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3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2007
This is the best Gorgoroth album so far. Gaahl's vocals have evolved into a better matching style to the music and the diversity has also developed since "Twilight." Drums come from the mighty Frost and the guitars still have that confident and unrelenting attack drone. No low points on this one, but personal highs include the morose slumber og "Sign of an Open Eye" and when "Whiteseed" kicks in you'll be exhilirated. Let's just hope they get it together for some more releases and touring.
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on 19 April 2016
This album is a first from the Black Metal gods. And anyone who doesn't agree and says that "Gaahl and King are tarnishing Black Metal! They are not elitists!" or " Pure Black Metal died along with Euronymous and Dead" do not understand change or the mindset of Black Metal.
Agreed, you will never be able to defeat the original Black Metal of Mayhem, Darkthrone or Emperor but (like most bands) over time, their sound has evolved and the imagery has vanished. They continue to play Black Metal perfectly, but the Satanic lyrics and Corpse Paint has gone. This is where Gorgoroth keep to the original idea of Black Metal. King's music and Gaahl's lyrics still worship the Black god, the stage shows ate terrifying and riddled with blood and decapitated sheep, the mysticism and controversy of the members, their art and their live shows still surround them but, they still keep going strong. They seem to be one of the very few Black Metal bands that refuse to let their past go. Gorgoroth still keep the music, the imagery and their beliefs strong and, although Gaahl's decision to come out as gay shocked the Black Metal world and his band-mates especially, we have all come to respect his decision and we still worship him as one of the best Black Metal vocalists the world has to offer.
Now, as for the album, the raw Satanic Music of King and the demonic vocals of Gaahl give this album a special place in the history of Black Metal (in my opinion). And this album is a first for Gorgoroth in the fact that none of the lyrics are Norweigian, Infernus had no input with writing the music and it is (yet again, in my opinion) the only Gorgoroth album that has perfect production, which is not important in Black Metal but intersting and a relief.
From a musical point of view, this album is perfect. Although Gaahl and King hate Infernus (what other band still work together although they hate each other, eh) the Bass, Guitar and drums from the master of drums that is Frost all compliment each other and deliver the traditional Gorgoroth mix of blow your ears off brutality and speed to slow, yet majestic and satanic songs with Gaahl's shriek and growl melting and destroying everything in it's path. The songs "Sign Of An Open Eye" and "Prosperity And Beauty" show this contrast of musical speed in a perfect light and are the stand-out tracks on this album.
Also, the fact this album came so quickly from so far away and arrived in perfect condition is really impressive. Amazon never let me down!
Overall (including delivery) this album is perfect and everytging Black Metal should be. If you're not aware of Gorgoroth, this album is the epitome of Gorgoroth and Black Metal as a whole. Metal perfection!
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on 27 June 2007
gorgoroth are a norwegian black metal band that formed in 1992 yet their place in the epic history of the genre takes a very back seat to bands like emperor,bathory,ensalved,immortal and mayhem,fair of not,gorgoroth have never really dipped their toes into anything less than pure black metal,no majestic choirs,no imposing keyboards and no female singing,this is their ethos and on album number seven,'ad majorem sathanas gloriam' which is latin for 'for the greater glory of satan' all of that is fulfilled again.

The album is fierce but melodic,its hard to escape the word melodic in black metal for the most part,but the melodies as you can imagine are found in the guitars with gorgoroth with maiden-esque riffing tinged with a black heart of course.The first five tracks are very good indeed,and track number five 'white seed' is a little different from the norm with clean vocals,sometimes spoken that sound a little slipknot like in places.The following two tracks are instantly forgettable,they are just a little too generic and seem out of zinc with what comes before,the final track 'prosperity and beauty' restores my faith in the band with a gallant riff and sense of purpose and style.

The album like all good black metal albums clocks in at 31 minutes so nothing really outstays its welcome and with the brilliant frost on drums you know that the drumming will keep you air drumming away so in conclusion this album warrants a nice 3.5 out of 5,a job well done.
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on 13 December 2013
Very poor, still not received and would rather have a refund instead. Given up and its practically coming up to a month. Will never buy from this seller again, complete waste and nothing to show for it. Doesn't even deserve one star but had no choice.
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