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on 10 August 2017
Excellent product & Service, great game.
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on 28 June 2017
Great game
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on 23 March 2017
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on 7 October 2006
Call of Duty 2 is relentless. It throws you almsot strait into the action and doesn't stop until the end credits. Like the origional Call of Duty, the game sets you in various WW2 battles from the perspective of Russian, British and American lowely foot soldier. Each of the scenarious differs greatly in scenery, the way nature of the fighting, and in the experiences they offer. The game has an immensely slick and polished feel to it with some awe enspiring visuals and sounds. The battles are very challenging with dozens of foes to overcome. Also, a novel new health systems forces you to play intelligenly; no more picking up handy first aid packs. The game only rarely throws you up against a stone wall of opposition that you are repeatedly struggling against. The multiplayer aspect is a joy that will keep you coming back for more after the single player game is complete. In my opinion, one of the top 3 finest WW2 shooters out there
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on 22 October 2010
I've just obtained this game for virtually nothing, compared to the original £50, and can thoroughly recommend it just for the FPS alone. You start in Russia with 3 scenarios (unlocking them as you progress), all set in snowy cities such as Vladivostok, something that other games haven't enabled us to do before. For the newbies there is a quick tutorial by a Russian Lieut, who goes through the various ways of handling guns, grenades and you practice shooting with rifles, etc, to get your "aim in". Then, all of a sudden a German soldier is captured and you're thrown straight in at the deep end as you and your fellow Russians instigate a hazardous dog fight with German troops through the city streets. The graphics are quite superb, the buildings and roads are beautifully designed set in the snowy backdrop with brilliant shadows and lighting. You have at your disposal various guns, smoke bombs and other weaponry, and of course, when you down the enemy you get to use their sandbagged enclaved static submachine guns and pick up loose ammunition to keep you armed. Things can get a bit hectic as you are given different instructions from repairing telephone wires in enemy territory to clearing out local houses of German infantrymen and blowing up Panzers. You also get to go into a rail yard and utilise the various buildings and derelict freight wagons for your cover and the relentless march against the enemy. Without giving away too much, there are also scenarios with the British in deserts and Americans in 9 other different scenarios, each one offering various ways of helping your fellow countrymen out, in one way or another, in fighting the Germans. A hugely diverse game set in wonderful countryside and cities from the early 40's with tanks, personnel carriers, planes and other military vehicles, as well as abandoned cars, trucks, trams and bicycles, all adding to the flavour of the local areas.
The only personal flaws, some may consider niggles, I found when I first started playing the game is that your fellow countrymen don't fight like soldiers, albeit, you are all local people with no military training as such, and quite a few of them just seem a bit gung-ho-ish in their tactics against the enemy. You find yourself shouting at them to "get out of the way" in certain scenes as some of them seem to stand in your line of fire and many don't crouch when approaching the target, but, just stand there in full view blindly shooting at anything that moves. It made me smile when someone shouts out " I've got one, I've got one" in a child-like manner. The other thing was the lack of ammunition you find yourself without at certain points, when you get low you seem to have to run around like a headless chicken searching for a fallen comrade, or, the enemy, to obtain whatever loose bullets, etc, that are around on the floor to fill up your personal stock with, this gets a bit tedious, especially, when you then have to run like mad to catch up with everyone as they go after the specified targets.
Anyway, I certainly enjoy playing this game, I can't give it anything less than 5 stars, and as has already been stated, it's nice to be a Russian as well as British, etc, in fighting the Germans, it puts a different perspective on life.
I cannot fault the game graphics, the developers have really gone to town on the way things have been set out, you do need a good computer to run the game on without much lag. The disc is easy to install, but, you do need to have it in your machine each time you play, but, there is no sneaky SecuRom involved, so, that was another big plus. The characters are all excellently made, the Germans in the Russian snow, are all kitted out in winter camouflage for ease of seeing who the enemy are. Quite a lot of thought and detail went into each tutorial, you have to crawl along tunnels and clamber through bomb ridden buildings and there's lots of adrenaline pumping as you proceed to secure each mission successfully.
For the low price on offer now, it's an absolute MUST BUY for anyone who enjoys both arcadey and simulator military shooting games, with an emphasis of it being done by the ordinary people of the countries, as well as soldiers, as they fight to keep the Nazis at bay.
I doubt you'd be disappointed with the diversity of each mission, brilliantly created by Infinity Ward.
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on 18 September 2016
I reinstalled this game from disc to my windows 10 laptop and believe me it works fine, all you have to do is goto Programme files (x86) > Activision > Call of Duty 2 the right Click CoD2MP_s.exe then click properties then compatibility then set it to Windows Xp service pack 3 and viola! it works perfect, do the same for CoD2SP_s.exe if you want to play single player. Hope this helps :)
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on 3 October 2010
I`d played the previous Call of Duty and Medal of Honour and really liked them. For some reason I never got round to Call of Duty 2.

Well today i received it from amazon (very quickly I might add) and intended to run a couple of missions. I stayed on it all the way up to the last American campaign after scaling the walls (about 6 or so hours).

This game keeps you pretty much gripped with intense violent action from the moment you start ax a rookie russian soldier onwards. It`s also a credit to the guys that made this that they allow you to experience things from the Russian and British view- Not just the US view.

