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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is a great season with so many interesting episodes. On the romantic side we get to hear Lois Lane's answer to Clark's proposal at the end of season 2. "Who is asking, Clark or Superman?" - From her answer we get to know that she has discovered Clark's secret identity as superman. Will this new knowledge bring them closer together or drive them part? -the drama is played out in many entertaining episodes of romance and break up and reconciliation. Some of my favourite episodes include `We have a lot to talk about' - when Lois gives Clark her answer; `Ordinary people' - romantic getaway to a tropical island with dire consequences; `Just say Noah' - when they had to go undercover as Mr and Mrs, `Ultra Woman' - when Lois gets superman's power as a result of a freak accident. In the last two episodes of this season we see some Kryptonians arrive on earth in search of Kal-El (Clark) to ask him to leave the earth for ever and return to New Krypton - Superman is not the only one with super powers and that gave an added spice to the drama. Also an assassin is sent by Lord Nor -superman's rival to eliminate Superman and stop him from returning to New Krypton. These two episodes summarise the essence of Superman and his legend. It is very emotional and very well told. This box set is filled with exciting special features -Lois and Clark - a history of romance -Chronicles their romantic history from the comic books to the movies and TV series; The man of Steel trivia challenge hosted by Dean Cain is really cool and so is the documentary -`Look up in the Sky -the amazing story of Superman'. What I like best is that the packaging is very compact and space saving
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on 27 June 2006
This is another brilliant season of Superman! Like I have said in the other reviews for 1 and 2, this is the best Superman to date as the actors and actresses forfil their role and act out extremely well! Smallville is good but in my opinion this is the best, and nothing comes close! It remains very popular today and I think it will in years to come!

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on 22 February 2007
The on screen chemistry between Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher is still as powerful as it was in the first two series. The twists and turns in their slowly developing relationship was well thought out and written and a sheer joy to watch, although when i first saw it back in the 90's I remeber the awful tension each week as we wondered will they stay together. I think it's often forgotten now that this series was groundbreaking. It actually made Lois and Clark a couple, and even married them to each other. This was unheard of at the time, and really pushed the boundaries. Thank goodness they did!! For what we have here is a timeless and electrifying romance story that is as fresh today as it was when it was first aired.
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on 24 March 2007
So Lois Lane has finally discovered the truth (at long last!!!!) Clark Kent and Superman are the self-same person. So does this mean an end to the will-they-wont-they, do-they-don't-they chapters of their love life? Forget it! Because while Lois does initially take some time to come to terms with Clarks dual identity, their romance is still as fragile as it was in the first two series. I lost count of the times they broke up and got back together. I know this is supposed to add tention but in reality it just made me want to scream at the TV!

And while all-in-all the series is very good, too many episodes are just too far fetched. I know this is a super-surreal series where anything can happen but some of these episodes stretched my suspension of disbelif to breaking point. A few examples: Lex Luthor is back from dead minus his hair and looking to rekindle his relationship with Lois at whatever cost. Not only does he go as far as to kidnap her on her wedding day and swap her with a frog-munching clone but then the real Lois also loses her mind for 5 episodes, falls in love with her doctor and can't remember anything about Clark or Superman. This is VERY frustrating as it took her so bloody long to figure it out in the first place and it feels like we are back to square one of the story! Also, although Krypton supposidly died, with Clark being its last infant, some Kryptonians turn up at the end of the series and beg him to take on Lord Nor their evil tyrannical ruler, and while these episodes are good and entertaining I think it meddles just a bit too much and goes a bit too far away from his orgins as a comic book hero. These are just minor niggles but I still think this series pushed the suspension boundries to breaking point, and messed around far too much with their relationship. For heavens sake, we've been waiting for 2 whole series, willing them to get together - and them 'bam' its all over again before you can even draw breath. For someone who loved the romantic suspension element of the first two series, I actually started to think that in the end I didn't care whether they stayed together or split up. However, towards the end of the series things picked up and the series had a few more 'super' episodes. If you are collecting the series, like me, then do perchase this series, but some episodes may dissapoint. Worth a watch at any rate.
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on 26 February 2010
This series departs a bit from the cheese fest that was series 2 but it becomes clear that the direction of the show isn't agreed on by everyone working on it. Some writers/directors/producers seem to want to make it an action series, some a rom com, some a drama and others don't seem to have chosen a genre at all, instead deciding to just pop out a pile of absolutely average one liners which generally look out of character and in many cases spoil the flow of dialogue and make the show look amateurish. The genre swapping wouldn't have been too bad if it had just been limited to one genre an episode or at least worked in together with a relevant plot (many good shows since L&C picked up this habit, esp. those by Joss Whedon) but the indecision in each episode was tiring to keep track of, not to mention distracting. There are a few episodes which are exceptions but not many.
This sounds like a 1 or 2 star review so I should explain the extra couple of stars; somehow (and I have to admit I'm still not sure how) I was still gripped enough by Clark and Lois' developing relationship and by the new Kryptonian angle to keep watching all the way through, but it really was hard going at times. I did enjoy the series but it takes more effort on the viewer's end than any other popular show I've ever watched. If you want to see L&C out to the end then get this season but if you're wavering after watching season 2 I'll warn you things don't get *much* better in this season.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 October 2015
So what was the answer? Does she say yes? Cloning, time travel, shrink serums, memory loss, this has some even wackier themes and with villain names like ‘Sweet tart’ this is more tongue in cheek than the previous series. However, it does flag in the second quarter as the writers are obviously struggling about which direction to take. Lois becomes stronger and bolder, while Clarke/superman displays more uncertainty.
Despite the flaws, this still remains good ***** adventure for all the family as there is no nudity, sex, swearing amd all the violence is ‘comic’ book stuff.
The end is another two-parter but what an ending, Aaaarghhh! –obviously meant to be a finale. So how’s series 4 going to come back, guess we’ll have to watch to find out.
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Season 3 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman continues to very human take on the comic book characters. It also heats up the romance even more, if that is possible. Unfortunately, it does get uneven in the final third, but overall it is still a strong season.

