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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2006
For all of this book to make sense I'd recommend you start with 'The Kiss of the Highlander', move on to 'The Dark Highlander' and then 'The Spell of the Highlander'. This book can stand on it's own but you will love the others so why not get them all at once and immerse yourself in the Highlander World.

Since discovering the series earlier in the year I've re-read them all a number of times. I just love this world that Ms Moning has revealed. Adam Black is the disgraced Fae Prince that only Gabby can see, and this book is about the journey they must make together to restore his full power (oh, and to save the world as we know it). Gabby has been told since childhood that to be discovered by the Fae would mean death so she is fighting her attraction to Adam. Well, most of the time... We all know they are meant to be together but, as always, you cannot completely predict the way in which it will happen.

I appreciated the inclusion of Drustan, Gwen (Kiss of the Highlander), Dageus and Chloe (The Dark Highlander). But what makes this special for me is that it alludes to the stories that are still to come. I for one can't wait for them.

One note: there is a prequel to this book where we meet Adam Black and his son Circenn. I liked it, but it wasn't great like the others I have mentioned; I think that author has developed her style for the better since it was written. But if you are like me and can't get enough of the series you might well want to take a look at 'The Highlanders Touch' to complete the picture.
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on 2 August 2004
Well, partially explained. I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was a good plot, if a little strange, though perhaps enough wasn't made of the relationship going on between Gabby and Adam. In my opinion you didn't get to hear a lot over what Adam was feeling, enough to get by, but not in the detail I would have liked. Morganne was explained, but none of his other past, which I would have found interesting.
The basic storyline is that Adam Black, mysterious Fae character, is turned into a human and needs to return to the Fairy Court. Finding Gabby, a mortal woman who can see faires, is for him, an added bonus. But when a rival fairy starts trying to kill him he realises that there is trouble in the Fairy Court.
It has a good plot, and a good ending, which I'll not reveal. Though there is an unexplained part about Adam's emotions and soul. Did I miss something here? I liked the characters though I think Gabby should have caused him more trouble. The book made me smile, and laugh out loud, which is rare. If you like Scottish Romances with a little unreal effect, go for it. It has everything you need in a book. You also get a reappearance of Gwen, Dageus, Drustan and Chloe, who are there from previous books.If you do buy this book, and I hope you will, have a fabulous ride.
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on 12 January 2006
All of Karen Moning's Highlander books are exquisite but the story of Adam Black is one of the author's personal favorites and it shows.
This is an excellent book from front to cover and although I would recommend that Ms Moning's books are read in the order that they she intented, the book is able to stand alone as well.
The story of the Immortal Highlander (a devilishly handsome "Fae" creature with magic powers who is condemned to human form by his queen) is delicious. Although Adam lacks his normal powers, he is still such a powerful man that he is able to keep his human love safe and protected (most of the time).
The ending to this book is bitter sweet but fitting and makes me yearn for more.
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on 19 November 2005
The long awaited story of Adam Black and it was worth the wait. Hotter than a Texas sidewalk in July, sexier than is possible, and oh so fey. Our girl does not stand a chance against Adam. Has the immortal highlander finally met his match in a young virgin lawyer from Ohio? Adam is willing to do anything to see to her safety, give her any possession, love her completely but will he extract a price that will cost her, her immortal soul? Any one who has read Karen's books has wondered about Adam, could he repent, could he change, could anyone bring him to heal, who could ease his lonely existence? Truly, a gift to her readers, Adam's story is the best she has ever written. Not because the plot is so great,(it really is) or we get to meet up with old friends from her previous books,(that's wonderful) no it's because any one who has read her books has lusted after, fantasized about and wanted to sleep with the immortal blacksmith. This story is every bit as good as I ever could have wanted it to be, the only thing wrong with it was that it had to end. Adam Black is taken, sigh... Sexy beyond words, a must read for Alpha male lovers
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Out of all the books in Karen Marie Moning's Highlander Series, this is the book I was most excited about. The Immortal Highlander is the (great) Adam Black's story. First introduced in Beyond the Highland Mist, Adam Black's incredible charm and unbelievable arrogance hooked me to him. So of course, now stripped of his powers, invisible to both mortals and fae and in a (very puny, very needy) human body, Adam attempts to save his queen, seduce Gabrielle O'Callaghan and evade an old enemy all in one go. I just had to read this book!

This series is already my favourite, and despite ridiculously high expectations for this particular book, I'm pleased to say it did not fail me. Adam Black is as arrogant as ever, just as gorgeous and all the more drool-worthy. His antics in this book are beyond hilarious, so much so it actually hurt to read it! God I was laughing so hard. There's nothing funnier than Adam Black asserting his prowess to a very cynical modern woman! Despite his ever-present arrogance, readers see deeper into him in this book. Although not a typical bad boy with a good heart, Adam has his selfless moments. Gabrielle herself is a loveable character, and is the perfect match for him in every way. Just as defiant and raised to hate the Fae, she is the one person who does not bow down to him and is therefore his equal. I love the way these two interact with each other. Adam is perpetually seducing her and Gabrielle is resisting just as much. Every bit of development means a lot in this book, I love it!

Another strength is the suspense in the plot. As this series progresses, more suspense is infused in the books, which results to a romance/adventure thrill which I can never say no to. Add Adam Black to that and you get the most amazing quotes. Romantic, arrogant, pure male and completely and utterly drool-worthy!

Fans of previous books will also delight in there are recurring characters, and I do think it's best to read the previous books as it will give you better platform to understand Adam and the plot. Amazing book!

And so, in letters as big and as bold as Adam Black:

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on 28 November 2006
This book is probably the very best that Ms Moning has written so far. If you've read the others that she has written then you will have already met Adam Black (tall, dark, gorgeous... Fey!) and probably found yourself wondering about him. This book will answer all the questions you might have had about him, as well as giving you another helping of the lovely MacKeltar twins with their wives... Who can complain about that?! If you haven't already been hooked by this series, then I recommend that you start at the beginning so that you can get the background on Adam Black, although the first few books are not as good they are definitely worth reading! Make sure you have plenty of free quiet time for this one, I guarantee you're not gonna want to stop reading!
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on 3 December 2012
If you have read this series (which you should) you will know Adam Black kept popping up. Well this is his story.
Adam Black is a fae prince,also a manipulator of humans and a seducer of women. Well he pushes his Queen too far when he keeps interfering in the human realm. She punishes him by making him human and invisible,that is to everyone except Gabrielle (She can see the fae). Adam Black needs help to get to Scotland and tries seducing Gabrielle, but she's not playing until the bad guys turn up. She is forced to help him and lets just say the romancing is quite intense.
Quite a lot of magic and travelling. Got caught up with other characters. A good story.
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on 7 November 2015
loved this book! Adam Black, a notorious Fae , is striped of most of his powers by his Queen, now invisible to most except Gabrielle, a Sidhe-seer who's spent all her life trying not to look at the Fae when she comes across Adam. unable to look away her secret it out. He wants her to help him speak to other Fae so he can get a message to his Queen to restore his powers, she just wants to Kill him. We meet Darroc (the Lord Master from Fae series) before hes stripped of his powers, he wants to kill Adam as well. Adam needs to save the Queen and get the girl. Can he get to keep her without risking her soul. ?
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on 9 December 2016
God I love everyone of Miss Monings Highlander series no matter how far fetched the story line is I'm buying it just for the thought of another beautiful highlander to drool over
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on 28 August 2010
Karen is great, and she takes us on this great journeys! If you're a fan of her or a fan of everything celtic you should read her books. You won't be able to stop!
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