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on 10 April 2017
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on 15 January 2016
Good Product
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on 7 September 2006
Firstly can i just say that iv always loved watching the OC. I was hooked from the first season...and in my honest opinion, the freshman year of the show will ALWAYS be the best. But i think in general the series has held itself together.. i still want to watch it every week, i still want to buy the box sets.

This season opened following a great season finale in season 2.. and although its resolved rather quickly, the flashbacks and what not still show that the finale was integral to the characters.

Season 3 is great viewing and the characters are still every bit as interesting, funny, even annoying in some cases, as the first season. The new addictions to the cast do a good job. especially Volchek played Cam Giganet. Just like Oliver...you can't help but want to slap him!

If you liked the first two seasons...you will be very satisfied with the third instalement...which dramatically paves the way for the fourth season.

oh and btw there are SEVEN discs, not SIX... and TWO special features... i know its not much to shout about but worth letting people know there is something.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 November 2009
The third season of The O.C. was a huge disappointment after the wildly successful first season and the pretty good second season. This year, the kids are seniors and college is on the horizon. Chino boy Ryan romances a dull newcomer, generally acts like he's 40 years old, and has way too little screen time. Marissa, once the queen of Harbor School, is now in public school with some questionable new friends. Summer and Seth spend most of their time bickering, as do Sandy and Kirsten. Only spunky Julie Cooper stays true to her character as she merrily copes with new-found poverty and an unexpected new love.

What made the show great in the beginning was seeing Ryan adjust to the Newpsies and the on-again, off-again romances of the "Core Four" and their parents. Sadly, this season that all took a back seat to dreary guest-star story arcs featuring unlikable and off-putting characters.

Even with all its shortcomings, this season is a must for OC fans and it does end in a surprisingly exciting finale. 3.5 stars.
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on 5 September 2006
short and simple review:

season 1 - awesome

season 2 - good

season 3 - very good

after watching season 3 i felt it took a short while to get going, but once it did it was more entertaining than the 2nd season. admittedly however, in places it does get a little bizarre in terms of storeylines and connections to the previous seasons.

overall, if your a fan and havent seen the 3rd season, theres no reason why you shouldnt buy it in my opinion.
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on 8 January 2008
Ok, so this is my third review here on amazon,I'm going to presume if you are interested in this item, you have bought the first two, if you haven't, then I'd strongly reccomend it, otherwise you would be lost..this season got a lot of bashing, be it from professional tv critics or merely on the fan forums,I guess that some people take their advice and avoid buying this particular season of an overly amazing show. Yes, I will admit, this season has its stumbling regarding storylines, there is less obvious humour, if it is present, then it is dark satiracal humour, but then again, sarcasm has always been a friend of this show, and many, like myself, think that is a factor which makes this show the sensation that it is. This season is about the graduation year for the fab four and obviously things never run too smoothly in the OC, how could they after what happened in season 2's finale?Basically the first few eps explore the reprocussions of that. Also Julie has a pretty difficult season, since what happened to her marriage last season, and she has basically lost all her stepping stones and is floundering in a sea of debt and a life buoy comes in the form of a person possibly even more devious than the famous Julie Cooper. If you thought Caitlin Cooper was gone forever? Think again, as the writers decide to write back in a very neglected character, but there are some slight changes made to her character so that she can be better incorporated with the storylines that revolve around the fab four. Going to college, and that whole aspect, play a huge part in season 3. Obviously, the kids graduating from Harbor is going to re-shape the show entirely for next season, but you will have no idea to what extent until you watch this shocking season finale...I know I am always going on about shocking season finales in the OC, but this one...well if it hadn't been blabbed all over the media days before airing, I might have gotten the biggest shock of my life...

