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The Sony RM VL600t is the best Universal Remote Control I have owned, all previous models I have used have had flaws of one sort or another but this Sony has done all I have asked of it so far. The illustration currently provided by Amazon is of the RM VL600, which is the version for the U.S. market; the "t" suffix is the European version and has extra features such as colour coded buttons. If buying from another seller be sure to get the correct version - Amazon themselves supply the European model.

The device looks like a proper Sony TV remote control with VCR function buttons and is solidly constructed. It has selectors for programming up to eight devices and comes preset for Sony products as may be expected. It comes with built in codes for many other manufactures and devices and is very easy to set up from the list provided. Many more codes, especially for DVD players, are available online - search for Sony RM VL600 or 600t codes.

If a suitable code for a device cannot be found the remote can "learn" the functions of another remote control by a fairly straightforward process of point and shoot from one to the other. Additionally, if some of the functions from a pre-programmed code do not work, or additional features are required, individual buttons can be made to learn the missing functions. After about ten minutes playing with the remote control the programming functions will become second nature - it is a very intuitive device to use.

It requires 2 AA batteries which are NOT provided. My son gave me a couple which he thought were new - they weren't! Everything worked fine - except the learning function. I was on the verge of returning it to Amazon as faulty when I thought to change the batteries - everything was then OK! So beware, the learning function needs good batteries even if all other functions are working well.

It comes with codes for Sky and Sky+ built in, if using Sky+ press "tools" also if using colour buttons! I have used it for TVs, DVDs, WiFi Radios, Lights and Sky boxes all with perfect results. It has twin LEDs and works over a good distance, it looks and feels like a real remote control and is highly recommended.
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on 18 November 2009
I find this control easy to set up, using the supplied list of codes that match it to many brands and types of equipment. This does involve some trial and error though, as some brands have several codes (for variations in the models they make) and one has to try several in order to find a best match.

For using my TV, I found that I wanted to have the equivalent buttons for freeze frame, aspect-ratio correction and for programme information, none of which have dedicated buttons on this controller. These buttons still worked on my old controller and so I was able to use it to teach this new controller, using 3 buttons that are unused in TV mode (buttons that are used in controlling DVD movement for example). This works very well, but is only possible if one's old controller still works enough to do this of course.

It is easy to use for all normal controller actions and for switching between TV, DVD etc. It indicates which device it is controlling by lighting up that device's selection button every time one presses a control button. It is just about possible to use it one handed, and certainly so for all the main functions, which I find convenient.
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on 20 April 2014
This is not an item I ordered so I am unable to comment on it. I am very sorry about this misunderstanding.
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on 6 November 2014
Messy although competent.
Not very durable.
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on 26 July 2010
i have bought several remote controls over the years.but this is the best due to the learning function it can learn so many new commands wich is what i have been looking for as i have so many differnt branded bits of kit.bought a one for all remote very expensive but could only learn 50 new commands.this is 100 times better and cheaper and easier to use.
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on 11 November 2008
This remote control is simply brilliant! I have owned it for over a year and have had no problems at all. Quality construction and excellent value for money.

The only thing to be aware of is that these are shipped from the USA and hence do not have the UK teletext buttons.
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on 16 May 2009
I have had this remote for well over a year now. It controls my Bravia TV, RDR-hxd995 dvd-hdd recorder, BDP350 Bluray player, FoxsatHD receiver, SACD player, CD Player, Preamplifier and still got one more button free!
Make sure you get the T version though. This is the one with the colour coded teletext buttons. The US version is without these and is useless.
To set it up is very easy once you read the booklet well. Then your life becomes so easy. Most useful feature probably is the "system control" buttons at the bottom of the remote unit. You can programme multi functions on these buttons. you can with the touch of a single button get your TV to turn on and go to say channel 5 and turn on your hdd recorder and then turn on your amplifier and switch it to auxiliary then get back to HDD position. All with one touch of a button. Up to 16 moves can be programmed on to each one of these buttons. these buttons have other uses as well. If you have run out of buttons on a component button then you may programme one of these so that an idle component position and it's buttons are utilised as well. Say you want to eject disc on your HDD player and have run out of buttons to programme. But you have say Cable position free. Then you may programme one of these buttons so that it will first switch to cable and use one of the cbl buttons to eject the disc then switch back to hdd component.
The top 8 component buttons can also be programmed and used as "System Control" buttons as well so that you may have more flexibility of control.
Over all a very good sturdy and well built and highly capable remote that I can recommend to everyone looking for a universal remote.
The only small criticism I would have is that on a HDD-DVD player the colour coded buttons are already used as play-stop-rrw-frw so teletext colour buttons can not be used. If sony had put separate teletext colour buttons then it would be good enough for 5 stars. As it is 4.5 stars!
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on 16 November 2009
I have to agree this remote is the best universal remote I have owned. I did originally want to buy one of the logitech remotes but was put off by the fact that it costs a lot more and you need to use a computer to set it up.
I wanted the remote to control my tv, amp and sky hd box. The remote size is a bit funny it is big at the bottom end and thin at the top in width but the more you use it, you stop noticing it and it is very easy to use.
You can basically learn all the functions for your device remote with this remote, so if a button does not work you can set the the function you desire and get the button to learn that function.

The only issues I had were with my samsung tv. The code worked but the volume only worked on a click by click basis. It would not allow me to keep the button pressed to increase or decrease the volume. I did get it work, all I had to do was to get the remote to learn the volume controls for the tv and then it worked hoorah! :-)

I would not really worry about the colour coded buttons (if you have all the original remotes for your equipment), all it means is that for the device the color coded buttons should work automatically. You can basiclly assign any of the buttons you like for the color button functionality. For my sky box as the colour coded buttons are used as the play,forward,rewind and stop functions I programmed the four buttons in between the volume controls with the color coded functionality. I programmed them in the same order so it is easy to remember which button represents which colour button.

You have about 12 system functions which are really good but take some time to set up. I have set up 2 at the moment which are really handy. I can with one button press switch on the tv,sky box and amp.

I would recommend you buy some good batteries and then spend a good half hour programming all your equiment (also make a note of each code saves time). Once you have done all the setting up it will be well worth it, sit back and relax. :-)
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on 6 May 2010
I bought this remote control to work my Sony television, which it did, my PACE satellite box, which it did and my Sony home cinema system, which it didn't. I'd lost the remote for the dvd player and bought this all in one because the majority of my audio/visual equipment was Sony. But for some reason the remote recognises the amplifier part of the home cinema system, but not the dvd part, which is what I wanted it for. That said, I am able to use it for the TV (my two year old broke the last remote) and the satellite box. I contacted Sony for advice and/or frequency number, but they couldn't help me, just told me to sync the old remote (which I didn't have) with the all in one. I would recommend this product, but really go into what it will operate, I assumed incorrectly that it would work all Sony products regardless of what they were and to be fair it does, it just doesn't work the dvd part of the home cinema system.
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on 28 June 2009
I've had several universal controls over the years, all of which looked better and had LCD displays, however, all broke and were more complicated. This one however may not impress your friends with the way it looks, but fundamentally it works and seems to be very robust, have dropped mine numerous times and my children have done worse and it still functions perfectly. Like one of the other reviewers, not sure how the pre-programming works as I didn't quite understand the numbering system provided, but the learn function is very easy and very quick. Something you can open and have programmed within an hour and no need to touch it again. I thoroughly recommend this device to anyone.
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