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on 1 October 2006
This was Elvis's first live concert for 8 years, played before a small audience of fans and friends. It is a live impromptu gig which shows beyond doubt that Elvis was the greatest raw natural music talent of them all.

From the amazing Lawdy miss Clawdy - to the ripping One Night With You and

great Ballads he holds the audience spellbound. The band are all in their with him demonstrating their huge individual talent and havin a great time with the Boss. Magic!
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on 27 September 2004
Elvis has never looked or performed better in my opinion than in the 68' Comeback Special. If you loved the sit down performances (my fave parts), then you're in for a treat, the first disc both on show, and they are great!!
You are not going to see the King in a better mood than this. He laughs, jokes through the songs, plays about with the lyrics.
There is just so much on here, and when you get to DISC 3, believe me when they say it's all on there, they mean it. All the incompleted takes, stops and starts. Just a fantastic package.
5 stars easy.
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on 27 June 2004
Sensational is the word that comes to mind while browsing through the new "Elvis - The '68 Comeback Special (Deluxe Edition DVD)". This 3-disc set assembles all the footage related to the famous '68 Comeback Special. A great deal of the material shown is released here for the first time in its entirety, or released for the first time pure and simple.
While some parts, delightful as they are, will definitely be for Elvis fans only (the takes and raw components of the production numbers on disc 3), the bulk of this set is essential watching for any rock enthusiast - the two sit-down shows, the two stand-up shows, and the adapted NBC TV special as it was originally aired on December 3, 1968, represent not only some of Elvis's finest moments of his whole career, but are nothing less than some of the most exciting rock gigs ever filmed. Watching these shows now, in great remastered sound (there's choice between Dolby stereo and Dolby 5.1) and unseen picture quality, and realizing that they have been in the vaults for more than 35 years, one can but wonder why it took them so long to release them. In his almost frightful effort to reinvent himself, Elvis continually transcends the limitations of space and time, revealing along the way as only he could what rock 'n' roll is all about - and we have a true classic performance on our hands.
You can now watch some 7 hours of it. Not to be missed.
(In the European issue of this set "It Hurts Me" has been erroneously left out on the Original Broadcast Version of the Comeback Special.)
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on 25 August 2004
There is always the stereotype of Elvis in the white jumpsuit however this show was recorded before his Las Vegas years and Elvis never looked better!
This show was recorded after Elvis had finished his movie contracts and he really showed the rest of the world what he was made of.
The first disc shows Elvis' original NBC television special in it's entirety. This has some brilliant songs on it with Trouble/Guitar Man being amongst them.
Later in The disc it shows just the sit down shows with old friends Scottie Moore and DJ Fontana playing an unplugged set and talking to a small intimate audience.
The second disc shows Elvis performing on his own and blasting out some classics.
This really is worth every penny for the show which put Elvis back onto the map. This along with Elvis: That's The Way It Is are the greatest Elvis shows you can buy!
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Ten years had passed since Elvis had performed live on a regular basis and seven since he had faced an audience at all during which time the music scene had changed so dramatically that he was seen as a has been. However, the evidence all too clear on this video is that this is a man of supreme talent that had been suffocated by Hollywood. Aside from the production numbers the highlights are Elvis dressed in black leather looking as good as anyone can on a small square stage belting out all his most famous songs up until that point. The video version is extended as to what was seen in December 1968 and is a must have video for anyone who likes pop music to see its most important catalyst give us versions of songs such as Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog with all the energy and rawness that was evident in the originals ten years earlier. In hindsight one forgets the importance of the timing of the special for Elvis career letting the viewer just soak up the charisma bounding of the screen and how on earth can it be that nine years later he was gone. This just maybe was as good as it got.
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on 9 July 2004
Well at long last the 68 Comeback Special is given the royal treatment it so rightly deserves.The picture quality is superb.The sound,while not in DTS,is in either stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1. and is much improved to any VHS release.So should you buy this if you have a previous DVD release?.....oh yes!!Here we have for the first time EVERYTHING,uncut,including all the outtakes,that was captured during the shooting for the TV special.The 2 "sit down" shows where Elvis beats everyone to the MTV Unplugged format by 30 years and in the process gives us some of the most raw and powerfull Rock 'n' Roll you're gonna hear.Joined by his old band members in a little circle with a couple of guitars and the drummer using his sticks on a guitar case they play the music they love.Loose and free Elvis just plain and simply ROCKS.At times when the music takes over him he just can't sit down any longer and lets go with some unscripted movements,guitar in hand singing his god damn heart out.At points in the performance you almost feel the electicity in the room,the very same charge that started Rock 'n' Roll in the first place.But for me it's the 2 "stand up" shows that top this disk set.Alone on stage Elvis here proves he's no has been.He takes his old songs and breathe's new life into them.With a full orchestra and choir offset to the side of the stage,the new arrangements mixed with some of the finest singing he ever did,combine to a powerful and rockin' experience.It's all here,the moves,the look,the voice,the sheer talent.He literally stalks the stage like some kind of Rock 'n'Roll animal that someone just happened to let out!!This is musical dynamite.Also included is the original broadcast version of the 68 Special.This is the only let down on the set.The makers of the DVD "missed out" a whole section with the song "It Hurts Me".This blunder should have been spotted before they released it.Very poor.0 out of 5.When they re-release this set with the mistake corrected are they going to let us punters who bought this version have a replacement disk at a cheaper price??.....No,I didn't think so.But that aside this set captures Elvis at his very best.Watching this for the first time makes you understand that when he wanted to,Elvis really was the King.
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on 4 May 2005
I love this DVD. They give us the whole show, both recordings of the famous sit-down shows, outtakes of Elvis in the singing his hits and alot of funny out-takes too. This is how Elvis should be rememebered. I love him all wrapped up in black leather, sweating and knocking his beloved fans off thier feet. This DVD is worth the money for true Elvis fans and it's also worth being in any DVD collection!
This is the real Elvis - The King at his prime!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 December 2006
After years and years of making movies and largely neglecting his musical career, Elvis did this TV comeback special in 1968. The success of this show rejuvinated Elvis, and within a year he had recorded "The Memphis Album" (also recommended) which included "In The Ghetto" and "Suspicious Minds".

