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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2006
I wasn't going to write a review of the Final Destination movies because they are so good I worried that my review may not be able to do them justice but when I discovered that the overall rating for this box set was just 3 and a half stars (a rediculously low rating) I decided that I'd better try.

The Final Destination movies are by far my favourite movies (horror or not) EVER and I hope the series gets the endless number of sequels that it deserves.

Final Destination: Alex has a horrible premontion that the airplane he and his classmates sre boarding for French trip is going to crash. He freaks out on the airplane and he and five other people (four students and a teacher) are forcible removed from the airplane. The airplane does crash exactly as seen in Alex's premonition and so it seems that the lucky friends have cheated death. All goes well for the next 39 days until the night after the funeral of the victims of the aircrash and one of the survivors dies in a freak accident.

At first it seems as though the accident was a suicide, but then the other survivors also start to die in bizzare accidents and Alex and his friends must figure out deaths design - and cheat it again - before the grim reaper takes their lives.

Final Destinations 2 involves a girl having a premontion of a major car pile-up on a highway and pulls her car across the road preventing the aciident. The rest of the story is similar to number one but it is gorier and has a higher body-count while still managing to maintain those wonderfully imaginitive deaths, or "accidents".

The last survivor of the flight 180 disaster from the first movie (i wont spoil it by saying who) is in a mental institution but agrees to help the survivors of the car pile-up defeat death once and for all.

Final Destination 3: This time the premontition is of a rollercoaster disaster. Yes, the basic storyline is the same in all 3 movies but not enough for them to get boring. In this movie there is a great ammount of suspence as we do not know who is going to die next and this movie is a lot scarier than the prequels as well as gorier.

The deaths in the movies are scary and very suspenceful (and sometimes deliver shocks that make you gasp out loud). The storyline does not get boring and, in fact, (because of new twists, etc in each movie) improves with each addition to the series. This is absolutley the best series of movie ever. The movies are better than I make them sound but I'm not a skilled enough reviewer to do them justice.

I would recomend this series (or any of the individual movies) to anybody and if you've read this review and have still not decided whether or not to buy/watch than please at least buy or rent the first Final Destination and give it a chance. I guarantee you will not regret it if you do.
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on 20 April 2015
hassle free transaction.

no spoilers

good vfm set.

The first in the franchise was - for me - an original idea. It may have been done before but I'd not seen it. good premise. you don't cheat death... or do you?

For me a big part of the fun/entertainment was the innovative scenarios relating to the fate of the various individuals. some shocking some gruesome some funny. ALL well done.

the special fx were good right from the start.

#2 took the original idea and followed it thru. Some of the people who 'temporarily or permanently cheated death' interacted with people whom they were not intended to. some of these people had their destiny's altered and Death doesn't like it and is going to get it back on track. This one hade a bigger buget - based on the outstanding success of the first. consequently some of the scenes are much bigger. bigger isn't always better but still very good. That said some of the 'endings' were just magnificent. especially for one particularly obnoxious guy.

#3 to be fair didn't really live up to the first 2 for me. No new tweaks to the basic concept. And if im honest to me it seemed like the first one without the originality or the cast.

#1 and #2 make this a great vfm set and you might get bits out #3.

ACID TEST: would I buy/watch again/recommend: YES
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on 16 February 2007
I love my FD box set! Theres a lot of teen horror movies out there but no matter how many times I watch these films, I still get an eerie sinister feeling about me every time! It is a very weird concept to think about all this death having a design lark! It definately gives you the creeps!

The accident scenes are very intriquately thought out and keep you guessing what is actually going to occur until the second it actually happens! It kind of amuses me that they really go for the gore factor in this film and everytime anybody dies, every bystander within a half mile radius gets a good spattering with blood!

