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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2003
There is a moment in the final track of this album, Haunted Shores, which is so exquisitely beautiful, so passionately evocative and so faultlessly executed that it will make your stomach tie in a knot and bring tears welling in your eyes.

With this album, Cradle capture the concept of the Gothic Romance with astoundingly poignancy and terrifying intensity.
This is music that speaks directly to the root of our very being, to the raw passion at the very core of what makes us human. This is an album for anybody who knows what it is to love, what it is to dream and what it's like when you live in a world that appears most of the time to be running in slow motion. This is music at the speed of thought, at the racing pace of unfettered emotion.
Remove yourself from any possible distractions, put this record on loud and surrender to the music; take my word for it, it'll be a truly magical journey - if you dare to believe.
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Symphonic Black metal/Gothic extreme....a classic in this genre and probably one of three important albums by this band, Cruelty And The Beast, Midian, and Godspeed The Devil's Thunder are all must haves by this band. Ultra dark and sophisticated music skills combined with outstanding poetry and uber black metal darkness. All the while a great team of engineers and an obviousley expensive production. For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Satyricon, and Sothis.
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on 21 May 2012
This album is Very Atmospheric and beautiful
the music changes from Atmospheric keyboarding and dark string arangments to REally fast heavy shrill guitar with amazingly awesome shrieked vocals and harsh Growls with some tippy top drumming. the whole album is very Harsh sounding very agressive with some keyboard elements mixed into give it strong gothic overtones the lyrics are suitably vampirey and sort of 'hauntingly beautiful to quote I.T crowd I love it though I think Cruelty and the beast is better a bit this is still great though just not as catchy
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on 20 May 2003
When this lbum was released in 1996, it was a truly unique and amazing work of pure disgusting genious! A major improvement on their previous work, this album was deemed too good for Cacaphonous! But in my view, it was too good for what Music For Nations could offer them too! Although the production was a vast improvement, it was still too raw and scratchy, especially the drumming which lets down the unbelievably amazing songwriting! This was truly something new and unique, especially compared to anything they have released previously and since! Dani's voice reached new heights, with a lot more variety than the usual monotone screech, with a lot deeper and freakier vocals being used which still havent seen any other release! There are some truly frightening moments where Dani uses his voice to the best of it's ability and creates quite a hellish and demented racket. Along with (Who i do belive as) Frater Nihil's demented and dark tones, they create a very freaky atmosphere! Anyway back to the music, this is also the first album that saw the genious of Gian Pyres on guitar and Damien on Keyboards. The new line up was much better and more skilled than previous, and the whole album was re-recorded to improve it from the previous members' poor efforts! But still this album deserved more than it got! Nugget's of pure unmistakable genious like 'Funeral In Carpathia', 'Malice Through The Looking Glass' and the title track all deserved better production, they were just too good for their time and label! If they were re-recorded now, they could take their already classic status to much better hieghts. The re-doen version of 'Funeral In Carpathia' on the 'From The Cradle To Enslave' E.P. is just perfect in everyway! The whole way the eerie keyboard and guitar melodies are layered over Dani, Frater and Sara's screaming vocals with Nick barker's non-stop genious drumming pounding in the background and eeire Wolf samples create a truly beautiful atmosphere, as if you were actually standing in a rainy Carpathians Forest! Nick's drumming on this track and the title track is just amazing! In 'Funeral In Carpathia' he pounds his way almost non-stop through 8 minutes of sheer complexity, how can such a fat man have so much energy, i ache for hours after trying to immitate! anyone enough of my crap, just go and buy this album, it will amaze you whether you are a fan or not, apart from Midian this is their most intelligent and amazing release ever!
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on 2 January 2015
Many people hate on Cradle of Filth but I really enjoy them (at least their older albums). I would recommend this to any fan of black metal or even fans of more mainstream metal as this band seem to pull quite an audience.
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on 5 March 2003
When I first bought this album I was a little bit dissapointed mainly because I felt that 'Humana Inspired To Nightmare' was a little bit cheesy and it sounded as if the keyboard player was going all over the place trying to find a good melody! After that he envelops into the first song 'Heaven Torn Asunder' which I also felt lacked that power that I have heard in many of there other songs. But slowly the album grew on me and I found that it was infact quite a damn good album!
Here are some comments I have given about each track:
1.Humana Inspired To Nightmare
A good intro a bit random but not as good as some of Cradle's other intros/intrumentals.
2.Heaven Torn Asunder
Good song. Takes a while to build up but when it does it is pretty impressive you have to respect Nicks amazing drumming abilty and Dani's almost unlimted lung capcity screeching!
3.Funeral In Carpathia
One of the best songs on the album and a true Cradle classic it is extreamly catchy and has some amazing guitar work (from a guitarist point of veiw, yes moi) You've gotta love the "Never Leave Me" bit
4.A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore)
Again one of my personal favorites. The most intersting song on the album. I don't know if i'm the only one that notices it but At one point of the song "Nocturnal Pulse, My veins spill fourth there waters...." I think that Dani sound a hell of alot like Sniff from the animated moomin series! But still a good song.
5.Malice Through The Looking Glass
Yes. I did but Dusk And Her Embrace for this song! It is definatly one of there best songs ever. From a very powerful intro one would notice that the intro is echoed in 'Her Ghost In The Fog' on there later release 'Midian' with its marching like pace. It then goes into a sweet almost ballad like form. Beautiful in all aspects.
6.Dusk And Her Embrace
As with most of Cradle's title tracks they always are brilliant. Dani is amazing with his 'thousand words per second' type vocal style. Also in some way it is another song to mention Countess Elizabeth Bathory which then leads to there next album 'Cruelty And The Beast' One thing that Cradle does well is make all the albums fit together but still have a different theme and feel.
7.The Graveyard By Moonlight
You can just picture the pale moonlight in a graveyard to this beautiful instumental. You can close your eyes and really feel this song.
8.Beauty Slept In Sodom
Again a good song probally my most unlistened to track on the album quite an intersting harpsichord intro from Damien something which is quite rare to find in another Black Metal band. But thats what makes Cradle Of Filth good because they are not afraid to try anything different.
9.Haunted Shores
A very powerful intro and a great way to finnish this masterpiece of an album. One could assume that this is one of there finest ends to there albums.
So my conlusion is that Dusk And Her Embrace is a good album for anybody who is intersted in Cradle Of Filth's music well what are you waiting for you prude! Get of your arse and but it!
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on 10 January 2013
I'm an American who took the time to sign in the UK version of Amazon to review this great masterpiece of an album. Cradle of Filth is without a doubt one of the best Metal bands to come out of England. This is truly a brilliant band.

