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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Icewind Dale - Triple Pack (PC DVD)
Price:£4.89+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 15 July 2009
I have a confession to make: when the first ICEWIND DALE came out I bought maybe the first copy and rushed home to immerse into it. I had just polished off the excellent BALDUR's GATE and the incomparable PLANESCAPE: TORMENT. A day into ICEWIND DALE and I absolutely hated it!

The graphics were comparable (all three games share the same engine) and the gameplay was almost identical. The music was excellent and certain tunes stayed with me ever since. The storyline was nothing to complain about - after all, any story set in "the spine of the world" can hardly go wrong! What I did not appreciate was the rushed feeling of a job on an impossible deadline.

In order to prolong the duration of the game, much smaller maps were stuffed with a far greater number of powerful foes - and almost nothing could be solved without combat. As a result, what was expected to be an enjoyable experience turned into a chore of endless autopausing, retargeting and constant battling.

Having said the above, I must admit that, in hindsight, my complains seem trivial. Little did I know at the time how far into hell greed would drive the gaming industry. Compared to 3-4 hour games, extra charges for essential content, Limited Installations and RootKits (of the likes of StarFORCE and SecuROM), well, games such as the ICEWIND DALE saga stand out as landmarks in PC-gaming history.

The expansion (THE HEART OF WINTER) improved things somewhat but the series did not find its stride until the very good ICEWIND DALE II. I remember spending endless hours with the sequel and can compare it to the original BALDUR's GATE.

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on 2 October 2008
The Baldurs Gate games are my favourite games of all time. Unfortunatly none of these are another Baldurs Gate. The mechanics are the same, same engine, same D&D rules. However the games are light on story and puzzle elements. Your party is left to fight its way though with allot less dialogue to read and a much straighter path to follow.
That was always the intention of Icewind Dale and it was made clear right through development, so I was not disappointed when I played them. I do find them inferior to Baldurs Gate but that doesn't stop them from being great fun.
My only disappointment was that the second one was not a stop gap to Baldurs Gate III.
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on 26 May 2011
Just like Baldur's Gate this game is fun. The great thing here is that one can assemble a whole party by one self(all starting on level 1). That makes this game pretty interesting as the choice is up to you. No character is forced upon you from the beginning(okay in Baldur's gate I and II nothing is forced upon you but some npc are a major part of the story from the beginning). If one has played the new RPG game from Bioware called Dragon Age: Origins(awesome game to by the way) one might miss the feature which allows you to zoom in and out between first person view and tactical overview. Here in Icewind Dale all we get(due to the fact that the game was developed like ten years ago) is tactical overview from above. The story is nicely told by the narrator(I think the accent is British) and the nice pictures in the book with the black and white picture drawings are setting up a nice mood(the book shown on the screen while the narrator is speaking). The game has been criticized for being all about fighting and to some extend this is true but who has not been playing AD&D all the night long rolling dices(20D, 4D, 8D, 6D and 10D) fighting one monster after another? Icewind Dale has a story, has a plot and the game is not only about fighting but battle IS a big part of the game as the nasty bugs like Goblins and undead etc. are all crawling in form everywhere(yetis are nice as the fur earns one a huge amount of gold(cling cling!)). So here we have AD&D from the old days around the table with our friends just in isometric view with your own choice of party members(all run by an AI). Gotta love it, gotta play it and by god I love the music. The best part here is that you get Icewind Dale I, Icewind Dale II and the expansion for Icewind Dale I, Heart Winter in one box for a very small amount of money(cling cling!). Those who endure shall be rewarded! (Muhahahaha!) Oh anyway, buy the game, have fun and remember that you can save and pause the game(not like in WOW where your life will be on standby when playing(WOW is nice to but I would just like to show how the style of games impact on time)). The only thing left is to order the game, receive the game, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, install the game and PLAY the game :o)
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on 7 August 2010
Well, it`s pretty much as others have said. Baldur`s gate I & II was a deep, engrossing CRPG with fights (or not) that kept you going for months and you got really immersed into the characters.

Icewinddale is basically, just the fighting, with more fighting and extra fighting. Sometimes they come at you from infront, other times they appear all around to ambush, etc, etc.

Still it`s very enjoyable, but I would advise playing with a friend as multiplayer campaign is perfect. My daughter and I played through this and together it wasn`t so bad.I can imagine playing solo in Icewind being a tad more boring.

Perhaps it simply takes too much time and effort to make anything as deep as BG2 again, so they plumb for a quick rpg riding on the BG2 name?

I just need to say that the music and artwork is absolutely excellent and like someone else says, memorable.

All rpg fans should get this, but just expect more of a fighting fest throughout.
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on 7 June 2009
Ice Wind Dale is the perfect match for those who already played Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. This game is more action-oriented but will provide you with dozens of hours of epic fights in the marvelous world of D&D. Get it !
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on 24 November 2012
If you're into retro gaming, you can't go far wrong with this one. Granted, the graphics are dated, but we have a nice little story here in this hack n slash RPG along the lines of Baldur but with more hack.
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on 17 March 2014
I was looking for this about 2 years......i love this game...is just perfect ......very good game ...very good service... thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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on 2 August 2006
The major problem with Icewind Dale was that it came too late. It used the infinity engine to good effect at times, but in comparison to the 2 games that preceeded it (Baldurs Gate and Planescape: Torment) it's severely lacking. The original IWD is using the 2Ed AD&D ruleset and is pretty simlar in dynamics to the 2 baldurs gate games. Unfortunately its almost completely linear. Even the side quests (such as the garden in the hand) require you to progress through the main plot. The plot itself is reasonable, even though it heavily steals from RA Salvatore. The main problem with the game is that EVERYTHING is solved by combat. There are only 2 bosses that you can reason with/bully. The expansion just makes the combat slightly crazier. The second IWD game was released in a rush between BG2: TOB and Neverwinter Nights, and uses a completely jumbled ruleset. Its totally linear, and reuses many of the maps from the first game. The deginers needed to be shown Planescape: Torment and shown the Less is More where combat is concerned.
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on 6 December 2007
Out of all the games that Black Isle has released, the Icewind Dale series is arguably the weakest. The biggest problem is the characters - they just don't come to life. You create a party of custom characters for the adventure, but as such they have no lines of dialogue, no interaction... essentially you are playing non-characters. Whilst Planescape Torment thrust you into the role of The Nameless One and allowed you to recruit some very complex characters to your cause, and Baldur's Gate gave you a bit more scope over the details of your class, IWD basically gives you no incentive or reason to care about your character or any other members of your party (other than keeping them alive so you don't have to reload). As a result, the feel of the story is paper thin compared to BG and PS:T, with no squabbling, romance and duelling between your party members, and not a trace of a mystery concerning your protagonist to solve.

Another reviewer said that most of the problems are resolved by combat, and this makes for some very dull portions of the game. There are too many dungeon crawls, with some uninspired quests along the lines of "fight this lot, kill boss, steal magic item" ad nauseam.

Still, it's a series not without merit. Some of the artwork for the locations is very pretty and picturesque. Although it can become a drag in places fighting through hordes of monsters, figuring out new tactics and methods to defeat them all can prove a brain-teaser in its own way. I just wish they'd emphasised a bit more on telling a good story and fleshing out the characters.

It's worth a look if you're wishing to complete your Black Isle collection, otherwise stick to Baldur's Gate and Planescape by these developers.
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on 5 October 2016
works ok
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