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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2007
Straight to the point: the best electro mix I've ever heard. I'm a sucker for dark mixes, be it prog or electro, and this is the king of the latter, followed closely perhaps by Sven Vath's Sound of the 6th Season and The Hacker's A.N.D. N.O.W. Where Sven's effort was in-your-face and angry, this is its moody, brooding cousin.

Funnily enough the first track gets on my nerves, interesting vocals effect though it is. But after that you can't go wrong - it's such a finely crafted and structured mix that it really needs to be appreciated in its whole rather than laying particular credit at the door of individual tracks. M.A.N.D.Y turns in a terifficly atmospheric and chilling remix of Tiefschwarz' own "Damage", while other highlights are Ichundu's dancefloor-killing "Hey" (which sounds like two tracks, broken up by the brilliant frightning, tribalesque vocal samples) and Tiefschwarz's rather artistic rework of Depeche Mode's John the Revelator, its layered xylophone tracks juxtoposed in the fashion of a lot of electro-experimenting composers of the 1960s like Stockhausen (I bet I get a few "not helpful" votes for comparing this to classical music).

Jamie Jones's electro flagship makes an appearance as one of the calmer moments of this mix and, though it's been mixed by just about everyone on the electro and minimal circuits, it finds its perfect home in this mix. The pan synths of Riton's whirling "Hammer of Thor" at the end adds an 80s element to the mix.

A thoroughly absorbing and intelligent mix from start to finish from an act who, with the likes of Sven, show why Germany arguably rule the waves of electro house.
Like this? Try either of the above two mixes or Tiefschwarz's new Black Music mix - more eccentric, varied and humourous and far less dark than this one, but nonetheless teriffic.
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on 22 September 2006
You know the score. You've just found a brilliant mix CD and love every minute of it. Months (or years) down the line you hear the next instalment is coming out and anticipation levels rocket. But once you have said CD, it doesn't quite live up to its predecessor and you end up feeling deflated.

Then there is the flip side to this - the CD which you had low expectations but once you hear it all preconceptions fly out the window. Well Fabric29 is an example of this for me.

The Tiefschwarz mix had been in the pipeline for an age, and the sound they were pushing seemed to be losing its edge, so I thought "(yawn) another cooler than thou minimal dull-fest". Well I'll eat my words - this is one of the best mixes of 2006 and probably one of the best Fabric mixes (and that IS saying a lot!)

This mix is basically a snap shot of the Schwarz brother's peak-time set. There are no duds on this mix at all - every track is a winner. Some highlights for me are

Louderbach's "Grace (Anxiety)", with its grumbling bass and bewitching noises.

Claude Vonstroke's "Whose Afraid Of Detroit?" which comes across like a slower, sexier version of "Geht's Noch?".

Tracey Thorn's trance-esque vocal over M.A.N.D.Y's disjointed remix of "Damage".

Thomas Schumacher's electro grind "Rotor" and the haunting chimes of "Amazon" by Jamie Jones. This is the proper sound of the mid-21st century. Highly recommended & worthy 5 stars.
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on 15 October 2006
Tiefschwarz's productions have always been a mixed experience for me. For every neat, quirky house tune there's an obnoxious screeching monstrosity waiting to pounce (THAT Kinda New remix, mainly.) So I bought this with an open mind, hoping to get turned on to a tune or two.

But the fact is, it's fantastic. The brothers Schwarz (wisely) stick to the subtler side of their sound. Nothing much here goes bzzzzzzzzzt. After the shifty, paranoid opener, we go straight into Claude Vonstroke's "who's afraid of detroit?", which is a perfectly moody techno cut with a twinkly, off kilter synth lead and neat subby bassline. The mood is deep and occasionally spooky as on "A.A.K.N.Y", but there's time for some nicely swung funk in Night On Earth's "Rondell" and the echoing horror-vibes of Jamie Jones' "Amazon".

This is really worth picking up, and far more consistent than your average Schwarz output.
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on 17 September 2007
I felt compelled to write a review of this mix as it would be a travesty should the uninitiated, minimal/electro-house connoisseurs of the world pass by what I believe is a seminal mix. I own virtually all the Fabric mixes and this one has stood the test of time in time-honoured fashion as one of the very best. In such exalted company that's high praise indeed. It follows in spirit the tone of the last few mixes which leans towards a more "Germanic" (for want of a better word) sound, selecting tracks borne out of or heavily-influenced by the Berlin labels which are home to the best that house has to offer.
The opening 5 or-so tracks, from "Anxiety" to "Bassic" are perfect, you will struggle not to be absorbed by the time the chugging bassline of Bassic drops in to the mix. I could eloborate further but others have done it with far more craft than I can muster now. Suffice to say, this really is one of those rare mixes that IS worth the money, you will go back for more time and again. And to those unfamiliar with the labels on show, this mix should launch you into a glorious journey of self-discovery about the whole scene (a vapid over-used word but apt in this instance) this mix showcases.
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on 8 July 2006
I just got this a couple of days ago having signed up as a Fabric member in order to get their releases early, and I have to say this is quite possibly my favourite Fabric CD! Right now I'm listening to it, I was listening all yesterday, tmw I'll be listening to it, it's simply beautiful at times. The last couple of tracks are the ones I'm particularly impressed with, Riton and Kate Wax's. The overall whole is stunning though and I'm now trying to acquire more of Tiefschwarz's material. I recommend this to anyone who may have lost faith in dance music, have a listen and get blown away!
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on 18 March 2008
Ignore track 3 (annoying soulful WHITE female singing!), which, ironically, is Tiefschwarz' own!!!! It's (in my opinion) THE most misplaced track EVER, EVER! BUT, the rest of the cd is what you're looking for. Trust me, it's THE druggy tech house mix you've been looking for. Dark? Of course. But that's what we want, eh?
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on 15 July 2012
Like all work by Tiefschwarz it needs time to grow on you. Item in good condition, service good. If you don't enjoy immediately persevere. John
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on 11 August 2006
Its been quite a journey with Tiefschwarz. I remember picking up the rather well-received Ral9000 on Derrick Carter's top Classic imprint half expecting some obscure German-esque bleepy techno with a name like that. What I did in fact end up with was one hell of an amazing summery deep house album (particularly recommended in vinyl form for the additional tracks and alternate versions).

As time has progressed, Tiefschwarz have evolved towards a more electronic sound, stepping deftly through the electro house period where they could easily be aligned with the likes of Freeform Five and Mylo, up to the slightly less standard, trippier sound that is emanating from Berlin.

I wasn't overly wowed by the Misch Masch mix compilation bar the lovely collection of Tiefschwarz remixes that came on the second CD, and the Ral9000 follow-up Eat Books just didn't register at all with me. However, after the recent Essential Mix and now this playing through my headphones, I'm pretty impressed with where we have ended up.

There is the odd occasion of the mixing style ever so slightly letting the duo down for my own personal taste, but this is hugely overshadowed by an absolutely A* track selection. I've found myself wanting to track down every track on this mix ... and absorb everything made by the makers of such wonderful electronic music. After the disappointing dullathon from Mathew Dear, this is a real treat. The tracks flurry around the edges of dark minimal, blissed out electro and brooding progressive, all picked with a real connoisseurs touch to absolutely tickle the ears.

Really good this, well worth investing in and also trawling the net to discover a copy of their Essential Mix too.
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