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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Dirge Of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- (PS2)
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on 20 November 2006
For the unenlightened. Final Fantasy 7 was a MASSIVE game on the PS1, a game following a chap called Cloud and his friends taking on Sephiroth, and Shinra to save the world. One of those friends is a guy named Vincent Valentime, the main character of this story. An x-Turk (like a mob group for Shinra) and what happens after Final Fantasy Advent Children.

Basically, a group known as Deepthroat are seaching for the Protomateria to do something to a thing known as Omega-that is as much story as you get from me, I don't want to spoil anything really. Although you'll discover more about Vincent and Lucrecia through this game. The story line is sound, that's all you need to know really.

Graphically, we see the likes of Junon, the mansion in Nibelhiem, Midgar, Kalm etc in the game. For places like Kalm, you'd never know it was the same place if it didn't say so, but the Shinra mansion in Nibelhiem has the lot, from the piano from the original FF7, to the library at the very lowest part of the mansion. The detail is good, and the characters reflect this, but it's the FMV that stands apart being some of the best and most action packed I've seen on PS2.

Gameplay. It's a shooter being blunt, you guide the gun using the right analogue making the controls instantly accessible. You have close range and long range attacks, and you can upgrade your gun in terms of power, speed, accuracy etc. However, that's pretty much it. You shoot, you shoot baddies, planes, strange creatures etc. There are some class moments though, such as the drive to edge where you take on a tonne of motorbiked men, and the occassional, save the people section, or lead the child to this place to entertain you. There are some side missions though on the disc and unlockables, so it's not all bad.

In terms of sound, the voice actings great, only thing that trully dissappointed me was that very little of it is from the original FF7! This really shouldn't have been the case.

For FF fans, you MUST GET THIS GAME! For anyone else, you'll find a solid shooter, but the story will probably annoy. Try it and see.
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on 18 November 2006
Yes that's right, I've played the game and I'm actually going to comment on the game itself. I know that's a bit of a novelty round here but I'm going to do it anyway.

Right well, first impressions after 12 hours worth of gameplay. There are a lot of cut scenes, and a lot of long cut scenes. We're talking Advent Children 2 with bits of game here and there. But that doesn't really matter because if you're a fan of FF VII you're going to love it.

One bug bear is the controls are a pain in the proverbials at the start, but there are numerous tweaks you can do to get them to your liking. After you're comfortable with the controls the game flows along nicely... until the next cut scene.

Square don't really do 3rd person / FPS games and it does show, there are some nice touches though don't get me wrong. The weapon customisation is quite good fun to play around with but the AI isn't that great we're talking AI levels from FPS games from yester-year. Still you've got a big gun and all you really want people to do is stand in front of you so you can shoot them isn't it?

The gfx are top notch, the FMV is typical Square quality - they're beautiful. Some of it is on par with Advent Children, which makes me wonder if they re-used any bits. The game takes you on a nice tour of various locations from FF VII, you'll recognise most of it, all looks pretty nice although some of the earlier levels are a bit drab.

The new bad guys, won't say much on them but how they bring them into existance works pretty well. Some nice boss fights, although some of them are a bit on the easy side. Voice acting on the most part is good, which is handy as you'll be hearing a lot of it. :)

The whole crew is back in some part or other, playing various parts in the story. It is mainly Vincent, Yuffie and Reeve/Cait Sith with the others having bit parts. Still nice to see them all again.

I've avoided talking about the story as I'm not going to spoil anything but it's a good'un. You will want to watch the cut scenes. Oh and one last thing, play it on hard. It's a bit easy!
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on 6 May 2007
I went against my instincts in buying this game, I'd seen the critical reviews it had got in the press, and I'm not sure I really approve of Square Enix's attempts to milk the popular FFVII franchise for all it's worth, but I'm such a FFVII nut I couldn't resist it, But fortunatley I was pleasently suprised with it. As a game it's a much more competent shooter than I thought it was going to be, and in terms of story it's much, much bigger than I thought it was going to be, and that's what I imagine most fellow FFVII obsessives are interested in, the story. And on the whole it's pretty good. As I'm sure you'll be aware it stars Vincent and elaborates on his past and explores his character which perhaps wasn't focused on as much as it should have been in FFVII. As for the other characters, Reeve/Cait Sith and Yuffie have supporting roles and Cid has a perephiral role, while Cloud, Tifa & Barret are just limited to a couple of cameo appearnces, Red XIII has no dialouge and just appears on screen for a second. It does all feel quite fan-fictiony and there's some elements in there seem a little at odds with the previously established FFVII world, but it's nothing too jarring, I think the keyword to think of it as is a spinoff and not a true sequel. The quality of the voice acting is a bit mixed, some of it's fine and some of it's just terrible.

