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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2006
It is with but a moment's hesitation that I must admit - for possibly the first time in my life - that I bought this product basically because it looked nice. How awfully superficial of me, I know. But it's worth mentioning again, because as other reviewers have said this thing is pretty. Matched alongside a Samsung LCD and sat upon a black glass TV stand the whole set is quite stunning (in an ultra-modern kind of way, that is).

However, at the end of the day, most people don't spend £300+ on an ornament. So how does it operate? In short, extremely well. Sound quality is fabulous and makes me wonder whether I actually *want* to go to the cinema ever again, as it far surpasses anything my local multiplex can offer. Sub-woofer is atmospheric without being excessive and the quality of high-range performance from the left and right speakers are top notch. In my relatively small living room, I've yet to seriously test performance much beyond about 1/3rd of its capacity, but I suspect performance quality will persist into ear-splitting territory.

The DVD functions are exactly what I'd expect from a good quality player, although nothing exceptional. The top-loading feature is a nice gimmick although in practice doesn't combine well with being on a TV stand - a minor gripe to be sure. I was a little surprised that it doesn't come with DVD/RW or hard-drive functions, but I expect later models will integrate these in due course. One thing I would like - and to be fair, it may do it, but I've not stumbled across it using my typically male "instructions are for wimps" attitude - is a way of saving different settings for different media. DVDs with 5.1 obviously default to surround sound, but CD playing seems to default to stereo, where I'd much rather have matrix sound with all five speakers contributing to fill the room with sound.

Two minor technical gripes. The leads provided for rear speakers were too short for my needs, and I'm having incredible trouble locating longer leads of the official samsung-type. If they even exist. And my front right speaker resolutely refuses to detach from its base, making it impossible for me to hang it from the wall. Niggles of the pettiest degree, to be sure, but I think it only right that you - the reader - be fully informed!

I'd have no hesitation in recommending this for the majority of home cinema users. It aint perfect. But it's very good, and that's enough for me!
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on 11 September 2006
WHAT an amazing system, love the look with the shiny surface all over, but that's just the start, you have to hear it play, it's very powerful for the wattage, it sounds much more than it is, TOP NOTCH !!,

when i first heard it play my jaw dropped to the floor, the sound is very clear it's as if its not coming from speakers at all, the radio on it is superb, when i played the film 'finding nemo'on it, it completely took my breathe away it's just too good, i was stunned by how the video upscaling feature and the hd quality turned the movie into like a reality, the sharpness of how it took affect to the hd lcd tv was absoultely marvellous.

It was very simple to connect the wires as they have like colour coded plugs on the ends that plug into the back of the dvd player, each one with a totally separate colour, no two were the same, then you just apply each wire at the other end into the back of each speaker, what i liked was the wires were really long, so this system is fine with either a smaller room or a larger room.

I could not have been happier with this system than i already am, if you are looking for class, quality and superb sound which makes you hold onto your seat (v.powerful subwoofer) then this system will for sure not disappoint.
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on 21 September 2006
Great looking item and matches the samsung gloss black range of lcd tv's. Great power output. A little too much bass but there may be a way to alter this that i haven't discovered yet. The unit is also a little slow to react and ouptut sound when switching between sources. Blue display is cool, top eject is awkward when on a display stand with shelf above. I say buy it or miss out. This is capable and stylish with it. Wireless kit a little pricey though!!!
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on 17 September 2006
first class picture and awesome sound,goes with r7 tv perfect,speakers are great to look at and dvd player is a lovely bit of kit,pictures do not do it justice.highly recommened it to owners of r7 series tv's.Even came with hdmi cable,saving you another £30.
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on 26 March 2007
Amazing!!! We brought the Samsung 40" Gloss Black television for the super-stylish looks. After seeing this system in 2.1 in Currys and Comet for [...]i was very shocked to find the 5.1 version at such a good price on Amazon, i have searched elsewhere for a price but found that i kept coming back to Amazon.

The first test i did was with Jurassic Park, this system brought the Dvd to life, this is no exageration! The bass that the sub throws out is brilliant, couldnt fault this system!!!

Its looks good when you wall mount your plasma tv with this dvd player on a black glass stand below...(also remember this is a top loading dvd player so you will either need a special stand (they do these in comet/currys and perhaps online at dixons, or you should alow for the dvd player to sit under the television).
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on 10 March 2007
After searching high and low for a reasonably priced home theatre system to compliment my recently new Samsung 40" TV I struck gold with this. The sound is simply fantastic, great bass ( keep having to turn it down so neighbours don't complain). Easy to set up and looks great in samsung's piano black. Would highly recommend this to anyone hesitating on purchasing, just buy it..sit back..enjoy and immerse yourself.
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on 24 February 2007
Besides being marvelous it's also a bargain. Before buying this I went to a well known electrical store and looked at the model below with 3 speakers. It was 99p more than this item. I got it this morning and had it rigged up in around half an hour. I stuck in a DVD and my wife came downstairs to complain that I was vibrating the whole house with the sound. Stunning!
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on 13 February 2008
I bought this having read plenty of reviews both on the net and in magazines for decent quality home cinema systems for under £300. In pretty much everything I read this came out way above the competition.

Having now used it for approx 3 months I can understand why.

Pros: Looks great; classy and understated. Sound quality is tremendous. Sub-woofer brings everything to life. Good range of input and output sockets - I've got my Sky+ box plugged in via an optical audio cable and my Xbox plugged in via the component audio. I use the HDMI output to my HDTV to take advantage of the upscaling the system does to normal DVDs.

Cons: Biggest one for me is the fan noise. I'm not a techie so I don't know if this is now standard on modern systems but I saw no mention of the fan noise on anything I read and when the volume is turned down it is clearly noticeable. For anyone who has an Xbox360, it's not quite that loud but not far off. Top loading DVD is a bit of a pain - I didn't realise this until I bought it and it doesn't fit on the stand I'd planned it to as a result.

Overall summary: Based on everything I've seen I think the overall package for the price is very good. It's not perfect, but for less than £300 it's pretty good.
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