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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2017
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on 1 August 2017
french and funny
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on 4 March 2011
Having seen (and loved) the first two Taxi films, I bought this one more in hope than expectation.

Having now watched it, I have to say that whilst the underlying story has moved on a bit (two of the main characters, Emilien and Petra, are now married) the plot content has got a bit bogged down. There is an early nod to the James Bond franchise, but there is little else that is new. It is still a "bungling police v. gang of robbers" theme, and it is possible to detect just a bit of laziness this time round. The hilariously incompetent chief of Police now seems to have been reduced to little more than a bit-part.

I found the Chinese villain characters insubstantial and superficial - there could have been a lot more made of them, in the way that Taxi 2 made some effort to explore and make fun of Japanese Yakuza. The stunts in Taxi 3 seemed a bit tired too.

On the whole, they could have made this one even better, but they missed the target in favour of repeat themes.

I see that they have made Taxi 4, but I think I'll be giving that one a miss.
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on 30 May 2012
In fact, this amoeba of a movie really might be the very worst film I've ever seen or ever will see, and even that's being VERY generous. Now I enjoyed the first Taxi movie, which had a sense of speed and fun even if there weren't many stunts. I even enjoyed Taxi 2 in its no-brainer way despite the worse direction (different director, held over for this one for some inexplicable reason) because it had plenty of good stunts. But this film really is like the filmmakers knew they'd have a guaranteed audience no matter what so decided to spend 83 very long minutes throwing merde at the audience to see if they'd eat it. It's that bad. No: it's worse.

It starts off with some badly shot stunts ripped off from Jackie Chan's Operation Condor that lead into our hero giving a James Bond figure a lift he'll never forget. Now obviously Pierce Brosnan's contract wouldn't let him do it, but they could have tried for Timothy Dalton or even Roger Moore. I'm sure if Roge was busy they could have got George Lazenby, who's done that sort of thing before enough times. But no, the joke falls flat because they get that epitome of suave sophisticated British espionage himself, Slyvester Stallone (dubbed badly into French) to do the part. Worse is that not only is this almost the best part of the film but it has the only stunts in the whole picture. It does lead into a very, very funny one-minute send-up of the new Bond title sequences that is genuinely terrific, but once that's over, turn off at once - you will not get the next 70 minutes of your life back and you will resent it.

It's horribly wrong on every level. The two stars don't even meet for 45 minutes, and when they do the charm is replaced with whining, there are no chases or big stunts - this from a film who's only reason to exist is car stunts - and a boring plot about Chinese villains disguising themselves as rollerblading Santas to rob Marseilles' biggest bank. But in the end, they don't bother, they go to Switzerland instead. The taxi follows them, the robbers get very easily arrested and the cop goes to hospital where the girlfriend he didn't notice was pregnant for 8 months is having a baby. The end. Add terrible, horrible mistimed 'comic' relief from Bernard Farcy playing a pompous deluded chief inspector and Bai Ling horrendously made up as the most repugnant racist stereotype of Chinese whoredom (sorry, there's no other description) in a hideously misogynist part and you've got a film that manages to be dumb, boring, pointless and offensive without ever passing 'vaguely interesting' along the way. When the best joke is a dumb comic relief black cop being run over by a car he's trying to commandeer because he's black ("It's okay, I'm used to it"), you know you're in the *beep* Never have I seen a film so lazy and with so much contempt for its audience, and I've seen three Michael Bay movies. THAT bad and worse.
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on 6 February 2007
I am writing this as a massive fan of the first Taxi and the soundtracks to all three films. However, I felt compelled to review this realistically after seeing the 5 star rating it currently enjoys.

On every level, this is an incoherent rehash of the first two films, with even less plot. That is arguably also the case for Taxi 2, but that remained watchable thanks to some great car chases, and the return of familiar characters such as Commissaire Gibert. However, this final effort to make some cash from the success of the first film is an embarrassment, lacking any plot, wit, action, or charm.

Anyone new to the series should definitely buy Taxi 1, (memorable for the spectacular car chases round Marseille) and possibly the sequel, if they fancy watching the same film set in Paris. But please leave it at that!
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on 23 December 2006
This movie is not as good as Taxi or Taxi 2, but it has a different feel and charm to it, which makes it yet another great Taxi movie. There is alot of comedy in this movie and there are no bad guys in fancy cars who daniel has to beat in a race, instead this film shows a maturer Daniel and Emelien facing fatherhood, but not before saving the city from a gang of robbing Santa Clauses. Its also different in that its set in winter time and that Emelien and Daniel realise they have to change and grow up to become good fathers. There is one scene in particular which was fantastic and that was when the car converted into a sort of snowmobile and drove down a mountain. This is something i have never seen before and as always with the Taxi movies, it was real and there were very little special effects involved. The fact that all the stunts are real is what makes it so good.

This is not an action packed adventure like the first two films, which is why i think it is good. Its takes a different approach instead of taking the risk of boring us with the same old car chases as the previous two films have. This is a nice film, its funny, has some amazing stunts and brings the Taxi adventures to a happy and mature ending. I would recommend this film to anyone who has seen the first two and loved them. Again its not as good as the first two, but it is still a great film that i enjoy watching again and again.
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on 16 October 2006
If you liked the first 2 taxi films, you'll enjoy this one just as much. The slick car chases, the irreverant boss, the slightly-bumbling detective, the super-cool taxi driver.

Emilien's wife (Petra) is now pregnant as he chases the Santa Claus gang around Marseille; Daniel has relationship difficulties with his gorgeous girlfriend Lily; return of the nutty boss Gilbert, Daniel's prospective father-in-law makes another army-inspired performance.

Besson directs as capably as always.

All-in-all, a laugh a minute - even better when my French improves !
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on 16 January 2008
A nice Cameo from Sylvester Stallone at the start. This film has all the lovable characters familiar from the previous two films. Its very funny but too short. The santa claus gang are less convincing than the mercedes gang or the japanese yazukas of the previous outings. Emilien not noticing Petra is eight months pregnant is very funny. This is the weakest of the three, but worth watching, unlike the American remake with Queen Latifah.
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on 17 September 2012
When you get to 3, expectations are not high. I was hugely surprised: loved it and even maybe the best - still to watch 4. But 3 is so good, I will wait and watch it again, which is not my style. Great fun, bit silly at times but highly recommend.
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on 9 May 2007
I loved Taxi, a superb ballance of action, plot and comedy. Taxi 2 was such a great dissapointment as the plot was weaker, the jokes poor, the action overly scripted and often badly shot, leaving just the driving to keep it together. So now we have 3.

The first thing to do on watching this is forget about the first movie. This is a fun romp where a series of jokes have been linked together by a thin plot. Once you take that attitude it is rather fun. The opening sequence is worth the rental cost alone (if you go that route), and there are other gem scenes (Daniel driving Lilly and her father).
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