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on 11 January 2014
A Johnny To film. Watched on tv years ago, liked it so bought it as well as the sequel. Like most directors, Johnny To has his own stylised way of constructing and filming. Besides makes good change from the mundane hollywood dishouts. Am somewhat of a fan of asian films. This film - enjoyed it, and that's what counts. If unsure, check out the trailers somewhere on the net. Unfortunately still only available in dvd format. Enjoy folks !!
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on 5 May 2015
This is not an action packed film , its about triads electing a new leader,all wanting to be top dog, going to any lengths, its well acted, some really big named asian actors, very violent in some places,the sequel election no2 is better in my opinion, its hard for me to review this, l no its a good film ,just not my type ,
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on 14 July 2017
Goods as described. Great service. No problems with order. I highly recommend this seller.
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on 23 August 2014
Excellent if like me you like Asian Films and Dramas. There are three DVD to make this complete, try to get them in order. Makes for better watching . yet they are all single films with good endings.
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on 11 January 2015
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on 2 May 2016
"Election" is a gangster (triad) film from Hong Kong, directed by Johnnie To. The "Wo Sing" (Triad) Society, is about to elect a new "Chairman". Elections happen every two years, the process controlled by a group of senior elder triad figures "Uncles" (it's a bit like a company board electing a new CEO.....sort of). No chairman may serve for more than one two-year term.

There are two candidates in the running, "Lam Lok" (Simon Yam) and "Big D" (Tony Leung ka-fai). The film charts the various negotiations, secret agreements, switches of allegiance and betrayals as the election process unfolds - again, probably not unlike in a few board rooms over the years - (though I suspect with more knife fights and people getting kidnapped and rolled down hills in creates, than in your typical FTSE 100 company!)

In addition, the politics (even the police seem to want a peaceful transition) and historical tradition of balance and "brotherhood" (embodied by senior "Uncle Teng") coming into head long conflict with the modern world of personal ambition, money and greed for power, is nicely captured. Such is the mood of absolute betrayal that, even up to the very end, I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

Not as graphically violent as some gangster films, but the film certainly doesn't shirk it and never tries to glamourise the characters, nor their lives or actions.

It looks very good, with top-notch central performances, from both Yam and Leung ka-fai, in particular.

I really enjoyed it.

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on 4 May 2007
"Election" directed by Johnnie To, is an engaging action thriller that manages to entertain the spectator, but that might scare some people due to numerous scenes of violence.

The two main characters are Lok (Simon Yam) and Big D (Tony Leung), the two main candidates to become the new chairman of one of Hong Kong's most importants triads, the Wo Shing Society. The senior members of the The Wo Shing Society have the power to choose the next president, and will do so in a triad-run election. But how far is each of these candidates willing to go in order to have absolute power? And where do tradition, loyalty and duty stand in modern times?

These questions, and some more, will be answered if you give "Election" a chance. This is the first movie I watch by this Hong Kong director, and I liked it well enough to know I will try to find out more about his work. From my point of view, this film is not perfect (3.5 stars out of 5), but it original, and well-worth seeing, if you can stand the sometimes shocking violence. If that is the case, recommended...

Belen Alcat
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on 13 March 2012
This is an intelligent, slow drama about a Triad family, in Hong Kong.

The film looks 1990's and tells the modern tale of a Triad family's election of a new Chairman, which happens every two years. The election sees two favourites (Big D vs Lok) emerge and become rivals, whilst evading a police detective team.

It is almost an Asian Godfather type of movie, full of slow paced drama and conversations, with very little action which unexpectedly (and tamely) explodes at the end (ready for a better sequel?). The culture of the film is it's unique charm, creating a credible world cinema insight and thus is a niche film with a few positives. The Triad gang culture (and 'the society') is interesting but this film is more another re-flavoured and redressed family power battle.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWERon 15 December 2006
Despite a tight narrative, Johnnie To's Election feels at times like it was once a longer picture, with many characters and plot strands abandoned or ultimately unresolved. Some of these are dealt with in the truly excellent and far superior sequel, Election 2: Harmony is a Virtue, but it's still a dependably enthralling thriller about a contested Triad election that bypasses the usual shootouts and explosions (though not the violence) in favour of constantly shifting alliances that can turn in the time it takes to make a phone call. It's also a film where the most ruthless character isn't always the most threatening one, as the chilling ending makes only too clear: one can imagine a lifetime of psychological counselling being necessary for all the trauma that one inflicts on one unfortunate bystander.

Simon Yam, all too often a variable actor but always at his best under To's direction, has possibly never been better in the lead, not least because Tony Leung's much more extrovert performance makes his stillness more the powerful.
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on 28 November 2010
Totally poor. It is so bad quality i checked to see if it was a pirate copy. All the people have green skin colour. It's a shame as it is supposed to be a good film and i can't watch it
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