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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2007
Some of the best episodes of all the series are undoubtedly the borg chapters. These episodes present a summary of the Federation's history with the borg from their first discovery to their final defeat and make facinating and entertaining viewing that could almost have been justified as a series on its own. The cross-series collection also provides the opportunity to compare the design and effects between the different series (Enterprise, Next Generation & Voyager).

The only shortcoming of the collection is that a couple of episodes key to the borg storyline are glaringly absent from the lineup. The most noticable discontinuity is the leap from Voyager abducting a stranded seven of nine drone at the end of the Scorpion two-parter (with her vowing to fight and assimilate or destroy voyager) and at the start of the next episode (Drone) she's miraculously well groomed and humanised and a happy member of the crew trying to convince a futuristic borg drone that the federation is wonderful and that he should help them fight the borg himself. Fan-voting the favorite episodes or not this series would have such greater continuity for the inclusion of that one extra episode showing Seven's transition from Borg drone to Voyager crewmember (Janeway reasoning with her and researching her past and the doctor adapting her cyborg body to be more human). The episode would then have connected all the later voyager borg episodes, explaining how the borg to human transition occured. The episode is a fascinating insight into the concept of the borg and how they work as this one drone is successfully rehabilitated to be human.

Including the transitional episode would also explain what happened to the crew member present in the 'scorpion' borg episodes but missing from the later borg episodes (Neelix's telephathic alien love interest who evolves into a non corporeal state that is so energy based that she's involuntarily putting the ship at risk and leaves voyager just as 7of9 is joining the ship.) The episode involves 7of9 still being distrusted as a recent ex-borg drone and voyager still trying to escape Borg space, a very valid episode for the borg storyline of this boxset.

It would have transformed what is a collection of slightly disjointed episodes into a cohesive, self explanitory series in its own right. As there are only 3 episodes on the third and forth discs in the set and 4 on the first two discs they could easily have included the extra 1 or 2 episodes alongside the voted ones that would have completed the story. I wouldn't disuade anyone from purchasing this or the other collective boxsets as an alternative to investing hundreds upon hundreds of pounds in getting the whole star trek saga. The boxset contains fantastic episodes that are unmissable to any casual star trek fan but without the whole borg storyline it just feels slightly incomplete. A slightly perplexing and dissapointing mistake for whoever brainstormed these otherwise wonderful boxsets up to have made.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2006
In terms of tele-visual baddies Star treks Borg are very nearly up their with The Daleks And The Cybermen and are, in many ways superior. They have a definable story arc and their collective mission of cultural assimilation resonates down throughout human history -indeed it holds true in contemporary terms looking at American Imperialism, or if you put the boot on the other foot, the way Muslim fanatics wish us all to live under Shariah law. Socio -political views aside the Borg are special because like the Daleks they are believably terrifying and have a memorable catch phrase. Resistance is indeed futile if like me you are a fan of the pasty faced walking power tools- this box set is a must.

The set comprises fourteen episodes on four discs including some double headers and two two hour "Voyager" episodes , Chronology wise, this may , seem at first out of sync, with an "Enterprise" episode "Regeneration" first. This is as a result of the Star Trek "First Contact" movie which had pieces of Borg technology falling to Earth which is why the Enterprise crew were able access it even though it is many years before actual first contact with the Borg via the "Next Generation" crew. Some Trekies got in a right tizzy about this episode but I, not being that anal, feel it sits in well with the shows continuum though I concede its unlikely pre TNG federation personnel could defeat The Borg. .

TNG crew first encounter The Borg in "Q Who?" When John De Lancies superbly irritating Q in his third attempt to put humanity in its place spins The Enterprise 7000 light years into deep space to meet the hive minded assimilators of other cultures. The Borg do not fully resonate in this episode, they are proto-formed -just pale clumsy automatons with minor attachments and lacking their signature phrases but the brilliance of their Cube shaped vessel is first seen here. Still the Enterprise escapes by the skin of its teeth and avoids them until the superb double header which ended season four and kicks off season five. "The Best Of Both Worlds" has stoical "Jean Luc Picard"(Patrick Stewart who portrays Jean Luc as mechanical at the best of times) kidnapped by The Borg in order to conquer Earth. He is transformed into a Borg "Locutus" and again the crew are stretched to the limit in order to prevail. The episode "I Borg" though beautifully done is a mistake I feel. A Borg, who the crew nickname Hugh (Jonathon Del Arco), is separated from the hive mind and attains a level of individuality. To endow The Borg with humanity is to weaken them and render them less terrifying, never a good idea with your shows finest villain. Still in another double header "The Descent" "Data's" evil twin "Lore" ( Brent Spiner excellent as usual) commands a ramped up version of The Borg who have individual personalities in order to help him achieve his nefarious aims.