The TV special reunited him with his original 50's band for the intimate small stage set. He is seated and singing some of those classic Sun records "Thats Alright Mama" being perhaps the best known. Then, dressed in black leather he is backed (out of sight) by a bigger band and here Elvis is in rocking form, tearing up the stage with fabulous performances of Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel and many others. During the remainder of the show a full band and Orchestra back him, together with additional dancers and large sets. The show ends with a breathtaking version of "If I Can Dream", which remains my favourite Elvis performance of all time.

This 'special edition' has a few humourous outtakes and some stills, but really its the main film your buying it for. If you want a proper special edition buy the 3 disc edition. If you've never really understood what made Elvis so great, buy this DVD and you will.
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on 30 May 2008
I'm not normally that keen on live performance films, but seeing Elvis here has blown me away. The power of the voice, the songs, the sheer passion he pours into it all (especially the finale 'If I can dream') have to be seen to be believed. Elvis looks better than ever throughout. It's as if he's liberated from the dreadful movies/movie soundtracks after all those stifling years, and is singing his heart out again to show the world he still can. Utterly awesome. A great talent.
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on 17 July 2004
Only now, with the purchase of this DVD, watching Elvis perform to a small intimate, studio audience, ("Unplugged" way before the term was used in the 80's and 90's), do I actually get it....I really do. This man and his music is ELECTRIC...the performance is outstanding. I now understand my parents when they talk about the influence he had on them, and all teenagers at the time.
He looks and sounds great, he plays to his influences (gospel and blues), as well as the classic hits he was famous for, and he performs like a true professional.
I now realise what a great loss he was to the music world. Forget what he became in the 1970's just before he died...this is ELvis as he should, and I'm sure will, be remembered.
A fantastic set, with outakes and all....Very Highly Recommended
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