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on 15 October 2006
Quite possibly the best Doctor Who toy ever, and the one fans of K9 have been waiting for!

As a fan of the original series - and K9- I always wanted a decent remote control K9. The nearest to this was the PalitToy "Talking K9" of the late 1970's - but that wasn't remote controlled or animated.

Firstly the detail on this toy is stunning. The proportions are exact and everything is just as it should be - although the bluey silver paint is more reminiscent of K9 MK1 and not the later models most are familiar with. He has antennae silver ears and his famous tartan collar. On his right he has his K9 removable panel, underneath which are his inner "workings" (as seen in his recent story) and his power switch.

You start K9 by opening his side panel (just as in his recent story - School Reunion). His power switch is located underneath his side panel and for this reason I have dropped one star of the rating - I can see the retaining catches for the panel becoming broken or snapped off easily as this panel must be removed to power on K9 every time.

On switching him on - he lights up: three blue lights under his control panel, his eye (sadly only one bulb and not two as in the original) and his outer control panel (although these are lit constantly, rather than twinkling as in the original). He then says: "System re-starting. All primary drives functioning" as in his recent story.

As for the action it is superb. He trundles along with poor traction and makes a lot of noise - just like the original. His ears turn 45 degrees as he moves. He can be made to say a number of selected phrases from the controller:

"The master rebuilt me. My systems are much improved with new undetectable hyperlink facilities"

"Confirmation of analysis"

"Affirmative master"


"Maximum defence mode"

"Power supply failing"

"Capacity for one shot master, for maximum impact I must be stationed directly besides the vat"

The nose laser can also be extended - via remote control- at which point K9 remains stationary and then the nose laser blaster sound effect can be sounded. Once you retract the nose laser, he is free to move again.

This is a must have for a fan of K9 or the series, and I suspect this will be a much in-demand toy in the run up to Christmas. My only criticisms are minor although I suspect with younger children it will not prove to be robust, as his ears, control panel and tail all seem quite fragile.
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on 7 September 2006
Growing up in the late 1970's I used to be glued to the TV when K-9 was with Tom Baker as the Doctor. So to see him come back in the new Dr Who series with the 10th Doctor was a real treat. And this Remote controlled K-9 looks 'fantastic' and so much better, than the talking 'palitoy' toy of the 1970's. This is a must buy for the Dr Who fan new to the series or of old. I like the removable side panel and the various other functions, Such as movable ears and a retracting nose gun. On the minus side is the odd blue colour which isn't like the TV prop. And the ugly body fixing lugs to the right side of the model. It has skid steer front wheel drive just like the real Prop making the same sounds. But just like the 'Real' thing it has very poor traction so it won't run anything but the smoothest of carpets. And don't pull the nose gun out or it will break as i have accidently found out !.However it just shows how technology has moved on.
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As all the family love Doctor Who I was persuaded to buy K9 for our 5 year old son (not just his dad) for Christmas.

After all the struggle of getting him out of his box, numerous tags and ties, could have done with Doctor Who to untie him. We realised that the screw thread for the remote controller did not fit in very well, and the metal rod would fall out every now and again.

K9 looked the part, my husband was very excited as the phrases were original, and was more than pleased when he realised that his side panel came off, boys with toys do they ever change? (Isn't it funny that adults love to play with childrens toys, the ones that they can associate with from their childhood, I bet most boys wanted a K9 or darlek when Doctor Who first came out).

The movements he made were brilliant, his ears make me laugh, K9 spent all Christmas day banging into things and trying to trip people up, thanks to our five year old (our dog not amused by being ram raided by K9) luckily K9 is male like ours so no problems there.

Only thing I will say is why are plastic, thin plastic toys so expensive, surely it doesn't cost anything nearly as much as £49.00 to make, some K9's were selling on Ebay for £60.00 certainly a rip off (batteries must also be bought, more cost) I bought mine for £29.00 from for £29.00 with free delivery, (had to order it in September though and then wait until delivery in November, then put away until Christmas, but was glad I hadn't forked out the full £49.00, as yes it is a good toy especially if all the rest of the family gang up on you with regards to Doctor Who and if any merchandise should be bought or will be made to be bought (David Tennant should have stayed as the Doctor this is according to my daughter and all her friends as they think he is so fit).

The thin plastic it is made with lets it down. Not the dogs fault honestly.

Would I have bought him if I had seen him in a shop at full price, (thin plastic and all) I don't think so .... but it was Christmas and sometimes rationalty goes out of the window.

