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on 23 December 2015
A1 - excellent price, delivery and function - Thank you
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on 2 March 2008
I purchased this as i wanted to record freeview programs, as my PC is relativly new I did not want to break the warrenty seals to install an onboard card.
I have to admit that I have this linked to a full size antenna situated within my loft space. I decided to use WMC to control the device so have not installed the win TV softwear so far it has provided prfect picture and sound quality and along with the WMC tv softwear and EPG fullfils all of my requierments.
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on 30 December 2007
The reason I bought this was because I wanted to watch television on my computer. I was undiecided wheather to buy a new pc monitor or flat screen T.V. with integrated freeview and a PC input, but in the end opted for the 22 inch monitor with an HDMI port.

After reading a few reviews, I choose the Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T USB Stick. Once the package arrived I opened it and took out the instructions, (it unfolds like a map) and installed the T.V. stick and software. It took several minutes before I received a picture after rebooting it, but it soon appeared. I received 44 radio and television stations after scanning. Picture quality is good considering I'm using the supplied aerial and had to reposition it several times before I got a steady picture, however, a roof aerial might recieve a stronger signal in some areas. I found by setting it on top of a metalic object improves the image slightly. A T.V. show or film can be recorded to the computer's hard disk and viewed at a later date.

In order for product to be installed you're must have a free USB 2 port and Windows Vista or XP with service pack 2. It comes with the Win T.V. stick, a USB 2 extension cable, antenna, CD rom and installation sheet.

With my 22 inch monitor it is possible to have 2 applications on the screen at the same time i.e. browse the internet and watch T.V. etc. If you want digital television on your computer, then the Hauppauge WinTV stick will provide that. Works well for me.
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on 19 December 2007
Initially I gave this a 1 star rating, since it hung my system (XP) whenever I tried to install it. I have since discovered that the Nvidia graphics card drivers I had were causing the freeze - which also affected AVI files. I upgraded to the latest drivers from Nvidia's site and now everything works fine. It picked up all 64 channels through a shared coaxial cable and displays them without glitches. It records happily enough on a 2.4 Athlon, though it's best to keep the number of background processes running to a minimum. Playback quality is above VHS - around what you'd expect from XLP DVD (6 hrs per disk) and it uses around 2GB per hour of recording. I've put it through an HDMI socket in the TV via a DVi to HDMI converter which keeps a scart free. Overall, it's a cheap way of watching TV and if you have an old PC, buying a 200GB hard disk for £50 will give you a 100 hour digital video recorder for peanuts...
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on 6 February 2009
It was with some trepidation that after much research and reading many reviews I opted for this tuner stick. But all my concerns were unfounded!

Connected to an external aerial you open Media Centre. When prompted install the Nova-T Drivers from the CD and when this is complete use Media Centre to scan for the Freeview programmes. I live 10 miles from the Crystal Palace transmitter and accessed 75 services with excellent pictures and sound. I didn't try to get the remote to work with Media Centre but you can access the programmes list from MC (looks very much like Sky's planner). I also use the numeric pad on my keyboard to access Channels.

I think TV on the move may be asking a little much of this tuner but used with an external aerial and MC it's a superb little gadget and at the newly reduced price surely a best buy.
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on 12 May 2010
This usb freeview dvb-t receiver works well with my
ubuntu/linux mythtv distribution (kernel version 2.6.31-21).

I tested it first with my windows xp distribution
and then plugged it into my linux box.

It picks up as many channels as my normal tv channels, and works well.

Delivery was a little slow, but since this doesn't affect the product itself
I haven't downgraded it to 4 stars.

I may buy another one to give my mythtv box an extra tuner.
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on 20 October 2007
Got this today and it worked fine straight out of the box. I am running it on a small internal aerial and it works perfectly. It doesn't even matter which way I point it.

software is ok as well.
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on 21 January 2011
I did the usual amount of research before buying this, and wasn't disappointed. It works out of the box on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick), no firmware needed, no special software needed. TVHeadend sees it nicely, as does mplayer, VLC and Kaffeine, so you can take your pick of media clients. I have no doubt that MythTV and other systems would work equally well.

The USB form factor makes it perfect to "just attach", although you'll most likely need an internal device if you want HD (which this doesn't support anyway, so it's academic). Signal quality is good, and after that you're at the mercy of what's being broadcast. As an example, we had some signal problems recently, and this was the only one of our three Freeview tuners (IDTV, STB, and this) that could reliably pull and reassemble a signal.

I'd turn to Hauppauge again if I were after anything similar.
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on 8 April 2009
My new computer running Vista did not have a tv tuner so I bought one of these. Irritatingly the installation CD was not in the box, but I was easily able to download it from the Hauppauge site.
I followed the advice of previous reviewers (thanks a lot) and connected it to our house aerial and did not bother installing the WinTV software, but use it with Media Centre in Vista.
I am new to Vista, and frankly, people, I am amazed. Setup was a breeze, picking up 80 odd chanels, and the picture quality is fabulous, equalling anything on our regular TV. Although we had a video recorder for years, I could never be bothered to use it, but Media Centre is intuitive to use, and recording a program or a whole series is just a click away. Couldn't be more pleased.
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on 29 September 2011
As the title says the USB stick works well with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty

It is literally plug and play which makes a change! As far as software goes, I installed me-tv which is found in the repositories and it works flawlessly - Picked up 56 channels, however I am using a fairly large roof aerial as the supplied one rather disappointingly didn't pick up a single channel.

It can record to the HDD with one click. The EPG works well too, have tried recording two channels at a time and this was fine too, even from one input.

Also included in the box was a 30cm(ish) USB extension cable which I found rather useful as it took the tension off of the USB port in the back of my PC. As for the supplied remote, it seems a bit cheap and cheerful, I suppose it would do the job if you had nothing else, but I haven't set it up with ubuntu and don't think I will bother to be honest as most tasks can be done with the mouse.

So far I cannot fault the device, it worked out of the box with minimal fuss and provided me with a freeview+ box equivalent for a fraction of the price.

Hope this has helped somewhat.

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