Ultimatley if you are a diehard FFVII fan then I would say it is just about worth getting just for the story and the fan service, (like getting to explore previous FFVII locations in full 3d)

Getting back to the matter of the actual gameplay, as I said I was pleasently suprised, it's quite a fun game, yes it is heavily flawed and dated - it's incredibly linear, things that should break from gunfire, don't break, you sometimes can't jump over small stacks of boxes or other objects, the controls aren't very good. In some ways it feels more like a ps1 era shooter, that's the main problem with it, it feels so dated, but it's still works well once you get past those things, and mixing a shooter with Vincent's ability to double jump, attack from close range and of course turn into a beast with his limit break, along with the other RPG elements, do give it a bit of a unique flavour. Under the hands of a company more experinced at making these types of games, it could have been excellent, so there is perhaps in this game the forming of a decent idea that could become great overtime (although arguably Devil May Cry and to some extent Resident Evil 4 have had similar ideas first) as it is, in terms of gameplay alone, I don't think I'd recommend it to non FFVII fans, unless you absloutley love shooting games or like shooters but want something a bit different. But generally there's better games of this genere out there and your going to be quite baffled by the story if you not played FFVII or indeed any RPG before. But I've read reviews from others saying they got into it, even though they haven't played FFVII, so who knows. You can skip the cut scenes if your not into it though.
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on 10 March 2008
Well.. last time i played a bit of FF 7 was in 1999 and i hate shooters - so what made me buy the game???

1. AC movie
Having recently seen FF Advent Children i went online in search of further information about the characters. Vincent was definitely the one i wanted to find out more about. He has little screen presence in the film but he captures attention. Now that i know more about him I am really pleased that Enix made a whole game for him. His story needed to be told and the game does it well.

About the game:

So i bought it.... As i said before i don't like "shoot them up" games but this one is good. To be honest the other reason i bought it was so i could watch cut scenes and FMVs (btw you can check them on Youtube to see how beautiful they are).

1. Camera
This is one of those games where you have to control what characters sees by moving the camera. I must agree with others that in terms of controls it's awkward. Actually i think this will drive you bonkers!!!! If you don't constantly move the camera you will be fighting enemies which you can't see. I found fighting Shelke really frustrating because she is very fast and by the time i get to turn Vince around she already dealt a lot of damage by attacking from the back.

3. Shooting mode
This one is another frustrating feature. Yet again you have to move the camera to lock on the target and then shoot. Damn..! A lot of hard work. I found close combat more effective then shooting.

4. Enemies
Some are harder then others but i guess seasoned gamers will find them all easy.

5. Weapons
The game uses weapon upgrade option which i found quite good. I would recommend to change experience into Gils so you can upgrade your arms.

2. Game play
I like that the game is quite short because i suffer from short attention span. Btw there are about 20+ extra missions which you get to play after you beat the game once.

3. Music
I actually really enjoyed soundtrack to the game. Its not intrusive and most importantly - not creepy. Unlike Resident Evil and Silent hill games where music is plain scary (in my case it gave me a nervous disposition) the game's music is really calm and doesn't make you jump. The only one i didn't like was the credits song - Redemption.

4. Cut scenes and FMVs
Some people complained that there are too many cut scenes. I found it to be true only in the beginning where its necessary to explain the story. Actually i really enjoyed the combination of game and films more then just plain shooting for 40 min.

FMVs - are totally amazing. AC style with great definition and detail.

5. Saving
The game automatically saves your progress after completion of a mission or before a major boss fight. It also records all previous missions and allows you to start from an earlier one if you wish. If you kill Vince before completing the mission then you get to keep the points which are used for upgrading or shopping. I think this is really cool. I had to fight Shelke about 20 times during which i went up 4 levels. he he

5. Walkthrough and help
I prefer to play games with a walkthrough at hand simply because i want to collect all hidden and special items. I would recommend using one because you need to collect memory capsules and trust me you won't find any of them without help.


Even though there are clearly better designed shooters out there, i found that there are very few games that actually make you feel sad for the character. Yes, Vincent's story is pretty sad :( I guess a lot of FF and DoC fans see this game as a way of closure for Vincent. I think Enix has done a good job of developing his character without overcomplicating the game.

I give it 5 stars for not being long and hard, good story line , nice cut scenes and beautiful FMV.
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on 1 March 2007
Dirge of Cerberus was stepping onto dangerous territory for square enix, turning their back on the Rpg formula of final fantasy and going for a 3rd person shooter, and although the game is OK, i do think they should stick to what they do best.

