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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 August 2006
I own all the series and ordered this one without checking the track listing.

Wish I had now for a few reasons:

1) I'm having serious issues trying to figure out how Steps, Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Charlotte Church tracks made it onto a game called "Anthems".

2) There's a severe shortage of tracks on the disk. 20 to be exact. I feel short-changed. All the other disks have 30.

3) There is absolutely NOTHING new on this disk. No new rounds, no new features, nothing nada, zip, zilch.

4) Some of the artists that are on here had better known songs. Take Queen-Radio Ga Ga for instance. I'm 30 and played with a 24 year old and a 21 year old. Neither of them had ever heard of Radio Ga Ga. Howevere they HAD both heard of Bohemian Rhapsody. Fair enough it's a bugger to sing but isn't the game supposed to be a bit challenging, and aren't we expecting to attempt Anthems?

Basically this game was a big let down, there were maybe 14 or 15 songs I'd actually consider anthems, even some of the anthems were slower versions that we were used to. It lacked zip and zing. Save your money and get Guitar Hero instead, or, if you dont have all the collection of singstar games get popworld or party instead. 80's and Rocks were great but my younger friends didn't have a clue which made me feel way older than I ever want to feel :-(
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VINE VOICEon 14 August 2006
Singstar is perhaps one of the greatest games ever created. As a singer, I enjoy challenging myself in my room, pushing myself to try out really hard tracks whilst hidden behind closed doors. And then when the party gets started the Singstar comes out and everyone has a good time!

Singstar is a fantastic group game, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Singstar Anthems, like the previous Singstars, it very high quality, and in that regard is flawless.

I was however a bit dazzled by some of the songs on this Singstar, they arn't as well selected as they could have been. Personally I would have liked to have seen more Whitney and Britney and less Weathergirls but thats just my preference.

This Singstar is also very camp in its song choices which alot of my friends saw to be negative, although personally I saw that as a bonus... after a few glasses of wine I WAS the weather girls!

But again, very well done, a brilliant 9/10!
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on 14 July 2007
Yet again another fun filled singstar, some really good songs on this one and the ones we didnt know, we had a laugh as we learned! That's what I thing is brilliant about the actual Singstar game. Even if you don't know the song, the music, words and the lines keep you in tune teach you. And even if you're not a good singer, it's still brilliant fun!!!!
I don't understand why people give bad reviews for the only reason being they didnt like the songs! If you don't like the songs on it, why buy it? After all, they are all listed whether you buy online or in a shop. It's clearly marked what you are getting, each song and the artist is on back of cover NOT tucked away where you can't see!!!!
Definately recommend. Ive got 2 as got one as a present so selling 1.
The whole Singstar is definately worth getting (with mikes for your 1st on of course!) as it's a great laugh if doing it with friends or even alone. Quite addictive cos you keep wanting to better your score especially if someone beats you!!
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on 4 August 2006
ok.. first off, I have all of these games, but after only 10 minutes I want my money back. What a pile of...

I am not complaining about the poor choice of games available, but the actual songs themselves, the words to sing are poorly chosen and you frequently need to harmonize and then quickly become the leader singer again before the harmony is actually over.

Don'Cha is a prime example. If you get this game, go straight to this song and you will see just how rushed and badly put together it is.

Trust me, try before you buy, this is now officially Singstars "we dont care as everyone who like singstar will buy it" entry to the series.

Lets hope the next one has lots of songs, plenty of games such as the battle of three songs, and also I personally liked the career single game, it just needed to be harder.
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on 6 August 2006
Got this last week, and even if it only has 20 songs, you will know just about every one. Great fun and really gets house parties swinging. I'd of personally called this "singstar: camp anthems" mind. Some of these songs are rock hard to sing mind if your a bloke, but you give it go regardless!
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on 10 August 2006
Yesterday I got the Anthems singstar and after I read all the reviews I was prepaired to be really disappointed. But I actually found it very funny and worth to spend time on. True you have to be over 30 to like it (otherwise you won't know the songs) and true that girls and gays might like this better and true that Guitar Hero is more challenging, but it's so much fun to do Cher, Bananarama, Weathergirls and even Girls Aloud. Pretending to be a diva! And when you get bored by the girly songs, just switch to Singstar Rocks...
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on 4 August 2006
Got to agree with some of the other reviewers...I was waiting for this to come out as the title 'anthems' made me think there would be some good old classics on there but now looking at the song listing it seems a bit short on genuine anthems! Also there is a distinct shortage of songs - have they cottoned on to the fact that we will buy these anyway so are trying to make more money with less songs. No doubt I will go ahead and buy this cos I love the game, just not sure if I will play this one quite so much as some of the others :(
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on 23 June 2006
When i saw there was a new singstar out, i almost had heart attack i was soooo thrilled. I have every singstar and play it almost everyday (even though i cant sing to save my life lol) But this one looks like the best although it only has 20 songs on it is still amazing, the songs on this are just fab! I know every song what is on this disc as they are such popular songs!! One of the most popular ones is going to be i will survive! It was a great hit and is a perfect song to sing! I just wish it was out sooner, i'm going to be couting the seconds till the day it comes out! Pre-order it ASAP before they are all sold out...
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on 15 March 2007
I really don't understand why some people are claiming they feel ripped off, as I'm sure they looked at how many/what tracks there were on this disk before buying.

There may only be 20 tracks on anthems, but the songs are good and well-known (to a younger generation anyway). I would rather have quality than quantity, as in my opinion some songs on other discs are fillers.

Good tunes, good fun 10/10.
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on 2 April 2008
Although it has fewer songs than other singstars, it's a firm favourite with ladies of a certain age around here. We are 20-50 years. A few glasses of wine and we can be anyone featured on the track list. Should have been called "Anthems for ladies who dont get out so much but still need fun." Tracks do seem more female orientated but thats not a bad thing. Who said PS2 was for boys anyway?
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