Cheaper than a real dog and no poop scoop needed, only thing he answers back, like most males then!
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2007
If your young or old then you'll know his name, it's K-9 the dog from Doctor Who in 1 / 4 form.

He's radio controlled and comes complete with eight realistic sound effects (from the modern Doctor Who saga,) and a retractable blaster in his nose. All are controlled via the remote control. K-9 isn't the fastest tin dog on carpeted floors but on vinyl and wooden surfaces he's fast, manenvouable and scares the family cat. The remote control despite being `slightly' cheap in appearance is long range and easy to use, with the left lever controlling the left wheel and the right level controlling the right wheel. K-9 requires 4x AA batteries and 1x PP3 (smoke alarm) battery. I made the mistake of buying cheap Panasonic batteries which didn't last ten minutes. Duracell's or other alkalines are great but usually expensive. If like me, you feel that K-9 will be in use often and by a variety of people then I suggest investing in some high capacity rechargeable as they last almost as longs as alkalines and will save you a small fortune in the long term. The only thing better than this would be a life size replica of K-9, which is not the easiest thing to come across...or afford. This collectable toy is reasonably cheap, realistic, looks good and most importantly is fun and despite being constructed of plastic the toy can take a fair beating. So in summery K-9 would make the perfect pet this Christmas for any Doctor Who Fan... young or old.
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on 4 December 2006
What is it about K9? What is it about the stupid tin dog that just drives me crazy? Like the rest of the populace I fell in love with him as a wee child in the late 70s and as an adult, I re-fell in love with him all over again in 2006.

This K9 is just great - fantastic detail, great control, superb speech with flashing eyes... And his laser cannon comes out too!

If you (or your kids) don't fall in love with him, you must have been upgraded to a Cyberman.
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on 17 February 2007
It took quite a long time to take k-9 out of his box but when we did, it was worth it. His ears move from side to side as he moves along. Just like in school reunion k-9s side panel comes off to reveal inner working's, lights and the on/off switch. The phrases are cool and I especially like the gun in his nose. Overall, well worth the money
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on 16 May 2015
The attention to detail on this model is perfect, I can find nothing wrong with it what so ever. I am overjoyed to now have my very own mini K-9, the functions available on it make it a total delight, an extending, retracting blaster with RC control activated sound effects, moving ears when in scanning mode and various phrases voiced by John Leeson himself, I admit that the temptation to exclaim, " he didn't forget me after all" like in K-9 and company proved too strong for me as I opened the box he came in. I am now off with K-9 to look for deadly devil worshipers in deepest Mummerset
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on 17 February 2008
All I can say! As a callow youth of the late 1970s and early-mid 1980s I was always puzzled as to why there was so little Doctor Who merchandise; nowadays the toy market must be pretty much saturated with it!
This K9 model has to be one of the most eagerly awaited and fun products to have been produced since the new series began in 2005. It looks fantastic and having the battery compartment as a side-panel of the robot dog is the kind of little touch that shows this has been produced with real care and attention. Batteries are a small bone of contention - K9 takes one AAA whilst the remote control unit takes two AAs. Mind you, these days pretty much every toy needs a constant supply of batteries - at least these ones last a good while.
I seem to be successfully fostering a love of the classic Doctor Who series in my three and a half year old daughter - when she's not pretending to be Kroll, she's whizzing this little chap around the room - cries of "There are two possibilities Master" and the sound of K9's blaster firing are simply music to these old Whovian ears!
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on 25 May 2007
I bought K9 for £20 recently. I'm using him as a display piece in my book case. He looks pretty good.

I remember K9 from the original series. This toys design, laser popping in and out and making a firing noise is impressive.

The thing I'm most impressed about is when it moves across the floor (upto 15 meter's). The drive motor sounds like the original prop, so it gives it that realistic effect. Build quality is fine. Don't expect it to go multi terrain, or down to the shops. Some people should understand it's only a household toy.
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on 29 December 2013
I bought one of these for my girlfriend's Christmas present and it broke in like 2 minutes. At first it turned on and lit up fine, then she pressed the "blaster extend" button and the thing froze and shut down. Now it won't light up, won't do anything in the on position, and only says the phrases when it's in the test position. I paid like $90 for this thing on ebay since it's no longer made and it really ruined my Christmas! What a complete piece of garbage!

If anyone knows what's wrong with this thing please let me know!
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