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on 4 July 2017
A very long (four and a half hours) silent movie from 1922; definitely not everybody's cup of tea. Not as accessible as Fritz Lang's other more notable films (Metropolis, The Big Heat, Fury, and the Woman in the Window) The plot can be hard to follow if you aren't paying close attention. I'd only recommend this film to an audience who appreciates the art of film and its history.
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on 4 February 2016
The quintessential package of an epic. Original German intertitles with removable English subtitles, picture and score brilliant. Many supplements including Lang talking about Mabuse. Recommend!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 February 2017
Dr Mabuse The Gambler is a film that I purchased after watching Metropolis and Die Nibelungen. The fantastic creative style of these movies were truly unforgettable and I loved (nearly) every minute of each film. When I read about this film essentially being a crime thriller, I thought that the change in direction could be quite fascinating and it was.

The premise of the expert gambler and hypnotist Dr Mabuse being hunted down by the police force is very well handled. I love the way the main character does his thing by switching between clever costumes and messing with the minds of his victims. There are some great effects moments, including a brutal shoot out at the end. Some of these scenes are a far cry from the previous Fritz Lang movies I have seen but did a great job of being visually spectacular.

Much like the previously mentioned films, Dr Mabuse The Gambler is a lengthy two part movie that can seem a little tiresome in one sitting. With that said, the movie can easily be watched in two separate viewings and I do recommend that you do so. As much as I enjoyed the film, I would be hard pressed to watch it all in one go.

I fully admit to being a little inexperienced with the silent movie genre of cinema, but I know what I like and this is definitely one of them. The film has a good story with numerous memorable characters, great music and just oozes with personality. I reckon if I can enjoy this then it is a must have for genuine movie enthusiasts.
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I am very biased here. Fritz Lang is my favorite directory and this is my favorite silent film and in my Top 3 of all time.
Buy it now and be amazed.

And for those who don't watch silent films...I challenge you to view this and not enjoy it!

So many classic film tropes were invented here.
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on 6 November 2013
Masters of Cinema bring us yet more Lang on Blu-ray, in this case the mighty Dr Mabuse, der Spieler. The blu-ray upgrade delivers, as one would expect, more detail and more texture than ever before and looks quite astonishing.

My only slight quibble and I'm sure this is simply a matter of personal taste, although I note that the contrast has also been questioned elsewhere, is that the facial skin tone is at times just a tad too bright for my liking. As I say, largely a subjective issue and not a criticism and perhaps requires a tweak of my playback settings.

Also, worth pointing out to those who have not yet experienced a restored silent film on blu-ray is that the significantly higher resolution offered by Blu-ray results in the additional clarity of any damage and which no film of this great age can escape. However, the eye and brain soon filter out such minor distractions as the extraordinary narrative power and plot complexities take hold. I don't need to expand on these matters as they are well reported by others.

So, whether you opted for the standard case or the steelbook what you get is a great package, which admittedly does not expand upon the previous DVD boxset edition in terms of extras but does deliver an almighty visual punch.

I've been obsessed with the great German films of the 1920's all my life and when I used to hire the old BFI 16mm prints for college seminars I never imagined that I would one day some twenty or thirty odd years later be able to sit at home and view them with such clarity and in such complete states as when they were first released. How exciting.
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on 27 February 2011
Fritz Lang's silent masterpiece is split into two parts and lasts about four hours. But, like a lot of Lang's films, it sets off at a whirlwind pace with an attack and robbery of a secret, commercial treaty on a moving express train. Dr. Mabuse, a man who amuses himself though gambling with human lives and destinies, uses the stolen information to corner the stock exchange. This is just the beginning of a epic struggle between moral individualism and the seemingly invincible powers of an evil mastermind.
The print is crisp, the soundtrack is great,( a jazzy, Kurt Weil-sh, Mack the Knife-like piano score). The intertitles are in the original German with an English translation; and here there is a minor annoyance with some titles being an almost literal translation along the lines of, ' since two days I am waiting now." but that is a small irritation in an otherwise excellent package.
Sometimes the image presented reminds us how long ago it is; the First World war had been over for less than five years. It seems other wordly in some aspects, (such as the policemen all carrying swords ): but very modern in others, (malevolent terrorism for no logical purpose).
Dr Mabuse is the prototype of every James Bond villain you have ever seen.

Well worth the purchase: an excellent introduction to silent films.
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on 10 August 2009
"Dr. Mabuse - der Spieler" is a four-and-a-half hour German silent film, directed by the legendary film maker Fritz Lang. Created by Norbert Jacques, Dr Mabuse is the ultimate villain. He plans and perpetrates his crimes and like a Mafia boss remains untouchable because the crimes are mostly committed through a network of often hypnotised henchman. His only motivation to destroy makes him a nihilist and a psychopath. His life of crime is jeopardized however, when inspector Wenk gets on his tail and he slowly realizes what kind of opponent he is dealing with. The chase between detective Wenk and Dr. Mabuse keeps you glued to the screen and has all the hallmarks of a hunt for a serial killer.

"Dr Mabuse - Der Spieler" is a classic film in more than one way. The film techniques and special effects used by Lang in 1920 were ahead of their time, although they look old-fashioned and somewhat amateuristic nowadays. In addition, this was the first film Lang and Rudolf Klein-Rogge (who plays Dr. Mabuse) worked together. Six years later, the latter would play Professor Rotwang in Lang's famous "Metropolis". Last but not least, this film has been the start of a whole series of "Dr. Mabuse" films and the character has been the inspiration for many other evil characters.

It normally takes me 15 minutes to get into a silent film, but not with "Dr. Mabuse", I was hooked from the first scene. This is a classic and should be part of any silent film fan's or film historian's collection.
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on 6 January 2017
it's Murnau! it's Mabuse! what not to like?
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on 25 January 2015
This film is great fun! The story is brilliant and all the plot twists are very satisfying. The production is extraordinary - there are countless memorable set pieces.
Brilliant characters!

The BluRay image quality is generally excellent. We are so fortunate to be able to see a 1922 film in such excellent condition.

The David Kalat commentary is epic - he is so informative and easy to listen to.

Only slight criticism - good score but not a masterpiece!

This is major silent film!

If the 4.5 hour running time concerns anybody it is in 2 parts designed to be watched over 2 evenings.

This film also gives a fascinating portrait of 1920s Berlin one of the most interesting stories of the 20th century.

Highly highly recommended!
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on 10 November 2013
I must honestly say i was very sceptic about a silent movie with a duration of 4,5 hours however this one knocked me off my feet. Fritz Lang is a master of the silent movie era together with the mighty F.W. Murnau. I saw the 2 parts of the entire movie over 2 days because i had to let it rest for a while before i was ready to undergo the second part. I have never seen the 2 follow up sequels made by Lang and after seeing the extra on this disc i might only be interested in the 2nd prequel because the 60ies and last part will not have the same atmosphere and impact on me i guess than this first part. Together with the sci fi silent classic Metropolis this is a true masterpiece. Seeing such a classic is a wonderful experience in a world of bigger, faster action movies which we now live in. I am a fan for slow movies or maybe i am just getting old, who knows, but i do know that i recommend everyone not to miss out on this Eureka! beauty. The packaging and booklet are again lovely as nearly always by The Masters Of Cinema.
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