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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
Tokyo Disco 2006
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.99+ £1.26 shipping

on 18 April 2007
Personally, I feel this is one of the best compilations I have heard. Even the artists I haven't heard of before keep up with the standards set by the likes of 'Martin Solveig', 'Inaya Day' and 'Soul Central'. And in some cases surpass, 'Club 4 Life' for example.

If you like solid House I highly recommend this cd!
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on 16 February 2016
Wicked album with some great tracks and the package was in excellent condition...!!
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on 15 May 2006
..having followed Mr D's career at Hed Kandi (whose standard has definately slipped since his departure) I waited the second Tokyo album with baited breath. Having listened to it a few times I'm a touch disappointed. Why? Mr D should have stuck to 2 CDs rather than 3 and dropped the more commercial tracks. I can see why he's gone down that road (ie to raise a bit of cash for his new label) but with both this and Hed Kandi going down that road now, what is left for us true 'club-heads' who are touch more discerning in our tastes? Surely there are enough 'Now..' 'Ministry of Sound' 'Greatest Hits' type of albums for those who like their house that way....a disappointing album....I'll buy one more and if its no better I'm off to pastures new...are you listening Mr D?
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VINE VOICEon 1 August 2006
An earlier reviewer slated this CD for being 'too commercial', and I'm having a go at it for being too 'twisted' - you just can't please everyone - depends on your personal tastes really. I really liked the Tokyo Project CD - even the 'heavier' third CD. Expected more of the same with Tokyo Disco, but was hugely disappointed.

In my view it's the more mainstream tracks that cut the mustard here - almost all of which are on CD1 which probably deserves 4-5* in its own right. But yet again the album falls away into electro, synth-driven repetition which isn't me at all I'm afraid. 'Twisted' was my least favourite Kandi genre, and 1 and a half CDs of this 3 CD set belong in that category. How anyone can honestly say that this stuff is 'funky' is beyond me. Mark says he 'loves' this music - well good luck to him but it just ain't me.

There seems to be a tendency with both the HK and Doyle stables to include heavier, sequencer-dominated tracks in order to appease the 'discerning clubber' (as they like to call themselves!). As a result, they end up pleasing very few. At least I knew where I was with the 'Twisted Disco' and 'Disco Heaven' series from HK - I could avoid one and eagerly snap up the other. But even those normally reliable lines are becoming blurred, with the inclusion of inappropriate songs (also see Mark's excellent but at times curious 'Beach Angel' which includes lots of up-tempo dance).

When I downloaded this onto my MP3 player, I used all of CD1, but then struggled to make another album's worth out of the other two - only managing 8 tracks in the end out of a possible 22. I'm sure that other reviewers would have done it the other way around - as I said, you can't please everyone. The irony, of course, is that a single CD would offer less value for money in today's market but would probably have earned 5* for quality above quantity.
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on 10 May 2006
What an album!

If your after a cd FULL of Sexy Disco Heaven style music, then this is definately an album that MUST be in your collection.

After recently buying the new Hed Kandi Disco Heaven album i was pleased to see that there weren't many duplicated songs.

Cd 1 starts with the really sexy tune "Runaway Love" followed by funky mixes of Free, Free Love 2006 and Jealousy. You then have i think one of the Most Underrated Funky tracks of 2005, Silosonics " Something to make you feel alright". Unfortunately the bruising bass line has been taken out of this track but this is still a good mix nevertheless!

The disco doesn't stop there. You've got the entire second disc filled with up beat disco tunes to look forward to, and you can't start a cd better than this. "Rise" by Samantha James is definately going to be a floorfiller to look for this year.

Cd 3 is more of a twisted disco disc but to be honest i would just buy the album for the 1st disc. Not that the 2nd or 3rd are of poor quality. That's far from the truth... They have good tracks on too but i feel that the first cd sells the cd with every track being not far from a floorfiller.

From number 6 on cd 3 you have all the hands in the air old skool dance tunes and to start with at number 6 you've got Mind Electric's "Dirty Cash" which makes me just wanna go out on the pull and dance my a55 off!!!