The Borg returned in "Voyager" as that ship attempted to navigate Borg controlled space. In yet another double "Scorpion" that ended season three and ushered in four Captain Janeway( Kate Mulgrew) whose voice alone should scare off the Borg , seeks an alliance with them in order to counteract the menace of The inter-dimensional -"species 8472 "as The Borg have classified them- who have been kicking Borg ass. This introduced us to "Seven Of Nine" (Jeri Ryan) a Borg who becomes a member of "Voyagers" crew and who looks tremendous in her cling film tight costume and is thus worth having on board for that reason alone. She provides much of the Borg related drama to come and thanks to Ryan, who proves a fine actress, imbues the character with an internal dichotomy that convinces. In "Drone" a rather lame episode that old staple a transporter malfunction mixes up her and the ships holographic Doctors bit's and pieces of technology to create a Super Borg. "Dark Frontier" tell us some of her back story and those pesky Borg try to re-assimilate her into the hive. Finally another double header "Unimatrix Zero" a tale of a virtual Eden leads to the shows thrilling finale "Endgame" in which a" Janeway" form the future guides the one in the present to utilise Borg technology in order to precipitate their journey home. This features a guest appearance from Alice Krige as The Borg Queen from "First Contact".

There are some flimsy extras though the commentaries on "Regeneration", "The Best Of Both Worlds" and "Unimatrix Zero Pt 2" are worth hearing. Some fans will no doubt view this DVD as a rip off, but as a means of speed accessing some of the franchises finest episodes it's hard to beat. Much as I love the show I don't have time money, or indeed the will, to plough through entire seasons of the shows various guises in order to access my favourite Borg episodes so for me this is a great idea. A minor quibble can be made about the transfer to DVD, some of the TNG episodes have poor colour definition and the sound is flimsy. Even the later episodes aren't top quality but the drama and performances more than compensate. The Borg is one of sci-fi, s great villains, implacable, emotionless, and almost unstoppable...rather like the Swedish tennis player whose name they filched.
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on 26 October 2011
This 4 disc compilation is a worthwhile buy for people such as myself who consider the Borg to be the highlight of the Star Trek franchise and who don't want to spend a lot of money on the numerous individual series where good episodes are frequently followed by mediocre and awful ones .
Disc one kicks off with the "earliest" in terms of timeline, but in actual fact the most recent Borg episode, "Regeneration" from "Enterprise". The conceit here is that the audience knows everything that the Federation characters don't about the frozen cyborg bodies they discover. It's a reasonably tense episode and worth inclusion, but has what will become familiar failings as the set unfolds: repetition of plot elements and the inevitable eventual frustration of Borg plans so that "good" can triumph over "evil". Next up is "Q-Who" from the "Next Generation", being the Borg's first appearance proper. Altough their appearance and modus operandi are far from their "Voyager" peak at least they are only prevented from capturing the "Enterprise" by the machinations of the super-powerful entity Q. Completing disc 1 is the excellent 2 part TNG "Best of Both Worlds" which sees a single cube devastate the Federation fleet before being fairly implausibly seen off by our heroes.
The quality declines somewhat on disc 2. "I Borg" concerns a drone disconnected from the hive mind and a dilemma for the TNG crew about what to do with him. It has some interest, but is ultimately unsatisfying, although it is made to look wonderful by the dismal 2 parter "Descent" which follows and which is utterly devoid of merit. The final episode on disc 2 is "Scorpion Part One" from "Voyager" which, along with part two which starts disc 3, is to my mind the finest Borg episode of all as they are forced in to a precarious alliance with the "Voyager" crew in order to survive against their greatest threat.
Disc 3 continues with "Drone" which, like "I Borg", really adds nothing to the canon and the double-lenght "Dark Frontier" which is largely excellent but starts the trend of routine victories over the supposedly mighty collective by Janeway and co.
This trend continues into the final disc with the two-part "Unamatrix Zero" which despite a reasonable basic plotline peters out with 7 of 9's tiresome love life and a particularly unconvincing manner of victory from a supposedly assimilated Janeway. Finally we have the double length concluding episode of "Voyager" where the crew finally find a way home at the expense of you-know-who. It's a good episode, with a particularly fine performance from Kate Mulgrew as both Captain and Admiral Janeway.
All-in-all this set shows both the strengths and weaknesses of the entire ST franchise. If you are looking for consistent excellence you are better off with "Babylon 5", but you'd have to go a long way to find a better nemesis than the Borg- it's just a pity they weren't used to their full potential more
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on 2 August 2006
The Borg have always been one of the star trek franchises most powerful weapons in the war on ratings and publicity, sometimes in more recent years used in desperation to cover treks' more embarrasing moments in its relationship with its viewers. I am of course talking, about "regeneration" but apart from this hiccup, and possibly a few more little let downs with the Voyager episodes, this box ser has them all. All the major encounters, all the plot changing moments. standouts include the TNG episodes "best of both worlds" and "Q,who?" which show the borg back in the early days before their slow morph from powerhouse into staple diet baddie.