Dont get me wrong, i love the final fantasy games and vincent valentine (the character the game is focused upon) is my favourite out of all the games, so i was excited when i heard that the game was coming out

I was slighty dissapointed

First of all i would like to mention the shooting system which could have been much better, as a result when there are more than one enemies in sight (which pretty much all the time there are) vincent has a bit of trouble deciding who to shoot. The targeting is also too slow and is no where near as cool or flashy as vincent is in:

A) advent children

B) the Dirge of cerberus pre rendered FMV's

Talking of the FMV's, they are easlily as good as advent children, the cut scenes are impressive also.

The in game graphics do the job i suppose, but quite frankly, much like the shooting system they could have been much better.

Another thing i would like to point out is that Dirge is completely linear, you litteraly cannot go ANYWHERE that you are not meant to go, so forget flipping about everywhere shooting everything that moves, vincent can't even jump over a simple stack of boxes.

The hand to hand combat is completely naff, vincent uses a simple combo to dispose of his enemies, but 90 percent of the time, the first two punches hit, and you're left swinging into thin air getting shot for the rest of the combo.

I suppose the game can be fun in short blasts, but dont expect hours and hours of gameplay, the weapon upgrade system is ok i suppose and adds a bit of diversity.

I'd recommend this to anyone who is a DIEHARD fan of final fantasy 7, or like me, thinks Vincent is amazing and would like to know a bit more about him
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on 6 August 2009
For fans of the series, this game is a must! The familiar locations, the familiar faces, and the wealth of cut-scenes (all of which match the quality of Advent Children) make this a worth-while purchase. This is set after Advent Children, so it is the most recent in the Compilation timeline. We get to see old enemies return, and new ones emerge, the most important being he who returns in the secret ending...

For non-Final Fantasy VII fans, I can see why this would be slated as being an average game, especially due to similarities with the more popular Devil May Cry. Unlike the other entries in the Compliation, I feel that you do need to be a fan to enjoy this game. However, for fans, Dirge delivers a tasty storyline, and as I said, the secret ending will have fans of Crisis Core wetting themselves!
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on 3 January 2007
Final fantasy 7 DOC is a great sequel to Advent Children. Its not what I expected (in an awsome way!). Vincent- Cool- The other new and returning characters- cool, Gunplay and kung fu- great. A war between two factions to save and liberate Midgar?- AWSOME!!! The WRO who Vincent sides with is at war with Deepground a faction that wants to destroy the planet. Vince Is thrown into it and has to save his friends from the OMEGA weapon that DG wants to wipe earth out. During the conflict he Joins the WRO to help them. With him on this are returning characters Yuffie,Cloud,Tifa, Cid,Reeve,Cait Sith and Barret. He also meets the Tvesits a group of DG troopers. One of them a girl called Shelke sides with Vince and helps to stop DG. All in All DOC is a great shoot em up sequel. 9/10. An instant classic
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on 1 February 2007
Id read a little about this game and saw trailers so i knew it wasnt an RPG, but i was still a little apprehensive buying it.

Thankfully i was right to get it :)

The story continues nicely with the first game and the film and its great to see what is happening to Midgar after everything that has happened.

I found the controls a little tricky at first as im not used to playing games like this but it was pretty easy to get the hang of.

Although there are quite a few cutscenes i enjoyed them a lot. They were beautifully animated and great at explaining the story.

Overall i really enjoyed the game and hope we get more additions to the Final Fantasy 7 world :)
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on 24 April 2008
It's no secret that Square Enix don't make shooters. These type of games tend to sell like week-old sushi in Japan (I guess they aren't as blood thirsty as the west!) so Square Enix do what they do best - the weird and fantastical. This is Square's first attempt at a third person shooter, and while it's not bad, it's far from perfect and probably won't attract the type of person who plays gun porn-fests like 'Black'. With Dirge of Cerberus, as with other games in the Final Fantasy canon, it's the story that's most important, and here this game excels. The main protagonist - Vincent Valentine - was nothing more than a bit-part player in FFVII and initially it seems strange to base a game around him rather than one of the major characters like Cloud or Tifa. However, his importance in the FFVII world is wonderfully realised and you will plough through this game, regardless of its shortcomings, just to know what happens to Vincent. So what's wrong with this game? The main issue I have is the fact that it is simply too easy. There are always enough health up items to prevent any of the battles being difficult. The CGI scenes are gorgeous, and wouldn't look of place in Advent Children, although I must confess to finding some of the scenes done by the in-game engine a little over-long and tedious. Infact, some of these scenes go on for nearly ten minutes, and interesting as the story is, sometimes you just want to get on with things. Enemy AI is a bit disappointing too. They have one attack stratergy and these are predictible and generally easy to beat. These things do take some of the fun out of the game, and probably mean that the re-playability is low. All in all, this is an essential purchase for fans of FFVII, essentially because of the storyline. For fans of third person shooters, you'd probably find more of a challenge elsewhere.
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on 16 August 2017
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