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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2014
My son actually bought the exact same violin from elsewhere (though I wish he'd bought it from here as it's cheaper) but when I saw it here I couldn't resist saying that this violin is surprisingly not bad at all.

Obviously its not concert level standard but for a beginner its sound is quite good. You do have to make sure you check the tuning each time you play because obiously new strings stretch.

The bow is raw when you get it and is horse hair. We were getting frustrated with rosin the bow after 25 minutes and getting nowhere..., until I remembered a trick from years ago when I used to play - use a nail file to rough up the rosin - after that it took a few minutes to get the bow in working order.

Overall it's a nice beginners violin outfit. Definitely recommend it.

My son also got some good tips and understanding from youtube videos made by a woman called "the piano and violin tutor" which are really good, esp as she is a real teacher.
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on 4 August 2014
I bought this to send to Italy so that I could practice whilst away. I didn't have any hopes that it would be any good given that I normally play a far more expensive instrument. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of set up, decent tone and all round quality of this violin. Beginners beware the time taken to put enough of the rosin on the bow to get the violin to make any noise whatsoever - it took me 20 minutes of continuous application.

I left the violin behind at the end of the week and was sorry to do so. At £40 including case, bow and rosin it's a steal.
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on 19 January 2012
This is a good violin for beginners with a small budget. The violin arrived next day and fully intact, and packaged very well and with all the items. The actual violin comes set up apart from the bridge which is very easy to set up (I asked my violin teacher and she said it is meant to come with the bridge down!). The violin at first is definitely going to go out of tune because it has to settle down because it is new, after it has settled it will stay in tune fine (and when tuning you have to push the peg in and turn at the same time). The sound quality is quite good for a violin of this price. The colour and finish of it is quite good (as shown in my pictures). The bow is of good quality, and the case is very good and you actually get dark green velvet on the inside of the case, there is also a nice little space for you rosin. I would definitely recommend to a beginner violin player. Me gusta mucho!
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on 5 February 2013
I ordered the violin on the 31st of January, 2013 and it was dispatched the same day. It arrived on 2 February 2013 - and delivery was FREE!!

The shipping carton was very secure and robust. The violin was exactly as described and came with a very serviceable case, a bow, and some rosin. Also very useful was a two page document, "Essential Beginner's Guide . . . Violin," which included, among other things, a help phone number, a website address for lessons, and precise instructions for preparing the bow, tuning the violin, and setting the bridge.

The violin comes with the strings loose, so you must set up the bridge. Thanks to the exceptionally clear instructions and photographs, I was able to set the bridge like a professional within a few minutes. I have read that others have had trouble doing this, but believe me, it is a very simple and straightforward operation.

The thing that takes the most time is rosining up the bow for the first time. There is no way around this, and the detailed instructions let you know that it will take a 10 minutes of [boring] rubbing. The rosin was kind of hard, so I popped it into the microwave for a bit, and that softened it slightly. It is up to you whether you want to buy other, softer, rosin.

As the strings are new, they will stretch [I play the guitar so I understand about new strings] so they need to be tuned frequently for a while until they are stabilized.

Overall, I must give this company an excellent rating - dispatch the same day ordered, arrived two days later, and no delivery charge. Most importantly, the violin sounds fine, and everything works well.

And, come on, can you really beat this price?

Well done, Windsor! Top marks!!
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on 28 February 2011
I purchased this item with the intent to teach myself to play the violin, with the aid of books, dvds and the internet. After arriving one day late, I opened my package to find the instrument shipped in 'bridge-down position', with the strings slackened and a bow, all in a convenient carry-case. However, no rosin was included as advertised, rendering the instrument (temporarily) unplayable. I subsequently bought a rosin cake elsewhere rather than go through the hassle of trying to get one out of the seller. I also had to purchase an extra set of strings as the ones supplied were of poor quality and I managed to snap the G string very quickly, whilst attempting to tune the violin. The tuning pegs are of dubious quality and the instrument does not hold its tune very well.

