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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 January 2010
i'm not one for urban music as a rule, it's just not my thing.........so, having stumbled upon this i've gotta admit to being totally bowled over by the quality of this release. the beats & samples this guy uses are alone worthy of the purchase but his lyrics are simply something else....ok, it's not what you call lighthearted material, the language is extreme to say the least but nothing is out of keeping with the subject matter...i can honestly say i couldn't find a weak track on the whole album with SKK TO DEF (for me) being the absolute standout track, Plan B's use of lyrics on this track alone left me sat there with my mouth wide open in both shock & admiration.
not only does the guy sing but he's also one hell of an actor, seen in Adulthood & just recently as one of the main characters in Harry Brown.....hopefully, he'll continue in both music & film without having to choose one over the other...i'm already looking forward to the new material.
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on 4 September 2007
Plan B is amazing, What a contrast of two completly diferent music styles fused together in one album,His lyrics Are amazing and so powerfull,the stories he tells while breaking it down on the guitar are made full of experiences throughout life. A deffinate purchase for anyone no matter what style your into!
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on 27 December 2010
Like a lot of others I got into plan b through his recent defamation of strickland banks album and now want to look back at his earlier work. I knew to expect a very different album and was keeping an open mind. The tracks are varied and some work better than others, occasionally veering too much in favour of shock value, but overall the album shows a talented young man bursting with ideas and potential. The title track is my favourite and works equally well in its purist form when performed with just his voice and a guitar (see You tube performance). Some very honest and personal lyrics, definately a cut above the usual hip hop content.
I recommend you buy and give it a listen.
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2006
If you think that the world is populated by an inordinate numbers of ner do wells, deviants , disenfranchised and just complete scum then be warned -in the world of Plan B that's all there is-no nobility. Love, compassion or milk of human kindness. Just the curdled queasy detritus of society, Plan B, s worldview is not so much dark as in permanent solar eclipse.
Plan B is 22 year old Ben Drew from Forest Gates London who with his incredibly coarse lyrics, violent imagery (Opening song "Kidz" has him threatening to "Tie a bandana round my head like Rambo, shoot you on your doorstep like Jill Dando") and general dog eat dog attitude will be dismissed as some Council estate yob espousing violence and nihilism to impressionable youth .This is of course pure snobbery. Listen to the lyrics and a palpable anger at the way society is headed, in fact is already at, and an unexpected literate nobility emerges. Whether he is implicating himself in the gratuitous knifing of some innocent in the narrative twisting "Sick 2 Def", lamenting with on the surface cold disdain, if that's possible, his lack of a relationship with his estranged father in "I Don't Miss You" or the scalding "Mama "about his mothers relationship with a crack addict this is music that has a resonant empirical authority and a lean hard unsentimental morality.
Surprisingly for a hip hop album the music is primarily not constructed around skittish samples and juddering break beats but with an acoustic guitar and while he raps with the urgency and sheer viciousness of a Tasmanian Devil , occasionally he slips into a pleasant soulful croon. Hippy hop anyone? "No More Eatin" recorded with the assistance of fellow 679 artists The Earlies reaches a raging climax that nods to the songs tale of Drew's descent into street carnage and also tips a battered hat to Rage Against The Machine. The album slightly runs out of steam towards it's conclusion with anti drugs parable "Missin Links" stymied by Radioheads infuriating refusal to let Drew use the opening bars of "The Pyramid Song".
There is no doubt though that "Who Needs Actions When You Have Got Words" is the most vital exigent exciting hip hop debut since Blade released "The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength" back in the nineties. And that is taking into account The Streets "Original Pirate Material" which this album will inevitably be compared with. Sure it's crude, vulgar and scummier that Pete Doherty's bathroom but rather than glorifying street culture and casual violence it forensically reveals what it really is, completely mindless. It speaks about Britain far more effectively and eloquently than any Government white paper. If only the powers that be were listening.
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on 10 November 2011
I bought this album when it first came out, listened to the first few tracks a few times, and thought that it's just trying to shock, so gave up on it.

Then scanning through my collection I thought I would give this album one more try, but for once all the way through. What a shock. This album is diverse in style, and shows what a talented artist Plan B really is. I have no reason to write this review, as this album has already received much praise, however I feel many may disregarded this album, as a result of Plan B "chart success", and that would be a huge mistake.
Great album. Highly recommended.
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on 13 May 2013
First heard of plan b when his album "the defamation of strickland banks" was out, Wasnt overly fussed on his stuff at that point. Watched the film "ill manors" which was directed by plan b (great film, great soundtrack), I got the sound track to the film, really loved it, then i got this album and REALLY loved it.

Its nice to see a uk rapper that writes well thought out lyrics. Very dark, very raw songs, all very well recorded... some really spine tingling tracks on this album. Buy this album and support a talented UK artist who deserves to be successful.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2006
I have never really understood why kids (especially white kids) in London talk with West Indian accents when most of them have probably never even been there on holiday. Thats part of the reason I have always avoided the UK urban scene, I though hip-hop was about 'keeping it real' etc. not pretending to be someone you're not. That's why I should really hate this album but I don't because there's a real energy and originality to it that makes it a cut above the rest.

I bought this album after hearing the Epicman/Plan B track 'More is Enough' on Radio 1 one night. I was blown away by that track on the first listen and even though it's not included on this album I thought I'd get it anyway. Plan B clearly owes a lot to Eminem, his venomous style and ugly metaphors are very similar. His lyrical style is aggressive but intelligent and I like the fact that he criticises the violent youth gun culture of today and doesn't pretend he is a gansta like most rappers. He occasionally borrows lines from other rappers (untouchable like Elliot Ness?) but still sounds fresh and original because his sound is unpolished and raw. I particularly like the track 'Where Ya From', his words are thoughful and actually mean something unlike all the pointless pimps & ho's rubbish.

'More is Enough' is still my favourite Plan B track because I prefer it's ramped up tempo to the more traditional hip-hop beats on this album but the tight production and talent of this youngster make this album a winner.

Like this? Try: Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
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on 26 December 2010
Plan B's prior release to The def of S banks is a raw unpolished version of what we have today. He was probably told by his record company to alter his style to become acceptable in 'polite' society. If you like bands like NWA and their lyrics then you will like this, if you don't like rapping about underage sex, extreme street violence and constant cursing then I would stay away.
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on 17 October 2006
This album is mind blowing. I picked it randomly when it came out, not really sure what to expect but this is great stuff. Powerful lyrics, no nonsense gansta rubbish lyrics, great beats, very refreshing. My best buy of 2006. Buy it, you won't regret it.
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on 13 March 2013
The language is shocking but it feels soooooooooooooooooooo real.

Ever wanted to get into the head of east end youf?

Want to understand how the London riots were in our psyche.

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