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on 11 April 2017
Great little product that is used on an extension from my router to supply my game consoles and tv a direct Ethernet connection. Frees up wifi for other devices in the house and helps to decrease latency in gaming.

I think this company really missed a trick with this, which is to have it powered using only USB. Having bought a simple cable for it, (I can't remember the size of the end now sorry), simply just plugs into a usb port on my tv, rather than taking up a wall socket and now provides Internet to 4 devices, which turns off or on depending on the TV being Off or on, so helps to cut back on energy usage, even though this device is very power efficient.
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on 27 June 2017
I have two of these in my home network now, and I am very happy with them.

They draw very little power, are small enough to hide behind things, and no setups is required.

Just plug an Ethernet cable from the Router into port 5, and all your devices into the other 4 ports and away you go.

The main difference between this and the metal one is cost and mounting holes. This item is cheaper, and light enough that sticky back velco can hold it under a desk or on the back of a tv unit.
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on 4 August 2017
When I first bought this little box I was a little suspicious at its price. It seems to be the only item in this price range. I now have four and all have worked flawlessly, the oldest being nearly four years old. It doesn't matter which cable goes where so it would seem all ports work up or down stream. The lights indicate activity. The little box is neat and robust. It isn't too much of an eyesore bearing in mind it has umpteen cables sticking out of it, each with a mind of its own.
With that in mind the only drawback is the lack of fixing holes. I've fixed mine with cable tie bases and ties (square type with sticky back) underneath desks and on the back of the TV. A couple of short low cost Cat 5/6 cables neaten things up.
Does the job at a good price.
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on 5 November 2017
Compact little saviour !!! Very small as in compact i should say..its like a size of a dunhill international cig box sorry as a smoker thats the only example i cud come up with... haha...
Anywsys works like a charm....no issues..
But rem u see 5 but u only get 4 ports as u ll need 1 connect ur broadband router to this device.. so 1 gone incase u want more ports buy another bigger one plus this only comes in white.
but its a good & safe buy.delivery was super quick.
Me very happy as new sky router only has 2 ethernet ports for those upgrading in the near future.. (be perpared)
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on 11 July 2017
My requirement was the cheapest unmanaged 100Mbps switch I could find and this does the job perfectly. I only have 3Mbps broadband and don't do any large file transfers at home so had no use for a gigabit switch. The switch was nicely packaged and from a name I recognised. It's been running non-stop since June 1st 2017 and have had zero issues with it. I would definitely buy this product again.
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on 25 September 2016
Small compact and perfect, the price is great and it really is a case of plug and play! I installed this switch and everything just connects straight to the network. Cables are more hassle to install, but give much better results in terms of reliability and speed. The only downside to this switch is it's a 10/100Mbps so you can't get Gigabit networking speeds from it. Look elsewhere for that, you can get them for just a slightly higher price and even if you don't have a Gigabit network, at least you'll be future proofing it!
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on 23 December 2017
This product is hands down, the best £6.99 I've ever spent. Requires no setup whatsoever, you just plug it into the power, then put whichever Ethernet cables connected to your devices that you want to into the back. You won't hit any kind of slowdown or lag due to having multiple devices connected unless you have VERY fast internet - over 100mbps - Nowhere near what the average person is going to have. If you are someone lucky enough to have a ludicrously fast internet connection, the same company does have pricier, beefier options that can handle insane data speeds.
But none of them are such amazing value for money as this gem, and about 95% of people won't need anything so fancy.
An absolute godsend.
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on 8 June 2017
Very handy to have if you are setting up a home network and plan to connect multiple device (let say a TV, PS4, XBOX, PS3, PC in a room and another TV and Nintendo in another and a PC in a third). The main issue is that every now and again when the power cuts of or the network (router) drops the connection these little devices take a while to kickstart again.
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on 11 July 2017
Absolutely fantastic for the price. Had it for almost a month and I've had no issues at all, and I was surprised at how small it is. Instructions were simple, just put the WAN/internet connection into port 5, and the other ports for the rest of your devices, worked straight away.

It's mounted on my wall nicely with a velcro strip, works like a charm!
review imagereview image
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on 29 February 2016
This is one of those items that I was hoping to buy cheap, plug in, make sure it was working and then forget about. I've been able to do exactly that. I bought it to give me a few wired ethernet connections behind my TV stand for my Xbox, Smart TV and Apple TV. To be fair, two of those devices already worked over my home WiFi, but for network stability and a solid connection, you can't beat a good ol' wire going into the back of something!

There are no ethernet cables provided with this switch, just a power cable, so you will need an ethernet cable for each device you want to connect. Once I had untangled three patch cables from my "magical box of tangled cables" ( I keep meaning to sort them out with colour-coordinated velcro straps, but that’s another story!), the switch was plugged in and working within 2 minutes of unboxing, which is exactly what I hoped for.

The plastic casing is obviously going to feel a little cheaper than the brushed metal look on the more expensive switches, but it feels well made, even if it is very light. It runs completely silently and uses little power, so you won't notice a surge in any electricity bills!

This device has some limits, which are worth knowing for someone with high needs, but for the average Joe like me, this is ideal. It has a 100Mbps limit, but this hasn't affected any of my TV or gaming habits. Technically, it claims to have 200Mbps full duplex, but I confess that this is where my brain starts to hurt, and I just have to pretend I understand. I **THINK** it means that the switch can run 100Mbps in both directions simultaneously but you won't get a 200Mbps streaming rate in one direction. In layman's terms: I have watched full HD (1080p) Netflix shows through this switch, without any buffering, on a broadband connection of under 60Mbps. I often wonder how many people benefit hugely from the 100Mbps+ range but the limit may be frustrating for someone who has splashed out on a broadband speed of 200Mbps.

So if you have paid out for a 200Mbps broadband, AND for Ultra HD content AND an Ultra HD TV, then I strongly advise you pay the extra for one of the TP-Link's "big brothers" with a Gigabit limit. However, if like me, you want a cheap little switch to add to your nest of cables tucked behind your poor old "1080p TV", this is perfectly fine. Plug it in, check it works, forget about it!
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