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on 2 November 2008
Now every now and again we get people saying what a great TV series they have seen and this was one of the ones I was asked to watch.

Now sceptical as I was to think that a drama about a Manchester Family and its neighbours on the Chatsworth Estate and their exploits could be enjoyable but how wrong I was. The Gallagher Family and its neighbours are a real joy. Each episode picks on one member of the family (with the others interwoven) and it goes from better to better. I will ask that you at least give it three episodes to get to know the family and when you do you will be hooked.

The basis of the family is Frank the father is a drop out of the first degree but is ever the philisopher, he spends his day drunk or stoned and often found behind the sofa or on the kitchen floor out of it. Everyone knows Frank and tries their hardest to avoid him as they usually end up being owed money. The mother of the family ran off to be a lesbian and is not seen until Series two and as you will see more of the family you will see why she did it HA HA HA. The kids are Fiona (18) the eldest sister and rock of the family who looks after them all as if hey are her own, Philip (16) but they call him Lip as he has the gift of the Gab, Ian (15) is the gay brother that no one knows is gay, Carl (12) who is allways rushing about and being generally a pain in the .... anyway he is a bit procupied with the other sex, Debbie (10) who is the schemer and probaby the fastest thinker of the family and does not see any wrong in Frank and finally Liam (6)who is basically a turbocharged kid who upsets all who come into contact with him. The family live next to Kevin Alan Ball and his girlfriend Veronica, Kevin works in the local pub called the "Jockey" and Veronica is a Stripagram and a Webcam porn actress who lets people watch as she irons topless..... I did say these were disfunctional didn't I .........

So all in all there are many others that come into the series but to name them all is just too much for me but suffice to say they have trades such as an Executive Car Thief, a school girl Lolita, a sex mad woman who wants
Frank badly, an arsonist, a Lesbian Landlord, a Local Gangland family that think going to football is kicking the living daylights out of someone who owes them money and finally a corner shop run by an Indian Family where the father is secretly gay and the mother is a Mancunion Islamic convert who is as hard as they come.

So all in all this is a family that you must see to believe and if you have seen them you will want to see more.

I hope this has wetted your appetite for the series and I for one tell most of my friends that this is the best series I have seen for sheer gritt and laughs that never stop coming. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have.
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on 30 April 2017
This was a series that had quite a large cult following! It is difficult to know how far it is a comedy or a commentary on the way in which some people live. Is it a true picture or a caricature? I'm not sure.
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on 4 June 2016
Brilliant observational comedy of sink estates in modern Britain. Excellent characters well played by all, especially David Threlfall.
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on 6 April 2017
Great price,excellent value,very pleased
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on 8 July 2017
Hours of laughs!!
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on 9 May 2017
cool shameless boxset ,
dvds came on time,
been very happy veiwing in this house,
will be buying more
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on 17 October 2014
Good stuff
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on 13 May 2017
Very good
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on 23 February 2008
When series one of Shameless first showed on tv, I didn't really take much notice of it to be honest as I didn't really think it would be my cup of tea.

After hearing a couple of friends raving on about the show and catching a couple of the new episodes and a few re-runs of the series one, I realised how wrong my first impressions of the show was and decided to purchase the series 1-4 dvd from Amazon so I could catch up to date with the current series.

If you are new to Shameless like myself, the show is set on the fictional Chatsworth Housing Estate and follows the everyday lives of the Gallagher family. The first series mainly centres around Frank who is head of the Gallagher family, although from the second series onwards the writters centre each episode on a different members of the family and the Chatsworth Housing Estate to a certain degree.

Part of the genious of the show is just how spot on the creators have managed to nail the gritty realism of the rough life on a housing estate which is portrayed in the show. If you go to any city in the UK, I can guarantee you that you will be able to find an estate just like Chatsworth or a family just like the Gallaghers and this is what makes the show so special because it would not work unless the writters got the atmosphere and the storylines absolutely 100% true to life.

The show is full of a great collection of main characters. Everybody will no doubt like myself grow to have a favourite character, wether it be drunk and rambling Frank, daughter Debbie - the wise beyond her years and smart mouthed mother figure of the family or Carl who just appears to be obsessed with breast and constantly getting laid. Each and every one of the brilliant member of the family is creation of utter brilliance.

The entire series 1-4 boxset is made up of 11 discs cotaining a total number of 34 episodes which for anybody new to show should be more than enough to put you up until the fith series is release on dvd later this year.

If the 34 episodes housed in this boxset is not enough for you, the creators of this dvd set has also very kindly squeezed tones of special features including: Meet the cast, A feature lengh Christmass Special, Audio commentarys, Feature lengh New Years Special, Mockumentary: Being Alice Barry (Lillian Unpeeled) and much more.

whether your a new comer to the show like myself of a long established member of the already huge fan base looking for a worthy addition to your dvd collection, this boxset is a must have.

Absolutely the best British comedy series I have seen for a decade!
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on 23 March 2007
A recent survey revealed that Shameless is particularly popular with viewers in the North-West, where it is set - a feature it shares with Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. There, however, the comparison ends!

If anyone considering purchasing this set has only seen the odd episode then do take the plunge and buy: it works best if you see the episodes in order, and you'll want to see your favourite bits again and again. The adventures of the residents of the Chatsworth estate, and in particular the Gallagher family, are a reflection of a Britain no one in the establishment wants to admit exists: unhappy lives, shattered dreams and very little hope. Yet the genius of Shameless is that it is as much comedy as it is drama, and you are always rooting for the underdogs, whatever mistakes they may have made.

The series' creator based it on his own early life and the fact that he suffers from bipolar disorder perhaps explains his sympathy for the disenfranchised, the struggling and the mentally ill. Indeed, this series, through characters like Shiela and Marty, almost celebrates mental illness - certainly promoting tolerance and understanding.

Everyone will have their favourite characters including the ever-indignant, ever inebriated Frank, troubled lovers Fiona and Steve or next-door neighbours Kevin and Veronica. Best of all for my money, though, are the kids, in particular Lip (apparently cocksure but in reality often frightened and insecure), Ian (in whom Lip confides, but who has secrets and worries of his own), Carl (always trying to understand and live up to his older brothers) and Debbie (wise way beyond her years - but still able to surprise). Their storylines are generally the funniest, though they all have their moments of pain and distress.

Looking back, this review may make Shameless sound rather earnest and serious and it would be a mistake to think that. It must be stressed again how hilarious it is. Great writing, great acting, great direction...it all makes for a marvellous series, arguably the best so far of this new millennium. Not even the terrific Life on Mars comes close!
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