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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

on 6 November 2006
I have heard some good things and some bad from the US about this but as a Police fan I do intend, eventually, to make the investment.

HOWEVER: I merely wish to use this space to highlight - and I am not blaming the company - that the amazon.com version is half the price of the .co.uk version.

I do wonder if the powers that be will ever end the absurd rip off regarding European pricing and also the formatting obstacles which the consumer also continually comes up against.
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on 7 December 2006
A great film, i'd even go as far as saying fantastic - but then i've been waiting for years for something like this....

we get to see their first US tour in dodgy vans, the numbers of roadies, fans and gigs all growing in numbers. Shots of stingo before he's really aware of his image and its great to see him focused, energetic (and without a lute!)

stewart's commentary is insightful and funny, the 'extra' one of stewart and andy is wonderful too. I don't think it's too much for a non-fan to watch and anyone who plays in bands will appreciate the developing story.

If you leave the dvd menu running you get the mixes which stewart has created using old live stuff and deconstructing studio tracks. Apparently there are 'issues' with licensing and stuff so that'll be the only place you'll be able to hear them.

I went to the premier where (the god that is) stewart had a Q&A; excused the slightly out-of-sink chronology (for the sake of the film's 'arc') and also that he missed a lot of the synchronicity tour 'cos he realised that he was missing it all and took the camera away from his face. He said he had about 50 hours of footage....i wish this was a 25 disc set with every second available......
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on 19 May 2014
Very good quality. I'm a huge Police fan but I was disappointed by this - it was very samey all the way through and didn't show them off that well musically.
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on 21 November 2007
This film is slightly frustrating as it could be more interesting than it is. The footage is fine - patchy in places ,there is a real lack of footage of the last few years of the band's existence but I guess, like anyone else, Copeland probably only turned the camera on to record the good bits. He has pieced the footage together imaginatively. The soundtrack is corking - he's made alot of the Police's music sound better than it did originally. What lets the film down is his frankly reserved and, at times, slightly twee, narration. This should have been one of the film's great strengths, particularly as Copeland has a beautiful speaking voice. He's one of life's natural racontuers and, as anyone who has ever read the "After Dinner Tales" on his website should know, he more than capable of wit, intelligent insight and criticism. Sadly he obviously decided to play it safe with the film and it's a poorer piece of work as a consequence.
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A great DVD. An insight into life on the road from largely personal footage of Stewart Copeland.
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on 8 June 2016
Brilliant book from the world's best drummer from the world's best band! Loved it!
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on 11 November 2006
Well i assume the other review here was written before amazon halved the price.

In regard to the film, i'd say its well worth the investment, but probably only for a Police fan. Stewart Copland always was the charismatic one of the band and it shines through on this. Some great footage of life inside a world beating band, showing exatly how feverish fans got from 1979 onwards.

There is some great footage of Sting and Andy Summers practicing songs backstage (though possibly not enough...Copeand must have had more.)

My only gripe about this is possibly the most interesting part of the bands life was the Synchronicity tour, which this film barely touches on, Ok we see one huge stadium show but thats it...what about the Shea stadium show where they performed to more people than the Beatles?

The film also has an intereresting soundtrack culled from unreleased Police jams. (maybe enough for an album?)...There must be enough tapes of unreleased songs for a Beatles style anthology?
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on 10 July 2007
This video diary piece by Police drummer Stewart Copeland, shot over the years of their ascending fame, is a fascinating insight into the workings of a rock band at the height of their powers. I would even hazard that if you aren't a fan of this most awesome three piece band you will still find it interesting as it is so rare to have this sort of perspective. Usually rock documentaries are filmed by outsiders who often laud their subjects to excess as they are fans or are strictly catering for the fan base and their cash.
This film is shot through with infectious humour from Copeland's commentary as well as his and Andy Summers tomfoolery throughout the footage. Even Sting shows us his (almost imperceptible) fun side but you have to look closely.
Yes, the film seems a bit haphazard but would be slightly more dull if it was rigid in its chronology. But best of all is that you get to see Stewart Copeland's drumming, and lots of it. He is the most phenomenal drummer who makes his ever expanding kit sound as if it is being played by someone with four arms. He is truly astonishing. Andy Summers' intricate guitar work is also cause for celebration, and the unmistakable melodic squawk of Mr Gordon Sting is a great reminder of how powerful music can be. I would say this is a great companion piece to the wonderful Synchronicity concert. Really odd but interesting cuts of the group's music also add to the appeal of this DVD. A must see for music fans. A must own for Police fans. Altogether now....CHA!
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on 27 January 2015
The Police are immortal...neat film !
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on 24 April 2016
patchy stuff for hardcore fans only
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