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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2006
Having been fortunate enough to see Midge live in an acoustic session in Milton Keynes, it is refreshing to see that the music looses none of Midge's musical passion which is felt throughout the whole of this superb 2 CD album.

One thing that always remains constant throughout his career is his AMAZING voice - yes, he really can sing those high notes LIVE - and this is reflected throughout the album's live recordings (CD 2).

Midge has always been a fantastic performer and a leader in song writing. MOVE ME:PLUS shows his ability for true passion in song writing and performance, leaving the listener with a lust for more of Midge's creations.

This album is a true progression to greater musical heights and goes to prove that there is a lot more life left in this musical genius.

PASSION, SATISFACTION and GENIUS all rolled in to one neatly packaged album.
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on 9 April 2003
I came to see friends last week and while we were having dinner, they played Move Me. At first, I did not know who that was although the voice sounded somehow familiar and then came Monster, an outstanding mix between electronica and heavy metal. Well I didn't finish my meal and asked for a repeat of the album. To my surprise, this came from Midge Ure, a 40+ year old rock legend. I thought it must come from a new young-thinking modern rock band who was trying to cut through the stuff we hear all the time on the radio. The album sounds very different, absolutely cutting-edge and many tracks are worth a play or two on national radio stations. Melodies, powerful and emotional singing, chords, arrangements and lyrics are all of outstanding level. Why don't we hear more of Ure when such album is available somewhere on earth. I was not a fan of Midge Ure or Ultravox but I can tell you that the mAster Ure is back to teach a few how to make an astonishing piece of contemporary art. It's all about music, noise, emotions and is previously unheard - which is unfortunate. Go ahead and buy it now - it may need a few listens but it's a grower. I wish I could put a 6th star.
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on 11 August 2001
So many people have to rely on covering songs today. What comes as a great suprise is the fact that every track on this album is original. A popular music magazine slated this album, stating more or less that Midge was an 80's has been. He couldn't be farther from the truth. Every song could be a hit, with his recent single "Beneath a Spielberg Sky", being one of the best singles I have heard this year. If Midge can continue to produce music of this caliber, I will die a happy man! Buy It and enjoy.
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on 3 October 2003
this album is probably the best midge ure release to date, midge ure seems to depart from his recent style and revisits the rock ultravox style whilst retaining the qualities that define his type of music. particular tracks which stand out are 'strong' and 'let me go', the latter whose lyrics are just amazing.
the release highlights his web site [...] which has some quality recent releases not available elsewhere.
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on 21 July 2001
This long awaited album is fantastic. Each track has meaning and sums up what a lot of us 30somethings feel !! I particularly liked 'somebody' it had very special meaning for me. It is true every Midge/Uvox song has a meaning for one person or another and has played an important role in one's life . As has "move me" for me and probably many others. This album deserves recognition and i hope it gets it . Midge is a very talented individual and I would like to personally congratulate him on 25 or so years in the business.
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on 2 October 2008
Listening to Midge Ure's latest album '10' has sent me scurrying in the direction of his back catalogue to remind myself that, latest album aside, this guy has been one of our most accomplished and underrated musicians for years.

Move Me sees him at the top of his game and this is unquestionably his most complete and satisfying album to date. Crammed with his most adventurous work since Answers and his most radio friendly fare since The Gift the tragedy is that it arrived at a time when none but the hard core fans are likely to be listening.

Well lucky us - because in Move Me Ure has crafted affecting, personal songs each tied to the sort of hummable tunes and memorable hooks that he seemingly used to think up in his sleep. Not since that purple patch of the early to mid eighties has he hit such a rich vein of form - which is saying something given the quality of his last studio album, Breathe.

Let it Go is an impassioned anthem in which he rails against the bottle he's fought so hard to beat. A description which makes it sound infinitely less uplifting than it actually is. Beneath a Spielberg Sky is political commentary with a glorious choral quality and Four, a tribute to his daughters, has lyrics that sound almost painfully saccharin sweet, but in his hands, with this melody, are just plain lovely.

Monster is a rare rock-out that appears to have wandered in off a Foo Fighters album, whilst Absolution Sometime and Somebody have an epic quality that has eluded him since his Ultravox days - and it's great to hear its return. Only Refugee Song smacks of filler; the rest is a varied bag of tricks in terms of tone, but universally inspired in terms of sheer musicianship and vocal performance. Wonderful.
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on 28 June 2001
It took a couple of times to listen to it, but when the melodies and sentiments kicked in.........wow!!. Possibly his best album to date. I agree with the previous reviews, could not put it any better, its a must have album. My favorite cd for a long time.
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on 10 September 2014
It is good to see Midge Ure finally gaining some critical recognition for his recent album, Fragile. Hopefully, as a result of this more people will sit up and take notice of Move Me, his previous collection of original material. My opinion of it is demonstrated by the fact that I have now bought it three times, initially on import in 2000 when there was no sign of a UK release date; again in 2001 when it finally emerged here with a number of extra tracks; and finally, in this Move Me + version, with further live and two previously unheard instrumentals. It has been, without doubt, my favourite album since its original release, combining all the elements of memorable and moving tunes, excellent singing and thought-provoking lyrics that those of us in the know have come to expect from Midge Ure.

It is also a very varied album, and for this reason it scores higher for me than Fragile which is predominantly slow and mellow (with the exception of `Become'). There are still very successful contemplative moments on Move Me, for example the wonderful `Let Me Go', `Strong', `Refugee Song' and `Somebody'. However, there are also more raucous interludes (the near-metal instrumental `Monster' and the equally guitar-heavy `Absolution Sometime'). Ure's recurrent themes of personal redemption and fulfilment are well to the fore on several tracks, not least on the very personal sounding `Alone'. If there were any justice at all, then `You Move Me' and `Beneath a Spielberg Sky' would have been massive hits. Unfortunately, at the time, people weren't really listening.

I have long felt that if Move Me had been the follow-up to the enormously successful but much-inferior The Gift, then Ure would have had a considerable success on his hands; unfortunately, it didn't happen. However, perhaps appreciation of Fragile will mean that this is changing to some extent: mine is the fourth review of this album in recent weeks, so maybe momentum is gathering.

It is a fantastic album, definitely worth discovering.
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on 6 August 2001
Move me sits in slot No 5 in my car and now holds what seems a permanent place next to Travis - The Man Who (No 6). No other CD is so permanent, so I've (only) got 4 slots left. If Midge Ure produces any more CD's like this (unlike the poor Travis follow up to TMW) then I'll have to get a bigger stack in the car boot!
I bought this with trepidation having been a 30something Ultravox and Midge fan of years ago, and couldn't believe how good it is.
What we want next is these songs on 'Midge Ure - Unplugged!' Any tickets anyone??
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on 26 April 2006
After being let down by another online retailer and have today received my CD from an Amazon Marketplace seller.

I am absolutely amazed at the quality of this album. I love Midge's music anyway but this just blew me away.

It is in parts great synth pop and incredibly moving tracks that really brought tears to my eyes.

Why is this CD so hard to find? With all the chart trash around here is something very special indeed.

Buy it here on Amazon if you can.
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