You are inundated with the madness of war:

Soldiers on your side attack the enemy in waves; sometimes the enemy attack you in waves. Often you`re in the middle of a chaotic madness trying to figure out what`s going on without getting killed. The Russian campaign is especially good for this, but the Desert campaign does a good job of it as well.

Of course what really helps make this are the sounds and they are excellent; they are constant and unrelenting. I set up my PC to my stereo with added bass and put the volume up. It wasn`t long before I decided to pop my headphones in for fear of upsetting the neighbours! It really sounds like a major confused war going- You have screams, men both Allied and German shouting at each other which really adds to the realism - and the THOOM of grenades going off really shook the place. Of course a good XFI soundcard helps :) Voice acting is great, btw.

Graphics are excellent with lovely effects such as heat haze in the desert and smoke effects. It`s really important to use smoke grenades to get past some choke points and every now and then I found myself wincing when I`ve thrown myself prone to avoid an MG42 and end up staring at the open eyes of a dead Brit soldier staring back at me! If you pop the `bodies stay` option up, during a battle you really see the bodies start to pile up, adding more to the grimness of the war.

There were times that it almost felt as close to real as it could be without all the actual sweatiness, tiredness, fear of dying and death that real life would offer you for the same experience!

I played the game on Hard and will probably go onto the most difficult level on a rerun.

My gripes and why it loses a Star:

I hate the auto-healing thing, I know kids love it and don`t care, but I liked the fact that if you got injured you stayed injured until you found a health kit. I know, I know in real life you wouldn`t just instantly heal from 50% damage from a few bandages, but it feels a hell of a lot more real than just hiding behind a wall, waiting 2 seconds and you`re 100%. what`s happening there? Was I injured or did I think i was going to be injured? was i ever hurt- at all? At least with the old way you actually had to struggle with being injured and worry how long you could last before you were seen by a medic, a bit more like real life. guess I`m old-school, but I still think the former way was better. I found a good way to make it better was to play on Hard or Very hard as this makes most gun hits actually kill which is closer to reality and makes me duck and dive more.

Sometimes, it becomes obvious that the game is waiting for you to progress the battle. If you sit in one spot just waiting, you`ll notice that EVERYONE ELSE is sat in one spot just waiting, even your Commander, and they only move when you do. Hmmm. however, sometimes the AI takes the lead.

A bit short. This game so far lasted me about 5 hours, had I carried on the US campaign ( which I will soon), I doubt the game will last an hour longer...

p.s. Oh yes and there was one rather interesting battle where we had to eject German defenders out of a Mosque. Never done that before.

So to conclude:

A great game of its type and definitely recommended at today`s price of about £5.
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on 14 May 2010
I own this on both the PC and the xbox 360, and I have to say, this is by far the BEST game in the series, I'll explain why:

1. The campaign is amazingly involving, immediately starting with basic training in the Russian army, it then throws you straight into the action. I would recommend starting out on easiest difficulty, as Veteran can be particularly harsh on this game.

2. The AI is 'smart', but I use that term loosely, it can be smart, but at other times it can be relentless, an example of this is the D-Day mission, trying to get through the conventional way, particularly on veteran can be a problem, but then it forces you to adapt, and change strategies.

3. The multiplayer is (almost) perfect. Now kids, try to think back to a time before Call of Duty 4 and it's sprinting, perks and over-powered weapons and back to a time where if you were shot, that was it, no running away, no juggernaut to help you, you either died or you didnt. And that is what (to me) makes this game the best, the multiplayer is balanced, there are of course some exceptions, some of the german weapons seem to be more powerful than other (the MP44 for example) but other than that I have no gripes with online, it requires more 'skill' than the newer games.

4. The characters, some of the supporting characters are brilliant, an example that springs to mind is Captain Price, he is so stereotypically English that it's hilarious, the same with Private McGreggor, who is scottish. Play the campaign for a few hours and you'll end up loving (or hating) certain characters.

Now for a few bad points:

1. One of the missions, in which you storm Hill 400 (I think thats the name) can be EXTREMELY unfair, particularly on Veteran, as the German AI has a perfect vantage point (being at the top of a hill) and just rain down MG42 fire so you are basically stranded, I timed one of my attempts once, and it took them 6 seconds to kill me, and this was after I'd moved once! So new players beware, this isn't a walk in the park.

2. Glitches, there are a few maps online that you can glitch on, and some players take liberties with this, however this isn't majorly ground-breaking as if you have the console version most of them have been taken out.

3. Cheating/ Hacking, particularly on the PC version you will sometimes come across players who have hacks that shoot for them, meaning you basically have no chance, so watch out for those ;) Again, this isn't possible on the console version.

So, to sum up, if you want a WWII shooter that isnt run of the mill, buy this
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on 2 September 2006
I agree, there is a reason why this game was game of the year. firstly, you can actually be british and russian as well as american, which is really great! Graphics are brilliant. only found one glitch (so far!) and that is negligable and doesn't affect the game at all. It is that some POWs just suddenly appear, you cannot see them from an upstairs window. as I said, makes no difference to the game!!! Gameplay is excellent, as are the graphics. Only complaint I can find is that you cannot save yourself, it autosaves itself. Still, an excellent buy!!!
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on 9 December 2010
Amazing game.
Hands down better than ANYTHING that was before and since (in the first person shooter category), even though its nearly 5 years old.
Multiplayer is still going strong and it has a big cult following, from people who appreciate that the call of duty series has gone downhill ever since COD2.

5 stars.
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