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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2007
This remake is an exemplary piece of suspense. The opening credits gives you a three-minute preview of what to expect in the movie and the movie delivers. We then move to bright scene of a high school gym where we are introduced to our star, Camilla Belle, as Jill Johnson. She is a teenager that gets the perfect babysitting job. A rich family, a very large beautiful 1970's style house built in glass and wood, a full fridge, and best of all, the children are already asleep. And what could be safer, the house is gated and has a security system.

But as the sun starts to set, the shadows start to make the large house look un-inviting and remote. She hears noises and creaks and we wonder what it is; is it someone, a pet, the children or our imagination. Then the phone call start to come and our baby sitter starts to grew less and less confident as she starts to realize perhaps danger is nearby. She does everything a baby sitter should do when scared; she calls her father, the parents of the children and the police. But at this time there is no reason for anyone to ask. After all it is just phone calls with no threats and she is in no danger. Then she gets the call that asks her, "Have you checked the children?" Once again our panicky babysitter phones the police who take her serious this time. They trace the call and find out they are coming from within the house. So of course she goes up to check on the children again and this quiet night of babysitting turns into her worst nightmare.

This movie is a classic thriller that is frightening. If you love Hitchcock's films, you will appreciate this. If you are looking for just gore and horror, do not watch this film. This film requires you to take the journey with the babysitter and actually use your imagination as you hear or see things to try and figure out what is transpiring. It is the type of film we use to call a nerve-shattering thriller or suspense film. Since this could really happen anywhere you will experience the suspense. And Camilla has to convey the enter range of motions without dialogue. It is the things you do not see that scare you the most in real life. The film has three stars, Camilla Belle, the House itself and the phone. If you like to be frightened and have an imagination, this film is for you.
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VINE VOICEon 26 September 2006
When 16 year old Jills' boyfriend kisses her best friend she spends an excess of about 700 minutes on her mobile discussing it with him and so her parents make her get a baby-sitting job to pay the money back. And (surprise, surprise) the house she is babysitting at is a deserted mansion in the middle of (the woods?) nowhere.

At first the babysitting is a pretty enjoyable experience for Jill - the house is massive and full of fun and impressive gadgets and furniture, plus the children are already asleep in bed when she gets there so she hasnt really got any work to do either. But then the creepy phone calls begin and she cant contact any of her friends for help because they are all at this bonfire-party on the top a hill somewhere in town. At first she dissmissed the calls as a sick joke but then she discovers that the caller is watching her and he asks if she's checked the children...

This horror movie is more suspencefull than scary because nothing really happens for quit a while apart from her receiving creepy calls. In the last 20 minutes there is some horror and action as she discovers dead bodies and tries to escape the caller etc and the ennding is pretty chilling, too.

Overall this is quite a good horror movie (especially if you prefere suspence over gore) that I would reccomend if you are looking for a good horror/thriller movie.
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on 11 March 2016
Very good horror/ thriller. Some implied blood and gore, but nothing visual. A suspenseful, creepy movie and highly recommended. It is a remake of a 1970s movie of the same title. A young girl is babysitting for a wealthy couple, when she starts receiving weird phone calls threatening her and asking her if she has checked on the children. She calls the police who trace the calls and discover they are coming from inside the house. Is scary and some violent scenes but not too much. A well made film.
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on 14 May 2016
Having seen the ORIGINAL version many years ago I was deterred from watching this. However, when I saw the ORIGINAL again a few years ago, I realised just how slow the "MIDDLE" of the film is. Only the beginning and end are suspenseful. This remake, however, is full of suspense and is well worth a watch.
It has the original premise of the original film, but with lots of additional ideas with todays technology incorporated.
Not bad at all.
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on 15 May 2013
Simon West is an action director, and I must say that, despite the claustrophobic setting of the story, he's also quite good in thrillers like this.
Don't expect any twist, the progression of the movies is quite flat, but at least the suspense and the use of space and rooms is valuable
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on 2 October 2007
Unless this is one of the first movies that you try in this genre, I think that it is likely that it will not achieve much in terms of scaring you. The reason for this is that most of the action consists of a collection of clichés and the standard accompanying music for the occasion, to try to draw a reaction from the audience. At least in my case, this strategy failed miserably.

