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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
The Stench Of Redemption
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 August 2015
"Stench of Redemption" is the first album without the Hoffman Brothers on guitars and features Jack Owen (Ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (Ex-Vital Remains) as their replacements. The guitar work on this album took me by surprise as it is incredibly melodic and crushingly heavy as well as incredibly fast. The production is as clear as crystal and every aspect of the songs can be heard with absolute clarity. Deicide sound as energetic and angry as ever but with deeper, darker atmospherics giving new dimension to the overall sound of this brilliant Death Metal masterpiece!! I must admit that I was worried about the quality of this album when I heard that the Hoffman Brothers had left Deicide but my fears are laid to rest and I am in love with this amazing Death Metal Masterpiece! Track three "Desecration" is by far my favourite track and it is wonderfully dark, heavy and melodic. The leads are incredible and are truly beautiful and are a perfect contrast for the more feral aspects of the songs. This is a winner of an album and each time that I listen to it I love it more and more!! Any Deicide fan who like me was reluctant to buy this album can rest assured that it is well worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2006
Barely twenty seconds into the punishing title track it is already clear that Deicide have turned a corner. Behind them, it seems, are the internal conflicts, lack of inspiration, record label dissatisfaction and Glen Benton's recurrent whinging about his personal life. In place you have Nile-bothering speed work-outs, tortuous grooves and blistering guitar histrionics.

Benton seems to be uncharacteristically happy with the new line-up, fully allowing Steve Ashenhiem off the musical leash and once again injecting some venom and imagination into his anti-Christian rumblings. The void left by the Hoffman brothers has proven easily filled by the two new guys and serves to illustrate one thing only: While the Hoffmans were solid rhythm players, their lead work was often restricted to unadventurous scales and phrasing and frequent sub-Slayer whammy-fests. The Stench of Redemption is no so hampered with plenty of harmony parts, outrageous anorak pleasing solos and even some slower, atmospheric sections.

All in all it's a package that reaches even higher than their genre defining debut album and the awesome Once Upon the Cross. By the time you have taken in the phenomenally atmospheric Desecration, the ludicrously evil groove of Homage for Satan and the albums cinematic closer The Lord's Sedition you will be sold. This is an album which is not only brutal but, satanic lyrics aside, extremely mature.

For metal fans, this is a comeback that many bands could only dream of. Miss this and be ridiculed by your children a decade from now.
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on 5 October 2006
Deicide (technically thats 2 of the 4 members in this line up) have regained their rightful place at the top of the death metal heap with this slab of powerful noise.

With "The Stench of Redmeption" Glen Benton and Steve Asheim prove that, even when previous albums have been less that favoured by fans and press alike, they had the spuds to pull themselves out of the doldrums, recruite two awesome axemen and deliver music that, to be fair, we haven't been so excited about since 'Legion'.

With the addition of Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla, Deicide have expanded the creative process of recording great music. Obviously this means that the Hoffman bros have departed, something Benton, in a recent interview was much thankful for.

From the title track opener, to the almost experimental opening of the final track, 'The Lords Sedition' this album just shreds !

Benton uses the much deeper vocals he has discovered since fronting Vital Remains, but obviously there are the over-laid screaming hi-vox that we have all come to expect. Steve Asheim's drumming is up there with the best off them. Blasts, fills, and the ever present Deicide kick drums.

Owen & Santolla play some of the best leads and bridges you'll hear since "Dechristianize". Which, kind of brings me onto the subject of the solos. Many, although not all, are very Dave Suzuki-esque. I know he helped on a few tracks. The first lead on Homage to Satan, for example is very remeniscent of 'Dechristianize'. Not that that is a minus...its a massive plus. If it sounds good, and it fits with Deicide's sound then fantastic!

The Lord's Sedition is a bit of a breakaway from the normal Deicide sound (actaually the whole album is breakaway), with its high note opening, then semi acoustic guitar. Whats this Metallica circa Black Album? No!!! Patience. Wait a a bit, then there are some really melodic gutiar leads, still utterly uncharacteristic of Deicide. It sounds more like mid 90's 'Death'. Hold on a bit longer and you get to the pot of gold at the end of this sonic rainbow. The all out blasting of a fantasic song to finish a great album.

Deicide have pulled one out of the metal bag here. An album abounding with leads, tight playing, gutteral vocals, blasting drums and memorable songs ('Homage to Satan' being a fine example.)

Brutal 6(66) stars.
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2006
Wow - who would have believed it? Having had an incredibly stable 4 man line-up through all their previous seven albums the sudden shocking departure of half of the band meant that Deicide's reputation was now on the line, with `The Stench of Redemption' having a lot to prove. Amazingly not only does the new line-up prove they can match the old, but `The Stench of Redemption' turns out to be the best album Deicide have ever released! The best songwriting the band have ever had is now coupled with some explosive lead guitar work from Ralph Santolla, while the thick production ensures this is still heavy as hell. Utterly essential brutal death metal, if you've never heard Deicide before this is the album to try, and if you were one of the doubters of the new line-up prepare to be shocked! Brilliant!

