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on 29 May 2016
I bought this Genie Multi-Attachment blender on 4th April 2016. I read the reviews and although I was a little concerned that there were a few negative reviews about it breaking quite quickly after purchase, however, I thought at the cheaper price, it would be worth the risk. I often think that some people like to complain about anything and sometimes they don't look after the things they buy, therefore I took their reviews with a pinch of salt. I wanted a Nutri-bullet type blender but it seemed quite expensive and if you can get the same sort of thing, much cheaper...why spend the extra money, right?
Just over a month after buying this device - using almost every morning - the seal on the blade attachment broke. While blending, the rubber seal must have fallen out of position and into the cup and was blended along with the fruit and veg in my morning smoothie.
Until then I would've given it 4 stars but now I am obviously very disappointed. As it is over the 30 day returns window I am unable to get my money back. Looking at the 'frequently asked questions' it looks like the company doesn't provide a spare blade attachment (I would be willing to pay a reasonable price - although I think they should provide a new one for free as it is clearly shoddy workmanship). I would have to buy a whole new Hinari blender and (despite what my friends think) I'm not that stupid.
I wouldn't waste my money on one of these products to save money - it's a false economy. This is unless you're only wanting to have smoothies for a month, in which case I highly recommend this product.
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The Hinari MB280 Multi attachment Blender arrived within 7 working days and was packaged very well.

I bought this Blender as a replacement to the Magic Bullet I had. I was not expecting much as it was much cheaper than the Magic Bullet. However, I must say that this Hinari blender has surprised me. I have been using it for almost 2 years now- mainly for milkshakes and smoothies but also for grinding nuts and spices- and this blender does a great job. The jug and cups are of great quality and are great for storage, easy to use and clean. The blades are sharp and have years of use.

I highly recommend this hassle free, reasonably priced, long life blender- a must buy for smoothies, grinding nuts, spices, coffee beans etc.
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on 14 March 2015
Great blender, I have made some great smoothies using a combination of fruits and vegetables.
The extra beakers and screw top lids are useful to keep juices and smoothies in the fridge and the coloured beaker tops are great for covering the screw tops when drinking. The Genie is quite noisy in use and does tend to move around the worktop, so you really do need to keep your hands on the blender.
The motor is strong, I have been using mine now for about 6 months and it is still working well.
Some reviewers have noticed the rubber seals breaking up but I have had no problems, the original seal is still in good condition and I have had no leaks.
Both of the blades work well, however I have found that nuts do not grind very well, I was left with a stodge, the blade is not sharp enough to cope with oily nuts.
The filter in the juicer jug is a fine mesh but is not very good at separating the juice from the mulch, so instead of a nice smooth juice drink I get a wet mulch. If you need a juicer do not buy this, get a proper juicer instead.
I do recommend this juicer for making smoothies or milk shakes and for this it is good value for money.
I have ground coffee beans but, again, this is not as good as a purpose built coffee grinder, it did take a long time to grind the coffee and the texture of the ground coffee was not consistent.

In summary.
This is a good, inexpensive machine for making smoothies, milkshakes, or blending soups and baby foods but not so good for juicing.
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on 11 January 2018
I purchased this as a cheap alternative to one of the more expensive brands. Its clearly a copy of the nutri bullet, but is nowhere near as good. If your going to buy one, spend extra and get the nutri bullet.

It struggles to chop easy items like cauliflower (i had purchased it for cauliflower rice)
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on 27 November 2015
Does everything the expensive version is supposed to, although within reason. You won't be disappointed in this as long as you aren't expecting to make large quantities. It's great for making dips, soups, baby food etc, but not so good for chopping veg as it tends to pulverise/purée garlic/onions etc. I also use it for whipping cream or beating eggs and making individual cake mixes or omelettes. Biggest mistake you can make is overfilling the cup. Or using the juicer attachment - it is total rubbish, hence the four stars.
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on 13 September 2013
When I bought this a few years ago I was a little wary, being so inexpensive I thought the quality would probably not be great. But at such a cheap price it would be worth a shot.

This is never off my kitchen worktop, the chopping and grinding blades are perfect for all kind of jobs and the cups it comes with are just the right size for making sauces, choping up herbs and garlic for cooking. Whole spices and nuts are ground to a fine grain, not powder, but good enough for most purposes. I also use this for smoothies and mixing up protein shakes which taste much better (really nice and smooth and creamy) than using one of those hand shakers.

I have two negative points about this fantastic little tool, half a star off for each. Firstly there are too many accessories that come with it, I have no need for all the cups, blender, juicer, lids etc, so they take up space at the back of my cupboards. Secondly I can't find any replacement seals and having used all the original spares one of my attachments is now sitting in-used until I can.

Over all though, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone, any size kitchen, any level of cooking skill.
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on 18 January 2018
I have been happy with this, but after 4 months one of the seal rings in the chopping bit has broken, so I can only use one of the parts. I have tried to find out where to purchase another one to no avail.
A shame as it is a well used piece of kit.
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on 5 July 2017
We've only had this product for a few weeks but have had multiple issues with it and have therefore had to sent it back for a refund.

One cup and lid became unuseable as the lid got stuck on. It was only screwed on by hand, multiple people attempted to open it and we even tried to use a jar opener to remove it, however the lid remained stuck.

The seal popped out of place and wrapped itself around the blade during use, causing the blade to get stuck and the mixer to overheat.

Lastly we've had liquid pouring through the mixer through the mechanisms meaning we are now reluctant to turning it back on again as it is now potentially a fire risk!
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on 11 February 2016
Lasted about 2 months before the rubber gaskets failed dramatically and drowned the machine and the worktop, mid spin, in kale smoothie. And as you can't replace the gaskets it made the machine obsolete and bin fodder. If you're careful it should last longer than mine, but be careful wih how much you fill the jug and the toughness of what you're expecting it to blend. If you can afford it my suggestion is go the GENUINE Nutribullet way.
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on 27 June 2011
Like many of the previous reviewers I had seen the Magic Bullet advertised in the USA and was keen to find something similar over here. This was less than half the price of the Magic Bullet and while it may not have the numerous attachments supplied with the Magic Bullet, for me it is a worthwhile substitute. So far I have used it for mixing smoothies which were a big success with my husband who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and needs to increase his daily consumption of fruit and veg. I also tried making some breadcrumbs from a couple of slices of stale bread and again it worked a treat. I popped them into the freezer in a zippo bag. I wouldn't have bothered taking my full size processor out of the box just for that, but it only took a minute with the Genie. The recipe book is fairly basic but I did try the tomato soup with some left over tomatoes and it served us well enough as a quick snack lunch. I see the recipe book basically as a stepping stone to experimenting with the blender.

Although I've only had the blender for a couple of weeks I am happy enough with it's versatility and performance. I'm confident that it is something I will use often and not add to the box of gadgets hiding in the back of the kitchen cupboard, all of which seemed like a 'can't live without' at the time of purchase but don't get used mainly because the washing up afterwards takes longer than the job they were bought to replace. Not in this case though, so if you're in any doubt about the usefulness of this little blender, put your mind at rest and buy one!
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