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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Football Manager 2007 (PC CD)
Price:£5.98+ Free shipping

on 17 January 2008
I have played this franchise of games since championship manager 3 and each update never disappoints. As usual, the game takes a bit of getting used to. The first team I attempt to manage goes a bit 'pear-shaped', then I start over again with a new one, with more idea of how this particular game plays and do much better.

I am still playing this game for hours every week despite the newer 08 version being available. The reason being because I am West Ham in 2014, ranked 4th in Europe and the youngsters I bought early on are now mature first team players and I am still loving playing the game. This game isn't fun in the way playing FIFA or a RPG is but it's the consistent challenge and fight to master and achieve so many goals which keeps me craving to load the game up.

I've read other reviews were people complain of the lack of realism when they take over a good team and do 'unrealistically badly'. I wonder, is it unrealistic for a team to underachieve when they have good players but a terrible manager? I think we could all think of a good example of that happening.

The game is what it has always been and that is surely what the thousands of people who buy it year on year want. Thanks SI games.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 6 September 2007
Get yourself on a train, go sit in the Diners Car, order a five-quid sandwich and then spend the rest of the journey with your lappy plugged into the free at-seat juice. Then play Football Manager and I promise you two things: 1) the train staff will let you stay in that big, plush, soft seat long after your sarnie has wilted, and 2) a four hour journey will disappear as if it never started. That's a £5 First Class Upgrade and free time-travel thanks to pretend footy management. Fantastic.
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on 18 December 2006
This is perhaps the most time consuming game known to man. Many hours are spent lovingly on crafting the ultimate team and leading it to glory. Spent on transforming a team from a midget into a giant. Simulation game it may be but it is as real as pain to many addicts. But why spend hours and hours on end trying to create an all-conquering team when you can just watch Man United destroy teams in a blink of an eye in real life, I hear you ask. Well, I think it's time you found out...

The 3rd instalment of the Football Manager series has entered in truly magnificent fashion. It has now added many new features which have been so craved by the countless addicts (fans). The main feature is affiliates or feeder teams which provide you with merchandising income as well as the opportunity to loan out your young guns for some much needed first team experience. The new features add even more pleasure to your gaming-which was previously though to be impossible-with little touches everywhere which elevate it to an all new height. The interface has improved, the tactics board has improved, the news items have improved and even the scouting has gone up a notch! The database still continues to amaze addicts and the match engine has become slightly better. Many rather brainless critics have wondered aloud why there is till an inconspicuous lack of 3D players on the pitch. But when the 2D circles look that good it seems pointless to use up even more memory on 3D figures. That said, the game has it's downsides as all games do.

The biggest problem-though it's not altogether that big a problem-is that it takes quite a long time to load and continue with the game depending on how large your databases and how many leagues you have loaded. Another niggling problem is the continued lack of any real sound effects. There are some crowd noises during matches but that is rather more of a nuisance than anything else.

A couple of very minor problems aside, this is possibly the best game out this year with its strength in depth and immersive gameplay. As the late, great Bill Shankly once said `People say that football is a matter of life and death, but it's much more important than that!' Amen.
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on 12 March 2008
I can remember when I got my first ever manager game. It was Premier Manager '98, and when I first had the premise explained to me on Christmas morning, I couldn't believe how boring it sounded. So you don't even play the game? You just pick the team and watch it? In my infinite wisdom, that all 11 year olds have, I genuinely thought that was the lamest excuse for a plot that a computer game had ever come up with.

That game turned out to be one of the most important parts of my life for the next four years.

I was hooked, I never even watched the games because I couldn't wait that long to find out if we had won or not. I just switched it to `results' mode and powered through a season in half an hour.

That game is now gathering dust somewhere, but since then I have had five other manager games, including LMA manager, Championship Manager, even Alex Ferguson's very own manager game (which wasn't very good.)

My most recent acquisition is Football Manager 2007. And although I'm not quite as hooked as I was in the early days of adolescence, it's still amazing how quickly a Sunday afternoon can disappear once I've loaded it up.

It is, in my opinion, the best manager game of all time. The emphasis on bringing players through the youth system and nurturing them before they are ready for regular first team action is better than on previous versions. You can no longer just take your star youth team player and make him your first choice striker as, even though his stats may be high, his performances will more than likely be poor until he gets settled into the setup.