NOTE - Completists note the limited edition version contains the hilarious cover version of Deep Purples `Black Night'.
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on 1 September 2006
I first heard of Deicide after browsing on here. On further investigation I was really impressed with the music snippets I heard and had to dive head first into an order for what I thought sounded like the best album I sampled which was 'Serpents of the Light'.

I was really impressed with that album because it was so intense and fast and passionate. The musical pace took my breath away and I listened to it about 6 times or so in a row as it was so great and I was ecstatic.

So I had to discover more of Deicide and so this was the choice, the latest offer. And I must say that this is probably better I think than 'Serpents of the Light'.

It has a very similar feel to 'Serpents of the Light', in that the pace is all fast-tempo and paced with continuous speed and stamina, but I think the musicianship here is more complex and extra intricate... In it's guitar solos and drumming which obviously takes some effort if you have heard 'Serpents of the Light'.

The vocals on this album are more difficult to hear but are powerfully placed on the scene and sound like they should be there.

This is categorised thrash/death metal I think. It is themed with what you may call a 'satanic' character and displays a biblical referenced themed formula and it could be said it sounds aggressive and angry, but musically it is actually very elegant and stylish, although in an extreme sense.

I have not heard of a band who can play as fast and as well as this before. There has been alot of effort put into this and I am very pleased I have a copy of this album. Very good music. Proper Music this is.
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on 24 March 2009
The album starts with the self titled track. This basically shows you what your in for and what the new line-up is capable of producing. Amazingly, this is probably there best release ever. Its a complete change from the old albums. Not to say the old albums were bad at all!! You will find alot of melodic sections aswell as some heavy riffing. The solos take you into a different dimension of the song. Often Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen will take the song to a new level by adding some neo-classical influences into there solos. Ralph takes care of the sweeping/fast runs, while jack takes care of the tapping, trilling and tremelo picking. The drums are perfect. Asheim arranging the songs himself, is a veteran in getting the drms just right, especially over the solos. The vocal mixing is the best yet. Its hard to imagine how Glen pulls off the very fast vocals. Highlights of this album include; The Stench of Redemption, Homage for Satan, Crucified for the Innocance, and godlike The Lord's Sedition. All in all its mind blowing. I recommend buying this.
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on 24 February 2008
I'm not one of those who has a great deal of bad things to say about Deicide. I think they are great at what they do. That's because they ARE great at what they do.

The problem people have with this band its that they dive into their records and expect something they are not going to get. If you just listne to it for what it is, this album and ALL Deicide records are superb. Pure, unadulterated anti-Christian death metal at its finest.

Their previous effort, 'Scars of the Crucifix' was a splendid peice of work. It was a lot more ferocious than anything they had produced prior and therefore it was open to a lot more debate. By the time 'Scars of the Crucifix' came out a lot of people had started to think that Scars had been overated at the time. Not true i say, but I was still eagerly awaiting theur new album, complete with new guitarists.

I found the album a much more accesible record than the pre-mentioned earlier work. It is still brutal, don't get me wrong, but it is just a little easier to get into as it contains a barrage of catchy riffs and melodies.

Glen is still Glen. A foul mouthed anit-christ who screams and spits his way through the entire album, hardly stopping for breath. As you can guess, his lyrics are still essentially the same as they have always been. I'm suprised he can still come up with ways to write lyrics about exactly the same subject.

I'm not complaining. I wouldn't want to hear a Deicde track where they were singing about how nice the weather is, so I'm perfectly happy to hear about how much he hates God.

Track-wise this is a strong album. Maybe their strongest yet. Maybe.

The pick for me is 'Crucified for the Innocence.' This is my favorite Deicide number ever, even though I think it was only ever meant to be a filler track. I just find that it contains everything a death metal song should. 'Death to Jesus,' 'Desecration' and 'Homage for Satan' follow closely behind and would all feature on a 'Best of' collection.

If you are just getting into Deicide I though I would list their best albums in order for you to buy. If you can afford it buy them all at once as you will (probably) not be dissapointed!

1. The Stench of Redemption - 9/10
2. Serpents of the Light - 8.99/10
3. Once upon the Cross - 8/10
4. Deicide - 8/10
5. Legion - 7.5/10
6. Scars of the Crucifx - 7-10
7. Insineratehymn - 6.5/10
8. In Torment in Hell - 6/10
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on 19 April 2007
deicide have continued to play their loud and incoherent music for nearly 20 years now, and this has got to be the best effort to date.

i thought nothing could top scars of the crucifix but i was obviously wrong.

the change in the line up improved the band as a whole and i think this alum may be one of the best death metal albums to date.

lets just hope the next one is just as good
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on 23 August 2006
i have been listening to this album all day. this is without a doubt 100% better than anything they have done before. the new lineup is FANTASTIC, the leads are just something else. bentons vocal performance lets things down slightly because the music is just so much better now than his stock death growls. compared to scars of the crucifix everything from the songwriting to production is just twice as good.
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on 29 June 2013
Another scorching hot album made especially to fit the ears. I recently bought this and 'Till Death Do Us Part' and I'm blasted over by both. What a super buy for a super low price!
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