My favourites are the first film and third film and a special mention should go to Tony Todd's appearances as the creepy coroner!!!
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on 25 February 2007
these films are so cool. its kind of like a teen slasher, but not really. the way it works is awesome and the whole premonision thing is a really good idea. unlike any film i've ever watched, but not in a bad way. i thought the third one kind of let it down a bit, but you have a special version where you can decide whether the victims live or die which is quite cool.
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on 10 March 2011
I only got this as my niece advised me to watch it and the last time it was on the telly I missed it. I watched the first and wished I hadn't bothered. It had a reasonable story line, but slightly juvenile. I won't bother to watch the other two and will give all three away to anyone who wants them.
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on 10 August 2006
so by now you know the story - you can avoid taxes but death is that little bit more persistent. three people have a premonition (plane crash, pile up and fairgorund catastrophy) and soon they and the people they inadvertantly save begin to die in any number of unusual, unpleasant and creative ways as the grim reaper starts to take it personal.

the first film (a surprise hit if i remember correctly) starts the ball rolling. imo this film is slightly slower paced than the other two and drags a bit at times, even if it does remain watchable

fd2 sees the makes up the ante. first of all with a superbly orchestrated car crash, then with the deaths, becoming more and more outlandish

perhaps because there's less exposition than the first film the sequels seem to move more smoothly. there's also a sly undercurrent of humour, or at least a degree of irony to some of the deaths. a personal highlight was the two 'whatever' chicks in fd3 going for a tan and, like the irish in the sun, getting burnt.

get the feeling that this is one that could run and run, though i bet prospective writers for fd4 are cursing the ending of fd3. good idea...
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2009
All three films have the same basic plot. That is, the lead character has a premonition that a disaster is about to happen, causing tremendous loss of life. In the three films, the disaster varies from a plane crash to a roller coaster collapse. After this premonition, the lead character leads a handful of people away from the disaster, who subsequently survive when it happens moments later. However, after their survival, they begin to die in freak accidents in the exact order they would have died had they not been led to safety.

The first two films flow seamlessly together. In FD2, the survivors seek out a character from the first film (Ali Larter), who has since been confined to a mental asylum, to seek her advice on how to cope. This continuity is very clever, and keeps the storyline continuous. In FD3, there is no contact between the characters of the other films. However, survivors of the disaster in FD3 do mention having read about the events of FD1 and FD2 as they research on google how to avoid death. This is another clever way of maintaing some contact and continuity.

The death scenes leave very little to the imagination, and some are very jarring and harrowing. In one film, we a see a boy being hanged in the bath tub as his eyes pop and bulge with fear and desperation to escape. In another, two girls are burned alive when they become trapped in sun tanning machines. These two examples are the most vivid, and needlessly protracted. The other deaths, whilst brutal, tend to be over quickly (e.g. something falls on them with a splat of blood and thats it).

The lead characters in each film have a very different "style". In FD1, the lead character comes across as being calm, yet confused by the events as they unravel. In FD3, the lead character is highly emotional and fearful. In FD2, the lead characters reactions are somewhere in the middle. This variety of acting approaches helps to stop the films feeling to "samey". The lead character also alternates between male and female in each film, which also helps break up the monotony.

Some of the concepts are a little hard to follow. In particular, the notion that death can "skip" the order occassionally seems to strike at the central premise of the film's plot. However, the films are definitely worth watching, though they are not the kind of films you could watch again and again.
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on 16 April 2013
The box trilogy arrived fast. The box was in good condition.. so were discs 1 and 2. However, disc 3 was scratched and was unplayable after a certain part of the film. Was not overly happy about that.
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on 29 December 2008
How come no one thought of this before? Death is the killer! Great idea. These movies are really glossy, good-looking and completely gory. The death sequences get ever more bizarre and elaborate - similar to the deaths in The Omen. And is it me or is Devon Sawa from the first movie just the most gorgeous actor ever? It must be those blue eyes. Anyway, I'm straying from the point somewhat. I just wish they'd continue this series. There must be endless ideas for many more sequels yet. Buy it. Cheap as chips for all 3 movies. You will not be disappointed.
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on 2 September 2008
The Final Destination trilogy are fantastic films that make you think that today may be your last day before death pays you a visit. The films are gorey, clever, have good acting from all involved and even though you have a rough idea of who will live, the film throws you off guard with several suprises. 3 great films that are fantastic value for money.
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