The training and tactics screens are simpler to use than before, yet if you want to spend time perfecting a set piece or a training schedule then that option is there. Transfers seem pretty realistic, although having never witnessed a real life football transfer go through I couldn't be sure of that. Then there is the pressure of getting your star players to sign long term deals before the bigger clubs come poaching.

The in-game menu is better with the 2D screen. In some of the older Championship Manager games there was just text commentary during the game so it was difficult to assess whether your tactics were working. But with the 2D screen this can be clearly seen. I'm sure that in the future it will be a 3D video of the game, but for the moment this is the best option.

It gets easier as you get used to the game, and you get to know which players to sign. For example I always went for Nicholas Millan from Colo Colo in Chile, Bojan and Giovani dos Santos from Barcelona and Vincent Kompany from Anderlecht. Well, that was when I was managing a club with some money. Whenever I was my beloved Burnley I didn't have enough money or a high enough reputation for any one of those players, never mind all of them!

The only downside with manager games is that, with the constantly moving transfer market, they get outdated very quickly. For example I have only had this game for less than a year and already half of a team's line-up are now no longer at the club.

This means that it is a very lucrative business for Sega and Sports Interactive as they can update the same game and do a little bit of tinkering to the game-play and then sell it as a completely new game, knowing that hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans across the world will flock to buy it (me included).

In conclusion they're a brilliant series of computer games that football fans everywhere will love, but beware! They are so addictive that I'd put money that people have lost jobs and strained their relationships over Football Manager at some point.

I'm yet to upgrade to Football Manager '08 but it's on my birthday wish list.
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on 23 June 2011
Now I've played this game for many hours each day and this equates to alot of days sat behind the laptop playing this game. For a start once you get a good team going the game in insanely addictive, if your team is doing badly, yes I admit it is very annoying but just look out for some free transfers that could change the team around!

It is complex but this just adds to what a real manager would have to do. Anyway you can set your assistant to do some of this things like organise friendlies and manage reserves. It really helps to sort out Tactics and Takers before the season starts so you get the best people doing the best thing from the beginning.

Make sure you pay attention to your scouts as they may be able to spot a superstar at a young age and you can snap him up quickly! In this game you can haggle with the board and demand certain things like, upgarde youth facilities, demand more money, ask for a bigger stadium and become a Feeder or Parent club.

Now before any of you think that this is my first manager game and I'm hyping this up, I'm not. I've played Total Club Manager 2004 for many a year and also Club Manager 2006 so I know that this game is one of the cream of the crop! For the current price how can anyone resist!

There are some ways that the user can alter the game and even create their own team and change the rosters if they want in FM Editor. This way you can have the current teams and maybe tweak some of the players for the game.

The match mode is simple, just little dots running arounf a field. You get to give half-time talks and pre-match comments to the opposing manager. I personally have a massive fued with all the top 3 clubs (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U). Just bear in mind that there is talent out there that can make your team unbeatable. A fantastic game once get a good team! 5/5
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on 31 October 2006
Fanatstically in-depth, incredibally detailed, brilliant interface and great gameplay. These are just a few of the things which make this another genre-leading game in the legendary Football Manager series.

Innovative new features such as feeder and parent clubs, pre-match speeches and more manager-player interactions add to this fascinating football game. A must-buy for any real footie-fan or anyone who likes manager sims.Football Manager 2007 gives a red card to the competition and is 2007's number 1 manager sim.
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on 13 March 2008
I started off on the original champ manager series which has now evolved into the FM series. If you watch, play and talk footy this is the game for you!

In this game you basically manage any team in any leage (or nation) that you choose. Your management board will have objectives for the year which they expect you to accomplish. Buy or sell players, change team strategy and build your squad to meet these objectives. Do whatever you want but just like in the real football world, winning is what counts!

This is highly addicitve game with so many features and characteristics that you could spend hours just working on tactics for your team. I simply cannot put this game down and have to force myself to stop playing.