A teenager is punished by her parents for going over her minutes, and therefore, has to babysit to start paying the charges. The setting is a mansion in a remote location which counts with the latest technology in terms of automatic lights, hidden gadgets and a tropical garden. This, together with a vicious stalker, is what the creators use to create the chills. Then added to the mix the constant ringing of the phone, which ended up making me want to throw my remote at the TV and smash the screen, just to make it stop.

Not only does the film bore us to death during its first three quarters, but when the actual confrontation between the prey and the victim finally arrives, the situation gets resolved in a jiffy and we are left unsatisfied. Not to mention that there is no explanation of the motivations behind the events we witnessed. The only reason why I gave this movie 2 stars instead of 1 is that the performance of Camilla Belle was pretty good considering the lousy role she had to play. We do not get any of the fake scared faces or exaggerated shrieks that are so common in the genre. Sadly, this performance does not come even close to making this a decent experience. I would recommend avoiding this one at all costs.
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on 6 August 2009
So nothing much really happens in the first 45 minutes of this film, apart from the babysitter getting a load of more annoying than scary phone calls, and then constantly walking around the house only to find nothing. But once she finds out the location of the stranger calling and all the lights go out it gets a bit more creepy, and there was even one bit which made me go ARGH! which I don't do very often. However the ending is nothing new, and I think it would have been better if we found out more about the stranger or his motives. When his face is finally revealed it's a bit anticlimatic because he is just that, a stranger, and maybe it would have been better if he had some connection to the main character. A couple of good jumpy bits though, so it gets three stars instead of two.
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on 11 November 2015
Unfortunately when i tried to watch this movie it only covered the centre of the screen , not the full screen. I have 2 thick black lines one above and one below the screen.
but i love this movie has you on the edge of your seat , because he was in the house all.the time !
Remember it from the seventies !@
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 June 2014
This 2006 'teen-horror' is actually a remake of a 1979 horror film of the same name, as I haven't seen the original, I can't compare, and so watched this movie without having any preconceptions.

While babysitting at an isolated Colorado house, a teenage girl becomes distressed as the anonymous phone calls she receives become more frequent, and increasingly strange. As things transpire, the caller is an elusive murderer, who has already killed a string of young women.

Although, a thoroughly enjoyable film, there are some obvious (to me) holes in the story. One thing which seemed wrong to me from quite early on, was, for although the girl is told by the wealthy homeowners that the children are asleep and instructs her not try and awake them, surely, as a babysitter, when she began to panic more over the messages over the phone, she should have checked up on the kids more than what she did. Also, with the phone ringing more than several times, and the noises she made whilst scared, not to mention her actually talking back, and the music coming from the television set - it seems likely that something would have awoken them.

'When A Stranger Calls' isn't what I'd call a horror movie, but it has a lot of suspense that held my interest. The leading actress, the beautiful Camilla Belle gives a decent performance, and things are always generally believable throughout.

It's not a classic, but it's worth giving it a go.
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on 22 October 2006
I have not seen the original, so I can't compare the two. Hadn't heard much about this film as to whether it was any good or not. I was pleasantly surprised that it was better than I expected. This is a thriller and definitely NOT a horror! It has a great location, the house makes the film, as it is a huge mansion of a place in the middle of no where, by a lake and woods. It has a lot of modern cool gadgets that play a part in the film. State of the art alarm system, and motion detection lighting etc. The later leaves most of the house in pitch darkness most of the time. The film is all about the suspense as the babysitter gets crank calls, hears odd noises and sees lights going on and off. Leaving her to go off to investigate all around the house. It really works well and builds up the tension but the ending feels abit abrupt, and rushed. It's not that scary but is entertaining while it lasts. Perfect rental material, espescially for a cold, wet night in. 7/10
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