After replacing the strings and receiving my rosin I was able to finally begin to play the instrument. The sound is actually quite good, although a seasoned violin player may be more fussy. To my untrained ears it sounded fine, and more than suitable for a beginner. The construction of the violin is obviously very low cost, but what can you expect for this money? The body itself looks a bit cheap, and the lines around the outside of the body are painted on (as pointed out by another reviewer). The fingerboard, tuning pegs and other black components are 'ebonised' meaning painted black. This is not a major problem to me as someone not really looking for fine quality at this stage. The only time I can see it becoming a problem is if the paint starts to flake off and hinder playing (especially on the fingerboard). The action is quite high, but I think that this is normal for a violin (I am used to guitars/basses!). The only real issue I have found is that the A string seems a bit dead, but that might just be an problem with my playing!

As mentioned, the instrument was shipped bridge-down, so after some searching online I found a tutorial on doing a basic setup. It wasn't that hard - the bridge sits in line with the grooves in the f-holes, held in place by the string tension. The bow seems ok - it is functional although cheap to look at. The case is quite nice: It is light but solid, with a fitted space for the violin and a strap to hold it in place. A space is provided for the bow, also with the option to lock it in place. Finally, the case has a closable pocket, which is handy for storing a tin of rosin.

I would say that this instrument is excellent value for money. Yes it is very cheaply made, but it sounds ok and is suitable for someone looking to learn the instrument without excessive cost (i.e. me). If I decide that I wish to progress further once I have outgrown this violin then of course I will look for a better (and more expensive) instrument, and I would recommend you do the same.

P.s. I would also recommend purchasing a shoulder rest for this violin.
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on 10 October 2010
I have no issues issues with the instrument itself...this violin is perfectly adequate for a 6/7 year-old beginner, which is precisely what it was designed for.

However, watch out for the flowery product description above. Where it states 'The sound post will be in position, and the strings shall be tensioned and tuned with the bridge in place' be aware that this is not true. We had to assemble ours with no instructions whatsoever. Lucky we have a violin player in the family who could advise.

Amazon should really takes steps to correct the description.

Otherwise, pleased with our purchase.
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on 15 April 2013
Bear in mind that you can spend anything from £40 to £40,000 for a Violin, this is definitely at the budget end of the range of possibilites, so don't expect inlaid mahogony trim or solid ivory pegs... :-) You can spend more than this violin on a set of strings.

What you get is a basic violin, bow, rosin and case, everything you need to start learing to play. The violin is not setup so you need to install the bridge and tune it up, but I would expect that of any mail-order violin. Go and watch some videos on YouTube if you don't know how to do it, or ask an expert. It took me a couple of goes to get the bridge in the right place so it sounded ok, The strings are new so they will stretch for a bit and to avoid breakage you probably sholdn't try and tighted everything up right away. Remember that this is a fragile musical instrument and needs to be treated as such.

The bow appears to be genuine horsehair and reasonble quality for a beginner once you have some rosin on it. (cetainly a lot better than some plastic hair bows I have encountered).

This is probably not suitable for a concert musician, but for someone who is learning, it's ideal and great value for money.
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on 2 January 2015
Bought as a Christmas gift for hubby who wanted a basic violin to try out. It sounds pretty good considering the price and we were surprised by the good sound from such a reasonably priced item.
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on 14 June 2014
this is a violin suitable for those who are not sure whether or not they want to take it up. the bow that arrived was scraggly but i just pulled off any loose hairs- it still played fine. this instrument purely helped me decide whether or not i would be happy to buy a more expensive beginner's violin, whether or not i'm the sort of person who would happily study and practise how to play and if i'm happy with the positioning of such an instrument (whether i think my body type is suitable). i would much rather pay the £30 i spent on this than go straight into a violin costing £200 only to find i don't enjoy the instrument.
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on 15 June 2012
The Violin was shipped very quickly. The Bridge was not fitted but this was expected as the Strings are loose during shipping so its not possible to hold the Bridge up. The Violin is exactly what it is. An entry level Violin that when set-up has a good sound. My son loves it and would recommend for first time Violin students for the cost.
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