If Disco House music grabs you, then buy this cd. Mark Doyle is a 'GOD' when it come to compiling Underground Funky House cd's.
I'd like to think that i'm quite clued up when it comes to Funky house music and i can tell you now, there is at least 70% new tunes on this compilation. So Mr Doyle has done good... AGAIN!!

Unfortunately Marks 2nd baby (Tokyo Project) passed away shortly after it was born. Mark has tried again and has just given birth to a little Angel... And a fierce one at that.

Lets just hope he can hang onto his baby this time and that FIERCE ANGEL can survive!!

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Well Tokyo disco is Mark Doyles first proper unmixed release after last yrs "The collection" after he left hed kandi. Now ive always been a fan of mr doyles and his hed kandi compos are fantastic and hed kandi hasnt been as good since he left,so i wasa really looking forward to this ..the verdict..umm not brilliant but ok. Now 3 cd's is pushing it for qualkity control and the 3 cd's arent quite the old disco heaven magic..more like commercial heaven for the most part and cd 3 is more of an afterthought and a left over from a twisted disco release. Sure there are some good tracks like "Samantha James-Rise", Bobby D'ambrosio-Runaway love" and a few others but some of it is very very commercial like what you'd find on a mainstream compo. I cant blame mark entirely as he's starting a new label and prob need to go a bit more commercial but Mark if your reading this..more u.s garage and vocal house not late night school disco chgeese..hope things improve.
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on 8 May 2006
You may or may not know this is the follow up to Mark Doyle's Tokyo Collection (released last October) but on a brand new label (Fierce Angels).

This is very much the new rival to Hed Kandi's Disco Heaven compilation, however I would prob describe CD3 as something closer to the Disco Kandi series. Whilst I like this new compilation very much, I was stunned with Hed Kandi's latest Disco Heaven offering, which I think has definately raised the benchmark. So forgive me for comparing the two! There are a good selection of tracks here, notably, Mind Electric, Eddie Thoneick/Kurd Maverick, Tokyo, and Housesonic.

This compilation is definately good value for money - 33 tracks for less than £15! Hardly any filler tracks either.

Already looking forward to future releases on the new label. I hope we don't have to wait as long for the next one!
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on 14 August 2007
Mark Doyle says he loves these songs, so you think you get a lot of quality. But I could only found 10 tracks out of the first 2 cd's which are really good tracks. Examples are Bobby D'Ambrosio, Martin Solveig, Georgie Porgie, FAC 15, Danny Howells & Soul Central. But 10 good songs out of 33 isn't good enough. I agree with another reviewer that cd 3 is just Twisted Disco. I don't like that and I don't believe Mark saying that he also loves the music on this cd. If he would have sticked by the first 2 cd's I would have given it 3 stars, now for the whole set it's really not good enough. A pitty!
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on 18 May 2006
First I have to admit that I LOVE Tokyo Project, The Collection. Some of the tracks aren't new on The Collection, but is the very best mix of the very best tracks I know (Doctor Pressure, Nasty Girl, Can't Fake It, etc.). Perfection.

For me Tokyo Disco didn't have the same instant gratification, or the perfect mix of (often familiar) stuff. I found I could get into the 'harder'/louder third cd very quickly, but cds one and two took a few listens. It is worth it though. There are some really special but more subtle tracks here (Rise, Borderline, Something to make you feel alright) as well as the awesome loud stuff (SOS, The Master, Hold Your Head Up Hight, etc.).

Mark Doyle definately has it, although I fear a lot of the criticism placed on Hed Kendi since he left has been very bitter and biased. Nu Cool, for example, has some amazing gems tucked away if you give it some time.
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on 18 May 2006
I was not overly impressed with the previous Tokyo Offering but decided to give this one a go. I was pleasently impressed this is one of the best house CD'S I have brought in a long time it doesn't disappoint. Seeing as there are so many CDs around with more or less the same songs on this is a refreshing change with lots of new tracks. Especially loving the Pink Artwork its good value for money. Keep it up Mark Hed Kandi has rapidly gone down the commercial hill since you left. Look forward to the next offering.
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