It starts exactly where season 2 ended. Clark Kent (Dean Cain) has just asked Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) to marry him. The response is the last thing he expected, "Who's asking, you or Superman?" Yes, Lois has figured out Clark's dual identity as Superman. They actually have some fun with that over the course of the season as Lois begins to help come up with excuses for why Clark has to duck out for every emergency.

Of course, there are the usual villains around town. Intergang tries to make a resurgence in the criminal element. A mad man is trying to prepare for the next flood. A woman claims that her super powered son is Superman's love child. Lois winds up with Superman's powers while Superman is ordinary. And one of Lois' classmates tries her best to get the popular kids to notice her now.

But with all the secrets finally out in the open, and romance between Clark Kent and Lois Lane really takes off. After a few pumps, they start to plan the big day with all the usual complications - cold feet, an overbearing mother of the bride (recast and now played by guest star Beverly Garland), bad weather making travel the day of the big event hard, clones....

Clones? Yes, this season introduces the now infamous storyline as a way to keep the couple from getting married. I remember hearing about it at the time and all the people who were upset by the turn of events. I thought maybe I would be okay since I knew it was coming. And I'll admit the first few episodes of this 5 episode arc were fine. But as it progressed, it just got more and more ludicrous. It felt like something from a soap opera. I was thrilled when it was over and we could get back to the true heart of the show.

And if you wondered what that was, this season ends all speculation. There is a reason they called the show Lois and Clark. When they actually do start talking about how important they are to each other late in the season, it doesn't come across as forced or dishonest. I can't help but believe it. The writers continue to do a great job of humanizing the characters, even Superman. And the actors run with the great material. I have a hard time picturing anyone other than Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in these roles as written here (or anywhere else, but that's another issue).

The supporting cast is great as always, too. Lane Smith still has fun as Perry White, although I'm not a fan of the storyline they give him this season. Justin Whalin continues to make a great Jimmy Olsen. It's not a big part, but he continues to make the character interesting. They don't use Eddie Jones and K Callan as Jonathan and Martha Kent in every episode, but they are always used to great effect. Those chats with his parents are what make Clark and Superman seem so human to me.

The final two episodes of the season dig the most into Superman's Kryptonite heritage of anything they've done so far. If you love these characters, be prepared to be emotionally moved even if the writing isn't the best here. That's how good the performances are.

Season 3 consisted of the standard 22 episodes, and they are all here on six discs. The picture is full frame and the sound is stereo. No, this isn't going to look or sound impressive on your modern entertainment set, but it still looks good for the original source material. This set was released not too long before Superman Returns came out, and you can tell with the extras. There is a six minute teaser from the Superman documentary Look, Up in the Sky! that somehow manages to plug that new movie several times. Lois and Clark: A History of Romance focuses on the romance between this pair in all their various incarnations. Finally, there's a fairly easy trivia challenge that again plugs the movie a couple of times. None of these extras are very long and only moderately interesting.

Other than that one story arc, I really enjoyed the third season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. If you like your superheroes human (as everyone seems to given the current superhero movies), you absolutely need to check out this series.
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on 24 August 2009
I loved this series when I watched it in the early 90's and I still love it now.

I highly recommend this if you're the type of person who likes fantasy/non-reality!!
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on 12 June 2012
DVD Zone 2

Ratio of the series: 1.33:1
Number of episodes: 22
Duration of each episode approx: 44 minutes

Languages for the episodes:
Dolby 2.0 Surround: English, Castilian Spanish, Hungarian

Subtitles for the episodes:
Castilian Spanish, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, English and English for the Hearing Impaired.

The same couple but now she knows you-know-what !!
That makes the story more fun now.
Enjoy !
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on 21 January 2016
Good series.. At good price.. In light case. The good thing here. That this version has an Arabic subtitle!

Regarding the season it self: in fact this season is full of emotion. Many romantic scences between Lois and clark in every episodes. I like this.

In previous season, the ACTION were in the relationship between Lois and clark (they get angery from each other some times etc), but in this season as they want to marry, the action directed more to the events not the relationship!

This season take alot of my energy.. Becasue it is very interesting and motivating (what will happen in next episode??)

It is a very good season. Good job team!
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