Sandy and Kirsten, well obviously, since last finale, it can be presumed that their relationship is somewhat on the mend, and I would think that they return to season 1 style as a couple. Seth and Summer have some very sad moments this season. This one factor, shows how dark this season really is, although aside from the major character mistake of Johnny and all to which he entails, I think that this season is strong. It is worth getting, and only has about 2 dodgy episodes realistically in total. Buy this, especially if you are intent on making a collection.
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on 3 June 2006
Season 3 has its good points and its not so good points. It's much darker than the previous 2 seasons: Seth doesn't get into Brown which causes a rift between him and Summer, Marissa and Ryan break up which propels Marissa into the arms of the heavily tattooed 'bad boy' Volchok, and Ryan gets kicked out of Harbour by the new Dean and struggles to deal with his his anger management. It's also full of change. Marrisa gets sent to public school, and the Core 4 are in danger of dissolving into the Core 3 minus one. But as much as I love The OC I cannot ignore the flaws which abound. Quite simply, the season lacks cohesion, but that is a flaw in the writing which is arguably visible in Seasons 1 and 2 as well. The emerging storyline with Kirsten and con artist Charlotte fizzles out without really leading anywhere. The evil Dean Hess and his sidekick Taylor hits the ground without making a lasting impact. And as for Johnny...don't even go there. The writers seem at a loss when it comes to wrapping up story arcs. Most of the guest stars either move away (think Anna, Lindsey and Alex) or get killed off. But it's not all bad news. Yes, Marissa is slightly (or even very) annoying, and sometimes you want to shake Seth for not being honest with Summer, but it's still a very enjoyable season. There are things that perhaps could have been done differently. Taylor is immensely irritating at the beginning of the season, and tries to break Summer and Seth up. But she certainly adds new energy to the show and the writers seem to like her. I just wish the writers had had the hindsight to know they were going to put her with Ryan in the fourth season, because Taylor and Ryan have no chemistry at all in the few scenes they share here. So: the writing is weak in places, but when you ignore that The OC is still good fun, and maintains the ability to shock.
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on 9 July 2006
Takes a little while to get going this time and feels like a lot has changed. Kirsten and Sandy's relationship is on the rocks (no pun intended) after Kirsten is admitted into rehab for a drink problem. New characters take their place but a while to settle into the heart of a huge OC fan. The same old thing of someone trying to split Ryan and Marissa up but then it all comes good with an amazingly shocking finish, you'll finish the season wishing that just for once Josh Schwartz (creator)cant have a happy ending but then i suppose it wouldnt be the OC and people desparate to see the 4th Season.

Definately worth a purchase you'll find yourself hooked living every part of the guys lives, if your not in tears at the end i dont know how yu managed it.

Prepare to become Obsessed Completely
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on 9 September 2006
Season 1 catapulted The OC into the history books, and Season 2 was an under-rated follow-up. But in Season 3 you get the feeling that the producers are scraping the bottom of the barrel to create storylines we can relate to or care about. Realism was never what The OC did best, but in Season 3 the boundaries are pushed and even Bad Girls can be said to be as realistic as this 25-episode marathon which shows all the signs of a show nearing its expiry date; which is a shame because the brilliance of the first two series' showed promise for The OC to become a long-term installment in TV schedules.

The season isn't without its plus points. Rachel Bilson's Summer continues to be the quirky, funny, attractive counter to Mischa Barton's Marissa, who for some strange reason turns to the dark side. Adam Brody's Seth continues to hold up his smart sense of wit but at times it's a bit too much, and Kelly Rowan, Melinda Clarke, and Peter Gallagher continue to give spectacular performances as Kirsten, Julie and Sandy respectively. On the down-side, Ben McKenzie's Ryan is even more wooden than before, and the insinuation that we're supposed to interpret the stunningly sexy Taylor as a Billy-No-Mates is asking alot.

Giving the characters so much drama means they reach their expiry date too soon, so keeping additional characters like Season 2's Zach, Lindsay and Alex could have given the show a bit more mileage. How much more can they do with Seth and Summer's relationship? Or Kirsten and Sandy's marriage? Apparently the producer has promised a "complete re-invention" of the show for Season 4 - if he doesn't deliver, the end of The OC could be upon us.
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on 24 April 2008
Hi all

OK, so now I've watched the entire of season 3 my feelings are a little mixed. If I could change my rating rom 4 stars to 3, i would! The series, in my opinion, actually gets worse the fruther along it goes, after such a promising start as well. The last episode was always going to be emotional, but its weird - i imagined Ryan and Marissa having a run of a few happy 'lovey' episodes and then being cruely parted - but no, their relationship had ended a good while before so it left me with mixed feelings.

You never really get Volcheks feelings about Marissa - certainly not from his acting anyway - only because someone mentions it. Seth turns into an abject liar and it just leaves you thinking 'again? why?' Ryan should be suicidal the number of people who've upped and left him. A lot of people's fascination with season 1 was: the actors were perfectly cast and perfectly scripted and it gave you a very 'real' feeling of who htye were and what they were experiencing - you really cared about them. Seasons 2 and 3 have very much ruined that, unfortuantely turning the programme into an every day unbelievable soap.

I've got this far, so i will no doubt watch season 4 as well but again this season just doesnt have the kick of season 1 but i suppose no let down from season 2 - not that that's much praise.
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