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on 1 February 2009
I felt compelled to write this, my first Amazon review, given that this product really does deliver on its simple aims.

As other reviewers have noted, it is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, intuitive and straightforward to use, and above all simply works allowing you to focus on delivering the message of your presentation rather than the presentation itself.

It implements the common USB Human Interface Device (HID) standard and hence is widely supported on most, if not all, platforms without the installation of specific drivers hence is ideal for use on company PCs whose security policy may not allow the installation of non-sanctioned 3rd party software. It works by emulating the key presses of Page Down, Page Up and B for next, previous and blank/black respectively. Perhaps less obvious is that the laser pointer button also sends an F5 key press - this is used by Powerpoint to start a presentation if still in design mode. All-in-all, if your application can be driven by these keys it can be driven by this.

A useful feature not mentioned elsewhere is that the USB wireless receiver contains a discreet LED which illuminates green in response to each key press. This positive feedback confirms the working range and that the batteries are healthy. If the batteries are on their way out the LED instead illuminates red. This completely eliminates any 'I hope the batteries are going to be okay' concerns you might have prior to delivering that keynote presentation! Speaking of batteries, when you put the receiver dongle back inside the handset it automatically disconnects the power so that you can't flatten the batteries through inadvertent key presses when inside your bag.

Incidentally, I note that there appears to be a version of this device without a laser pointer so make sure you're buying the right one as they look similar!

All in all a high quality product - if you're looking for a decent straightforward presenter with laser pointer stop now - you've found it.
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on 31 May 2007
I'm a University lecturer, and I have long hated being confined behind a lecturn to change slides in a Powerpoint presentation by using the mouse or keyboard. I have just bought one of these remote control units, and it is quite brilliant! It is literally Plug 'n' Play (i.e. you don't have to reboot the computer with the USB receiver in to have the computer recognise it) and means you are free to wander the room as you speak, and deliver a much more interactive experience to your audience. The laser pointer is an added bonus, and the fact that the USB receiver sits inside the main unit when not in use (disabling it so that battery power isn't wasted by accidental button pressing) is a fantastic piece of design. Absolute genius!
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on 1 July 2008
I do a lot of presentations with my job, and wanted a reliable & simple means of controlling Powerpoint etc remotely. This does the job perfectly.

It's plug & Play (both on my XP machine, and also my MacBook) and has controls to enable you to: -

1. Move forward (i.e. page down in PPT)
2. Move backward (i.e. page up in PPT)
3. Blank the screen (i.e. pressing B in PPT)
4. Fire the laser pointer

It fits nicely into the hand, too, and the USB receiver stick clicks into the body of the handset for easy storage. Obviously it works for other applications, too, and not just Powerpoint. It just emulates the keypresses shown above, so you can view PDFs, Word docs etc in the same way.

All in all, an excellent bit of kit.
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on 26 January 2007
Very easy to use for any computer and any presentation. This handy little gadget fits snuggly into the palm of the hand and gives you the ability to wander around when presenting. No more need to keep returning to wherever you've managed to stretch the mouse cable to for a click to advance a frame (that is so distracting). I bought this gadget and also bought a USB extension cable to ensure that the receiver was in clear line with the remote. No need. The receiver USB port could be tucked under a desk behind a door in the next room and each click of the button would still advance you a frame. Tiny little receiver also tucks snuggly into the handset which de-activates the handset and prevents battery waste. Easy to use buttons and absolutely no software to use. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. Added bonus with the laser pointer .... great if you have cats to play with!!!!!
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on 14 April 2008
I bought the remote, not actually needing it for a week or two, with next day delivery. I've seen the remotes in action, and have used one in the past and I was terribly eager to get my hands on one... The first thing I did (after tearing through the packaging like a kid on Christmas morning) was plug it in and open up an old presentation. My lord! I sat there for hours going back and forth, using the blackout function (the screen fades to black at the touch of a button, incredibly helpful if you need to move on to something else for a while, or there is a break). The design is perfect, the way the usb receiver fits into the remote and turns off the power, and so elegantly retracts back out aswell.

I bought this especially for an AGM which I am chairing, and I refuse to return to the lecturn for every click when I am on a massive stage. For those who want to give really good presentations, and want to move around more and interact more with the audience, this is great. You are never tied down to returning or standing by the laptop/computer just to carry on. The lazer is also brilliant for pointing out things in pictures or videos (yet another way to keep the audience amused).

I always buy products from Amazon according to what others say in their reviews, and to anyone reading this and thinking about buying it. Then all I can say is don't hesitate one more moment.
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on 25 September 2007
I have used several wireless presenters.
Some are fiddly because they have too many controls. Some have a poor range. Because I use my presnter when I am out and about I have lost the USB receiver for every presenter have used also because I tend to keep my presenter in my pocket it has often turned on accidentally with consequent battery wastage.
This presenter looks neat, has an astonishing range and simple controls but best of all the receiver is housed in the presenter itself when not in use and this turns the unit off. So no more lost receivers and no more battery wastage. Excellent.
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on 27 August 2009
I was delighted by this slide changer but please don't get ripped off by DON RUFFLES.
They charged be £13-90 for delivery but when the package came the postage was £1-30 in a light envelope.
This means that the company made a profit of £12-50 on the postage.
Great product just don't but from this company and shame on Amazon for colluding in this highway robbery!
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on 15 January 2008
Great value for money, and after fitting the two AAA batteries works intuitively and instantly straight out of the box (well, plastic blister pack to be precise) without any drivers to load. Very ergonomic with a tactile rubbery finish on the underside. Probably the best gadget I'll buy this year.
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on 11 September 2013
In short: While the older version of this remote works with all computers, the new model being sold here and else where aren't so reliable and don't work with all computers. I have no idea why.

For years we've used one of these in church to change over slides during the services. It's been round multiple laptops and operating systems (at least four macs, and a dozen varying windows machines). We lost ours about five months ago and as we liked the old one so much, we just bought a like-for-like replacement. Except it didn't work. The laser worked fine, but two windows machines didn't recognise it as a remote, just some unknown USB device. Never mind we thought, must be a dud. Sent it back to Amazon, they dispatch a new one. All very helpful. Except the new one doesn't work. So I try it on as many computers as possible. A few windows computers recognise it as an unknown USB device, one Mac on OS X recognises it as a wireless keyboard but can't work out what kind of keyboard (which doesn't let it function as a presenter remote). A few computers (with no rhyme no reason) work with it fine, but bizarrely not the ones that used to use the old presenter remote.

I do some snooping around online and it turns out that while the appearance of the pointer hasn't changed, something internally has and now it no longer works with everything consistently. I have no idea why. It's a shame as when it works it's wonderful and does exactly what you want and no more. Hopefully Kensington will issue a recall on the dodgy model, but right now I'd avoid buying it, even if you've had ones in the past that work fine.
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on 29 October 2007
This little gadget, certainly lives up to all my expectations and the price is terrific. I've been looking on the high street for something similar and refused to pay the £50+ This is discreet, easy to use and the built in laser pointer is a real bonus. The added feature of battery conservation by inserting the usb key into the presenter really is great. I'd recommend it to anyone lecturing or presenting, doesn't matter how few or how many you do - don't be without one!
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