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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2017
Excellent thank you
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on 30 May 2005
The year 1969 was a year in which unbelievable things happened: human beings walked on the moon and the New York Mets won the World Series. But such things usually come in threes and one nomination for that final spot would be that in 1969 the biggest selling pop song of the year was "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies. The group was created by producer Don Kirschner after he was fired by the Monkees. Behind the animated figures of Archie and the gang were a group of seasoned session vocalists including Andy Kim, Ron Dante, Ellie Greenwich, Jeanie Thomas and Toni Wine. Most of the songs recorded by the group were written by Jeff Barry, who usually wrote with his wife, Greenwich. But the two big Archies hits, "Sugar,Sugar" (#1) and "Jingle Jangle" (#10), were both co-written by Barry and Kim. You would have thought that would have been a giant clue for the pair to do more, but Barry wrote the majority of these songs by himself, and once he left the picture the Archies faded from music history.
The other minor hits by the Archies would be "Bang-Shang-A-Lang" (#22), "Feelin' So Good (S.k.o.o.b.y-D.o.o)" (#53), "Sunshine" (#57), and "Who's Your Baby?" (#40). Notice that the six singles that charted are the first six cuts on the album, so do not be surprised when this collection starts off strong and then by the time you get to the end of the album the flavor has gone out of it (what other metaphor would you suggest?). All of these songs fit the same mold, which means a catchy melody and meaningless lyrics about love. It would be easy to dismiss all bubblegum music as ear candy, but "Sugar, Sugar" sold six million copies. As long as you have the six songs that made the charts you have the basics covered and then the rest depends on how well you remember the Archies and your personal preferences as to what other songs you want in your collection. For most of us, having "Sugar, Sugar," and "Jingle, Jangle" as part of your bubblegum music collection is enough. This album would be for the die hard Archies fans.
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on 17 April 2014
Ok.....firstly, due to Amazons policy of lumping together reviews of different issues of cds on the same page lets get this clear, this review is for the Forever Gold FG357 cd issued in 2007. I have always been a fan of harmony, 'sunshine pop' call it what you will. The Archies were of course a made up 'cartoon band'. The lead vocals were all down to the prolific Ron Dante, America's equivalent of our own Tony Burrows (Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man, Pipkins et al). Ron was the voice of many releases including The Cuff Links (Tracy, When Julie comes around etc). Back to this cd, I was idly looking for a Archies compilation which are quite expensive to find, anyway, I came across this for 90p, new and sealed so duly ordered. The cd arrived and on reading the back cover in the small print was that dreaded bit..........some tracks are re-recorded by one or other......you know the one. I do NOT buy or own any re-recorded tat, like any true music fan I only want the originals. So with trepidation and before I threw it in the bin I played it.
Naturally it started track one of 12 with Sugar Sugar, ok so far so good clearly the ORIGINAL recording and on it went by track 12 im still waiting for a re-recording, didn't happen! I read the inside inlay which says only Track One i.e. Sugar Sugar is a re-recording!
Confused? so was I! I should add at this point I have spent 40 years in the music business and have made 28 records and been a radio presenter, so modestly I think I know a re-recording from an original! So to sum up as far as im concerned this is 12 original tracks (tpt 31.05 mins) for 90p. IF track one IS a re-recording then its time I was taken off to the home for old musicians gone deaf!
I wouldn't normally be bothered to write this much, but i'd hate you to miss a bargain and be misinformed! If anyone else buys this and disagrees with me i'd be delighted to hear your thoughts. In the meantime enjoy.................................
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on 28 July 2003
A great compilation of tracks by a “phantom combo” created in the ‘60s by Don Kirshner as animated comic characters. The singers were Andy Kim, Ron Dante and Toni Wine. Most of the songs were written / co-written by Jeff Barry including the best selling classic ‘Sugar Sugar’. Some of the lyrics are a bit goofy and banal in places but it’s good vibes all the way with songs about love, sunshine, sugar, rollerskates, candy etc. It’s a fantastic collection of feelgood bubblegum pop, complete with brief sleevenotes in English and German!
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on 17 September 2000
This 24 track CD is definitely THE best of the CD released compilations by the Archies. Not only does it feature the majority of the singles, but also contains some key album tracks from various Archies albums.
The best thing overall about this CD is in the sound quality. It sounds as if the folks down at Repertoire really took interest in the release and cleaned up the tracks to give them a more pristine sound. Most of the Archies' comps so far have been very low in quality with some sounding like they were lifted straight from the vinyl, complete with pops and crackles. This also features an attractive cover, which actually features the Archie gang; some of the other comps have not.
Another good thing is the selection of the 24 tracks. This CD features the songs "Justine", "Truck Driver", "Who's Gonna Love Me", and "Archie's Party" which up to this point had never been released on CD. This may be the closest thing we will get to an Archies box set, but I am still hoping!
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on 8 December 2003
The huge success of "Sugar Sugar" in 1970 spawned a host of similar bands and cartoon characters and led to the term "Bubblegum" being applied to songs that were sweet and lightweight in the lyric and instrumentation department.
The three UK hit singles, and their B-sides, are on this collection, together with eighteen other songs that make the Monkees sound like Led Zeppelin. The unwary should note that "Bang Shang A Lang", "Sugar and Spice" and "Rock and Roll Music" are not the same as songs of the same title by other famous groups. The last is only rock and roll in a Scooby-Doo sort of way.
Nevertheless it is all enjoyable and they are all the original recordings, cleaned up and transferred nicely onto CD. Perhaps best in short bursts, but well worth the dosh.
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on 22 January 2007
When The Monkees sacked music supremo Don Kirshner in 1967 over the battle for creative control, his next endeavor was a group that could never get such delusions of grandeur. The crudely animated The Archie Show was launched in 1968, and The Archies debut album followed shortly afterwards. By assembling a team that included Brill Building veteran Jeff Barry as chief songwriter and the versatile Ron Dante on lead vocals, Kirshner ensured that what could easily have been a lazy cash-in turns out to be a remarkably enduring record. Garage, psych-pop and even gospel are among the genres sprinkled lightly over this album which maintains a strong melodic sensibility throughout. US top 30 Bang Shang-a-Lang best highlights the commercial possibilities of the group, which would be fully realized by the bubblegum behemoth of Sugar Sugar the following year. Just two bonus tracks is disappointing, but this is otherwise indispensable for connoisseurs of 60's pop.
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on 20 June 2013
I can not find a thing I don't like about this cd sound quality ok plays with no problems and my grand daughter just loves it.
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on 8 February 2013
Aunque es un grupo inexistente, siempre me gustó de joven la canción Sugar, Sugar, que admás fué muy popular. La música es fácil y muy alegre.
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on 2 November 2016
I bought this CD on the strength of the Archies hit Sugar Sugar. The CD is very good if you enjoy pop/rock of the 1960s/70s. Brought back some great memories. I am pleased with my purchase and would buy again.
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