better. The cover system works well and the controls translate well to the PS3 controller.

An excellent tactical shooter for those who like to think about what they're doing, rather than running around with guns blazing (although you can also do that on occassion, if you really must).

Update: There's a bug near the end of the very last level that may stop you from completing the game unless you delete all your data for the game and start again. Also, I noticed that there's somethings strange going on with the sound effects: incorrect 5.1 sound placement, the muffling/clarity of the gunfire not corresponding to the environment you are in, a delay between firing your own weapon and hearing the gunshot, and so on.

2 more stars off for that, so only 2/5, I'm afraid. Get the Xbox 360 version - it has none of the bugs listed above.
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