FM2007 is one of the best games out there and I believe its available on most platforms. Get this game if you want a serious challenge!!!!
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on 15 August 2007
It is probably the best Footie management game out there but still for me it is lacking in the human side of things. They really should call this Tactics 2007 cause it is all about that. You could have 11 stars in your side and still lose to poor teams but what gets me is that you can actually get your tactics right one week and stuff someone 5-1 then the next week lose by the same margin.
I'm not saying they should make it easy but I have known other players not to train their side or train them little but because they have good tactics they still win.
In the real world of Footie Tactics don't win games, they help of course, but it comes down to how good your players are. If they could make it more interactive, more boardroom talk for instance and get rid of that poor match day screen display with the blobs on a pitch and either get a decent display or to my taste the old display but with a decent commentary (surely they can put a commentary on a DVD that wouldn't be too repetative) then it would be even better.
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on 16 January 2007
I have had this game for a little over a month now, and my gameplay hours have already reached 32! Having not owned a manager game since 2003, I thought it was time to try again with a more up to date sim with plenty more features.

The game should be classified as a sim, and not a game. If you are a football fan but can't take repeated frustration, then look elsewhere (championship manager). In previous games, the user could just set one formation and get away with it for the rest of the season. Here, however, the formation must first suit the individual players of a squad, and it will take lots of time for the players to get used to it. Once they have, however, any minor change can throw them out completely. For example, if you are leading 1-0 with a 4-4-2 and want to hold on to the lead, there is no point in changing to 5 at the back-they all get confused, and the oppostition will have no trouble scoring an equaliser. Many other small things like this will impact upon the team performance, most notably, morale. A defeat to a poor opposition will greatly drop morale, and the players noticably play with less desire in the next game, and this builds up, a vicious circle, until you can finally record a win. It works in reverse too - if you win a hard match, the fans admire the performance and then you will see the players play with more desire, and the unbeaten run continues. Team talks have also greatly improved. If you choose the anger button, the players will likely take it the wrong way, and the game will be more or less over. However, any encouragement at the right time can really win games for you.

Clubs can now be set as feeder clubs, where they give certain promising players in return for money. The training system is fantastic. Once players return from injury, you can decide how intense you would like their training to be. But make it too intense and they may suffer a major injury.

Player and manager AI is greatly improved, as is the media aspect of the game. You may compliment other managers before or after a match, or psyche them out, Mourinho style, by making a mind game comment. This again has a suprising, yet realistic effect on the game.

Finally, the game is really challenging whoever you decide to manage, yet you as the user can decide any previous playing experience you have had, eg sunday league, or international footballer. Purists would argue it bes to start off lower down and work your way to the top, yet whatever you decide to do, you will realise how realistic this sim is, and you will find yourself playing on it all of the time.

Well worth the money, and this game will last you longer than any other.
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on 10 September 2007
Yep its another footy manager game that still frustrates rather than entertains. The original team behind Champ manager are behind this one & it shows. We are still having to deal with the same problems as plauged champ manager. There seems to be no corralation between player attributes stats & the performance`s of said players. In each game there are individual stats given to each player marks out of ten. Your team will play a team 15pts behind your teams league position you`ll be at home & you`ll loose 2 - 0 when you check the player performance stats there`ll average 7/10 ? if you loose 2 -0 at home to a lowly team your player stats would never in a million years be 7/10 !!!! The problems get worse. Because you aren`t getting good info you wont no what to correct, so you`ll start to loose more & more. Worse still is the moral fiasco. Practicully non of the team talks seem to work, if your team plays badly having a go at them wont help as they`ll rebel & play even worse, as they loose there moral will lower which means.....they`ll play even worse & loose to even more inferior sides which in turn yep you`ve guessed it lowers there moral ! This has ment that its really easy to get into a major negative situation thats almost impossible without cheating to get out of. Transferes are a nightmare, espiecially if your managing a lesser or lower league club. I managed to get my lowley league 2 side [ old division 4 ] promoted. Could i sell a single player that had helped me get out of the lower division & would make a great buy for a club wishing to stay in there division....could i F**k ! With every passing season you get more new young players the problem is you cant get rid of most of your current squad meaning you end up with a huge wage bill. If your managing a club with limited finances this is the worst scenario you can have. Match fixing argh the old chest nut ! i played one team 17 times & found no matter what team i played or how i changed the system/tactics i lost 16 times !!!! yep 16 times. Its starting to become pretty obvious that it doesn`t matter how you play the result is pre determined ! in short well ok short`ish this is still a game but its not a simulation & thats the problem if you think like a gamer you`ll get alot out of it if you think like a football fan wanna `B`manager then you`ll find this frustrating. Still we wait for a football manager simulation from someone but this i`m afraid isn`t it.
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