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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2014
a bit silly as a modern day scientist with portholes goes back in time to collect giant insects,dinosaurs and woolie mammoth and rhino,good for history only
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on 17 April 2017
loved by my grand children
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on 18 July 2017
My son loves it.
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on 31 August 2006
Fearless Nigel Marvin is back with this brilliant 'Sci-Fi'/ wildlife series. Which though this is yet another Jurassic park rip-off for the small screen is great fun. The idea is that Mr Marvin who is just right for this type of show. Has a 'Time generator' so he's able with the crew to go back to pre-history.And collect dinosaurs and bring them back to a island into a huge park. The CGI effects are very good but looking close you can spot some shortcomings. The real treats come when Nigel picks up a small dinosaur and inspects it. There is a 30 minute behind the scenes making-of on the special features. All in all if you just accept the impossible this is a fine show well worth buying.
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on 4 June 2008
My son has been increasingly interested in dinosaurs over the last couple of years (he's now 4) and I have found it increasingly difficult to find non-gory or frightening programmes for him to watch. As far as I'm concerned this is a parent's dream: there's no need to be concerned about language or excessive blood and no chance of a T-Rex biting anyone out of a car, or being eaten by a sabre-tooth cat. It's educational and fun - what more could you ask for?
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on 16 January 2007
We (me, my wife and my 5-year son) watched this series on TV (dubbed in Italian) and found it very entertaining. Fact is, I'd be less sure to recommend it as a DVD set because what was really entertaining was the inner story, rather than the computer graphics or scientific elements of it. Me and my kid were huge dinosaurs and prehistoric life lovers already and didn't have to rely on this series to know anything new. But we all loved to squeeze on the couch every evening to see what was next for the T-rexes or the Elasmotherium (our favourite animal of the show). It was good to watch it as a serial and we were actually very disappointed to know that the show was over after only 6 episodes. Minuses: just three-four new animals for every episode and a sense of not grasping the huge degree of biodiversity of past eras. Pluses: Nigel is actually very good in this (he quickly became my son's hero...) and makes you hope for a reprise. Recommendation: The "Sea Monsters" show, also with Nigel Marven, is somewhat better filmed and equally entertaining.
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on 1 September 2006
I'd ignore the other 2 reviews for this - they seem to have missed the point that this is for kids... I bought a copy for my nephews and nieces (aged 5-9) and they absolutely loved it, to the point that they watch it repeatedly for all the extra information that you can get to pop up...

I'd recommend this to anyone, especially people with young kids!
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2016
C'mon. Get a grip. Is this rubbish for real. Even my 8 year old son hated it.
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"It's one thing to find a T-Rex," the narrator David Jason tells us. "It's another thing to take one home." Prehistoric Park takes the fascinating idea of a natural history series on dinosaurs and combining it into a fictional documentary with a real wildlife adventurer named Nigel Marven. Nigel uses a time portal to travel back with a small team to capture or trick dinosaurs in order to return with them through the portal to today's Prehistoric Park. This is an idea that is presented with good science, but is engrossingly odd because it's played so straight. It's hard not to keep smiling at what has led us to this since Marlin Perkins and Wild Kingdom.

The series has terrific production values, exciting situations, deadpan delivery and this outstanding, enthusiastic real-life naturalist, Nigel Marven. He's a producer and star of popular British TV natural history programs and was associated with David Attenborough for several years. From the back wearing a bush hat he resembles Andrew Zimern rushing to eat something we don't want to know about. From the front, however, he resembles somewhat a weathered and energetic Rod Taylor, down to his workingman's accent. Nigel Marven is a completely unself-conscious amateur actor in the middle of all the special effects. This integration of live action and impeccable Computer Generated Imagery is what CGI was born to do, not waste its time on comic book movies. The fight between two T-Rexes, one with two babies looking on and Nigel trying to stay out of the way, is far more exciting than the fights between Spidey and Willem Defoe. The CGI visuals with the explanation of the giant meteor strike that most likely led to the disappearance of the dinosaurs is impressive. Nigel and the two hungry T-Rex babies, now orphans that he coaxed through his portable time portal with a sandwich, had only seconds to spare before the meteor hit.

During the six episodes of approximately 50 minutes each we'll get to know and like Nigel, as well as Prehistoric Park's head keeper, Bob (Rod Arthur) and the Park's veterinarian, Suzanne (Suzanne McNabb). Of course we'll also see Triceratops horridus, Omithomimus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Mammuthus primigenius, Elasmotherium, Smilodons, Phorusrhacos, and...uh...a lot more. The titles of the six episodes let us know what Nigel and his time portal are up against: T-Rex Returns, Mammoth, Dino-Birds, Saving the Sabre-Tooth, The Bug House, and Giant Croc. During the episodes we often switch back to Prehistoric Park to see how Bob, Suzanne and the staff deal with everything from giving a mammoth a haircut to cool her down during a heat wave to doing an ultrascan to check for a dinosaur pregnancy. Take the time to watch this series, especially if you have kids to sit next to you on the sofa. I think you'll get a kick out of Prehistoric Park while you all learn some good, interesting stuff.

The DVD visual and audio transfers are first-rate. There are three episodes on each of the two discs. The documentary series was shown first in Britain in 2006, then later that year on Animal Planet in the U.S.
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on 11 December 2006
Yes, I have a collection of prehistoric animal documentaries like

-What killed the Mega beasts

-Walking with Beasts(VCD)

-Walking with dinosaurs(VCD)

-Walking with Monsters

-Chased by Dinosaurs

And now, newest in my list, is Prehistoric Park. It is one of the best and I think, is better than Walking with Dinosaurs. In WWD, you see a Postosuchus finally succumbing to a pack of Coelophysis. You think- Wow, how formidable the Coelophysis is.

However, when the Smilodon cub dies in Prehistoric Park, you actually feel sad and hope you could make the cub survive.

Unlike CBD, it keeps your interest all the time, a scene in Chased by Dinosaurs about echolation is rather boring.

The animation is not as realistic as the Walking with..... or CBD, but is still top notch.

From far off, they seem as realistic as the Walking with, but closeup, they look, errr...... a bit unrealistic.










The Deinosuchus attacks the young parasaurolophus

The mother T-rex fights the male T-rex

Matilda vs Terrence isn Episode 4

The Smilodon kills the Toxodon


The Triceratops fights T-rex

Matilda vs Terrence in Episode 3

All in all, a 5 star documentary. Definitely recommended for your shopping cart.
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