Cradle of Filth's early material is very much unlike what the band is producing today. I really like their earlier albums alot more. Dusk and Her Embrace is a Black Metal classic.
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on 25 May 2012
With out a doubt this is one of the best albums ever created, not just within the black metal genre, but any genre. Staggeringly beautiful from start to finish, this album blew me away when I first heard it, and it remains a regular listen now. If you love intelligent, emotional music you won't be disappointed buying this.
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on 20 February 2006
What can i say about this masterpiece that hasn't already been said. It is absolutely stunning! This being cradle's third CD and possibly one of their moust astounding accomplishments. This album has lots of classical sounds going on from the grand piano sound through many of the songs, to the harpsichord at the beginning of 'beauty slept in sodom' through to the violin intro to 'haunted shores'. This album simply bleeds class. Dani's vocals are unworldly and extremely evil sounding on this release. Dani often goes from almost Peter Steele (type o negative) type baritone rumbling to ear splitting shrieks. Also special mention has to be given to Nicholas' drumming which (bar V Empire) sounds the best from his career with cradle. Also a special mention has to be given to Sarah and Danielle whose beautiful voices soar above the music throughout this album, especially the spoken word part in 'heaven torn asunder'. Now onto a track by track review.
1. Humana Inspired to Nightmare- 4* a very good intro but not one of cradle's best but still enjoyable enough and a good piece.
2. Heaven Torn Asunder- 5* possibly my favourite song on this album i absolutely adore this song especially Sarah's spoken word bit ('The most august sorcerers of hades...'). This starts off soft then builds up to a vehement musical massacre with dani spewing his guts as he screams 'storm choirs gather...'. Astounding.
3. Funeral In Carpathia- 5* this song is beautiful in composition. The guitar on the 'never leave me...' bit is super. Also once again Sarah and Danielle's voices are lovely and charming in comparison to Dani's screams.
4. A Gothic Romance- 5* not one of my favourite songs but has my favourite part of the whole album when Dani says 'portrait of a dead countess.' and Sarah screams manically. This song has great sampling of wolves atthe beginning which i also love.
5. Malice Through the Looking Glass- 4* this is my least favourite song on the album it is good just not breathtaking.
6. Dusk and Her Embrace- 5* What an amazing title track itis fabulous especially the ending. Wonderful.
7. The Graveyard by Moonlight- 5* i dont know why i just love this instrumental track it is so calming and tranquil.
8. Beauty Slept in Sodom- 5* wow that harpsichord is so cool. I know that sounds very sad but it sounds amazing. Also dani's vocals on this song are among some of the best he has done.
9. Haunted Shores- 5* the perfect song to finish the album it is very heavy. The ending is amazing with Cronos doing a very cool war speech.
Overall this album is amopng the most amazing cradle have released.
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on 16 February 2015
This is CoF's best album by a very long way. It's a shame they never sounded as good as this again, because they achieved something totally unique here, something very gothic, and very British. This is not Black Metal in the same vein as the European bands of the genre. Cradle' captured a very English atmosphere on this, whether they intended to or not, and it's that atmosphere combined with excellent musicianship that sets this album apart from just about anything else I've heard.

Dusk and Her Embrace builds perfectly on the band's first album, Principle of Evil, and makes you wonder what that album could have sounded like with better guitarists and production. It sends chills down my spine, and makes the hairs on my neck stand up, whereas their later albums just sounded increasingly contrived and pretentious to me. Everything about this album is spot on, from the range of vocal styles, to the balance of guitars and keyboards. They never came close to this standard again. I liked Cruelty and the Beast, but that album was somewhat spoiled for me by rave-esque, speeded up drums, and other signs that they were turning into a different band.

If you only ever buy one CoF, album, I'd recommend this one.
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