One thing I'd have loved to have seen on this DVD, is some artwork..some concept sketches and interviews with cast and crew. Instead fans are treated to a rather tiresome commentary on the Enterprise episode, and the odd text commentary on other selected episodes. Hardly a "Fan" collective. This box set is fantastic if you loved the borg, but not so great if, like were hoping for slightly more out of paramount for your money. Unfortuntaley these days its all about the money for star trek, especially since theyll be using it all to build the sets for what could possibly be an "enterprise" movie *sigh*.

The good:

the borg, all of it, in nice DVD format :D

Alice Krige reprising her role as queen in "end game"

Picard being assimilated and kicking federation ass in "BOBW"

An insight into the borg as the most powerful force in the galaxy

and a look at their latest and rather weaker incarnations

Overall, worth buying if you dont own the other trek season box sets..oh and of course if youre a borg fan.
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I still recall the first time that the crew of the Enterprise encountered the Borg. Scary stuff, not in a blood and gore sense, but sinister and perfectly feasible in an advanced world. This collection is simply great and well worthwhile purchasing. Lots of really good reviews on it posted here, some positive and some not so, suffice to say, I think that it is great.
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on 4 July 2006
This is the second themed box set of Star Trek. (the first being the jean-luc picard dvd set). This set has almost every borg episode on it which means that fans of the borg do not need to buy the season box sets if they don't want to.

The quality of the borg episodes have always been high, therefore this boxset contains some great Star Trek episodes. Buy it!
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"We are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile". This menacing statement from the fictional bad guys in the TV franchise Star Trek is now as iconic as the foe of Doctor Who, the Daleks, "Exterminate".
However for me the Borg are far more interesting and convincing. And this excellent collection of selected episodes offers an almost perfect history of the Borg in Star Trek and their dangerous ways.
The set would have been better still if it had included the other missing episodes that featured the Borg, and lets face it there are not many so it wouldn't have hurt to collect all of them together.
However I like the way they have put the selected episodes in order of the Star Trek timeline rather than production order. This is because we begin with the episode featured in Star Trek Enterprise which was the last series to be made but is actually set in a time before the other series. Then we move onto Borg episode from The Next Generation and Voyager.

What I like about the Borg is the concept. When the producers brought Star Trek back with The Next Generation they lacked a bad guy since the previous bad guys like the Klingons from Kirk's era were now allies. The producers began with a race called the Ferengi who were to be the bad guys but it didn't work because their appearance was more comical.
Its also interesting that the producers used the Ferengi as bad guys using the notable obsession for the Ferengi with Capitalist and free enterprise notions.
However the Borg with their dark, frightening appearance, immense power and sinister motives became possibly the greatest villains in science fiction,

The thing that is interesting about the Borg is the themes of Individualism versus Collectivism. This theme is with us in a own lives with the pressure, control and manipulation by other people, society and governments. And its easy to identify with the threat of the Borg.

The Borg are fictional characters in Star Trek,. They are a COLLECTIVE of various species that have been turned into cybernetic organisms functioning as drones of the COLLECTIVE one mind. The COLLECTIVE of Borg force other INDIVIDUALS from individual species into their COLLECTIVE and connect them to the one mind or Hive, They call this act ASSIMILATION and it is achieved by force, abduction, absorbing culture and technology, violence and injections of microscopic machines called nanoprobes. The ultimate goal is POWER, CONTROL AND PERFECTION.
During the episodes the subject of the fear of loss of INDIVIDUALISM has echoes of the TV series The Prisoner, Each drone of the COLLECTIVE would never use the term "I" but instead would use the term "We" illustrating their lack of ability to think for themselves and instead need the collective opinion of the COLLECTIVE Borg. As explored in the TV series The Prisoner, where Number six is being controlled by the Village and the Society he had resigned from, the idea or threat of the Borg can be seen in our own lives where we are often manipulated. The threat that the characters, may lose the right to think for themselves and lose their true freedom is strongly resisted. The plots show exciting struggles to resist and there are plenty of creative twists on the theme.

This is a great collection of episodes and a nice package.
We are the Borg, Your Biological and Technological distinctiveness will be added to our own, Resistance is Futile.
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on 12 February 2014
This is a must for every one who loves Star trek, the picture quality is very good ( I JUST WISH THEY HAD RELEASED a
Blue ray version ) having said that I purchased this brand new from Amazon as I collect all special editions DVD/BD
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on 11 June 2006
this is the best of the best of star trek. all the best borg episodes spanning all of the series, including drone, best of both worlds and scorpion. this box set is te one to get if you love star trek. i've seen the american one, and it is brilliant. there aren't many special features, but it does give you an insite into the episodes. as this is part of the fan collection, there are more on their way,and if they are as good as this one, your in for a good year of star trek.
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on 22 March 2013
It does what is says with the correct time sequence, so starting with the latest (ie the prequel) series and ending with Voyager's encounters with Seven of Nine. One double episode is spliced together too.
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